The Other Wes Moore Essay Sample

Gallic philosopher Jean Paul Sartre one time said. “We are our picks. ” Human existences make the picks that determine their destiny and the individual they become. Wes Moore. the writer of The Other Wes Moore. explores this construct in his novel. Wes shows how their environment. instruction and social outlooks led them to the determinations that changed their lives.

While the environments that both male childs grew up in were similar. there are cardinal differences that influenced each Wes Moore into doing different determinations subsequently in their lives. The book begins with a treatment of their male parents ; the writer Wes Moore. although for a short clip in his life. had a loving male parent who was involved and active. The other Wes Moore. nevertheless. had an alcoholic male parent who was absent his full life. non trouble oneselfing to acquire involved with his boy. The 2nd Wes Moore. unlike the writer of this novel. ne’er had a male parent figure and the lone male function theoretical account he had was his senior brother who finally dropped out of school to sell drugs. Both male childs were besides raised by their female parents but were raised in wholly different affairs. Joy was a hardworking. strong and independent adult female who had an instruction and grew up in a disciplined and structured environment.

Joy was determined to supply the same for her three kids. traveling every bit far as traveling in with her parents and working multiple occupations to let her kids to travel to private school alternatively of the neglecting public schools of the Bronx. Joy and Wes’ grandparents were rigorous and provided a stable family with high outlooks and regard for regulations and terrible penalties for interrupting those regulations. For illustration. when Wes started to neglect in school and did non better his classs or his behavior his female parent sent him to military school. Joy was a rigorous martinet. Mary. the female parent of the other Wes Moore. was non a rigorous martinet and did non turn up in a stable environment. Mary’s female parent died when she was a adolescent and her male parent turned to imbibing. The state of affairs got so bad that Mary’s grandparents had to step in and assist raise her younger siblings.

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Mary was besides a immature female parent. acquiring pregnant at 16 with her first boy and so subsequently on acquiring pregnant with Wes. Mary tried to supply a good illustration for her boy Wes by go toing college and demoing him how of import instruction was. Unfortunately. the support for Mary’s scholarship was cut. doing Mary quit school so she could supply for Wes. Although she dropped out of school to supply for Wes. she did non supply him the construction and train a kid needs. Mary ne’er punished Wes. When he was immature. Wes learned that he could acquire away with anything like acquiring into battles and selling drugs. The deficiency of subject he received besides led him to dropping out of school. a determination that made an impact on the remainder of his life.

Nelson Mandela describes instruction as “the most powerful arm which you can utilize to alter the universe. ” The writer Wes Moore and his household took instruction rather earnestly and set accent on the impact instruction can hold on lives. When Wes moved from Baltimore to the Bronx of New York. his female parent refused to set him or his siblings in the neglecting public schools that were now infested with offense. drugs. and hapless instruction. and enrolled her kids into private schools such as Riverdale County School. Although this meant more work for his female parent Joy. she refused to give up and direct her kids to a school that would non supply the necessary instruction needed to last in the universe. When Wes’ classs and behaviour started to alter for the worse. she sent him to military school.

Military school provided the necessary subject to quiet Wes’ behaviour and give him the thrust to concentrate on his surveies. Military school besides provided Wes with male function theoretical accounts to look up to and supply him with counsel and advice. Wes’ wise mans established ethical motives and values in him and. steered him onto the right way. The other Wes Moore had a different attack to instruction. Unlike the writer. this Wes Moore could non afford to travel to a fancy private school. During this clip. Baltimore public schools were filled with offense and drugs. with lone 38 per centum of childs graduating high school. Wes’ household background besides contributed to his disregard of his instruction.

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The other Wes Moore had two function theoretical accounts in his life ; his female parent and his senior brother Tony. Wes saw both his female parent and his senior brother bead out of school. When Wes saw his older brother Tony bead out of school to sell drugs and saw the money he made from it. Wes found instruction unneeded. He subsequently dropped out of school and followed the stairss of his lone male function theoretical account. his older brother Tony. and got involved in the drug game. The neglecting public school system and Wes’ household background contributed to the complete neglect Wes had for his instruction. Graduating and traveling to college was ne’er an outlook or a precedence for this Wes Moore.

When turning up the writer was raised with high outlooks from his household and wise mans. Wes’ household was rigorous and made it clear what was expected and what the effects were if he did non run into those outlooks. If Wes broke the regulations or his behaviour was out of control. a penalty was expected. For illustration. when Wes was immature and hit his sister non cognizing any better. his female parent lectured him. When Wes did non better his behaviour or classs. he was sent to military school as a penalty. Wes was raised on high outlooks and was taught to follow those outlooks. The other Wes Moore nevertheless. was non raised with high outlooks. His female parent ne’er raised him with high outlooks or subject for non following those outlooks.

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She ne’er expected him to graduate school and when he did non alumnus. she did non train him for it. She ne’er told him to non be involved in drug dealing and when he did acquire involved she did non penalize him or seek to halt him. When Wes became a male parent at a immature age. she did non look surprised and did non talk him on doing smarter determinations. The other Wes Moore was non held to high outlooks and his female parent Mary did non nil but enforce the stereotype he became. Both male childs had lived with different outlooks and they merely followed them.

The thought that an individual’s picks affect their lives and basically find their destiny isn’t uncommon in literature. A premier illustration in pop civilization is Harry Potter and Voldemourt. Both had similar state of affairss when turning up but because of the people environing them and their environments. it influenced their picks and therefore finding their destiny. This isn’t merely seen in literature but in mundane life. A pupil who works difficult and is dedicated to their surveies will win. The individual who decides to text and drive is enabling himself or herself to potentially stop another human being’s life. A female parent who decides to imbibe intoxicant and fume coffin nails during her gestation will impact her child’s wellness. Our picks and their effects don’t disappear. Those picks determine the type of human being an single becomes and their destiny.

Everyday picks are polar when finding how someone’s life will stop up. Wes Moore. the writer of The Other Wes Moore. shows the reader how an person grows up influences their picks. finally determining their hereafter. The chilling truth is that their narratives could hold been switched. but because of their environment. instruction and outlooks their picks were different. Our picks find who we are as human existences.