The opportunities for pupils aged 16 and over Essay

The chances for students aged 16 and over have traditionally been either to go forth school and get down employment. or to remain and go on with their instruction. Although many students do still take one of these options. it is likely there will be more chances available as there has been an increased authorities focal point on and support of instruction for 14 to 19 twelvemonth old’s. and in peculiar a focal point on cut downing the figure of immature people non in instruction. and employment or preparation station 16. Under the old labour authorities it was that by the terminal of the September of the twelvemonth that each immature individual leaves mandatory instruction. they will hold a topographic point in farther acquisition available. The September warrant was implemented nationally in 2007 and was subsequently extended so that 17 twelvemonth olds who have completed a short class or have chosen to go forth the activity they selected on finishing school will hold the chance to widen their acquisition.

The September warrant

Under the last labour authorities. the warrant was the undermentioned: Full or parttime instruction in school. Sixth Form College. independent larning supplier or Further Education College. An apprenticeship or programme-led apprenticeship. which must include both the preparation component and a occupation or work arrangement.

Entry to employment Employment with preparation to NVQ degree 2

The ground behind these demands is that by 2013. all students will be required to go on in instruction or preparation to at least 17 old ages of age. This does non intend that they will be required to stay in school. but they should be following one of the tracts above. It is possible that under the new authorities these may alter.

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Post- 16 options for immature people and grownups include employment. preparation and acquisition:

Continuing ( or returning to ) full-time instruction e. g. go oning surveies in 6th signifiers. farther instruction colleges and specializer colleges Analyzing parttime e. g. developing accomplishments or involvements via day/ eventide categories. distance acquisition and online classs Geting work based developing e. g. gaining while larning by making apprenticeships which lead to nationally recognized makings Geting into university and higher instruction e. g. full-time or parttime grades. including undergraduate and postgraduate surveies Taking a spread twelvemonth e. g. before traveling to university taking a twelvemonth out to go or make volunteer work either at place or abroad Working as a voluntary to develop accomplishments and addition work experience

Geting a occupation

Education picks for 16 to 18 twelvemonth old’s in England include go oning in full-time instruction either at school/ college or go oning their acquisition through work based developing such as apprenticeships. Continuing in full-time instruction includes analyzing for academic makings such as ‘AS’ or ‘A’ degrees or work related makings such as the new vocational makings on the makings and recognition model. Selected colleges besides offer the sheepskin making for 14 to 19 twelvemonth old’s. Secondary schools and 6th signifier colleges offer general/ academic instruction. along with some classs in vocational/applied topics. Further instruction colleges place a greater accent on vocational classs although they besides offer general classs and third colleges offer both general and vocational instruction. There are many chances for instruction and preparation available to grownups aged 18 and over. offered by assorted types of instruction and preparation suppliers.

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The chief types of instruction and preparation available are:

Further instruction classs e. g. A degrees. BTEC subjects and higher subjects Higher educational classs e. g. advanced sheepskin and grades Training for work e. g. vocational and sector-specific classs

Education and preparation classs may be offered at colleges. universities. in the workplace or by distance acquisition. Course fees for big instruction vary depending on the degree of the class and the type of making. Some grownup acquisition classs are free. These include grownup literacy classs and classs which lead to analyzing for makings such as GCSEs and A degrees. Free tuition is available for people who do non already have GCSEs. Angstrom degrees or equivalent and those claiming unemployment benefits.Besides the cost of the class itself. there are other costs associated with being an grownup scholar ( or scholar of any age for that affair ) including travel costs. books and equipment. To distribute the cost of larning some grownups study parttime while in work or looking for employment. Courses are offered portion clip at all degrees including farther instruction and higher instruction. Distance acquisition is another option as distance acquisition classs are frequently cheaper. can be carried out at the learner’s ain gait and cut out many course-related costs which grownups may confront such as travel. child care and clip lost at work. ( O’Hara. 2010 )