The Net Domestic Products (NDP) Equals The Gross Dmestic Product (GDP) Essay

The net domestic merchandise ( NDP ) equals the gross domestic merchandise ( GDP ) minus depreciation on a country’s capital goods. Net domestic merchandise histories for capital that has been consumed over the twelvemonth in the signifier of lodging. vehicle. or machinery impairment. The depreciation accounted for is frequently referred to as “capital ingestion allowance” and represents the sum of capital that would be needed to replace those depreciated assets. If the state is non able to replace the capital stock lost through depreciation. so GDP will fall. In add-on. a turning spread between GDP and NDP indicates increasing obsolescence of capital goods. while a contracting spread means that the status of capital stock in the state is bettering.

Gross domestic merchandise ( GDP ) is the market value of all officially recognized concluding goods and services produced within a state in a given period of clip. GDP per capita is frequently considered an index of a country’s criterion of life ; [ 2 ] [ 3 ] GDP per capita is non a step of personal income ( See Standard of life and GDP ) . Under economic theory. GDP per capita precisely equals the gross domestic income ( GDI ) per capita ( See Gross domestic income ) . GDP is related to national histories. a topic in macroeconomics. GDP is non to be confused with gross national merchandise ( GNP ) which allocates production based on ownership.

The University Grants Commission ( UGC ) of India is a statutory administration set up by Union authorities in 1956. for the coordination. finding and care of criterions of university instruction. It provides acknowledgment for universities in India. and provides financess for government-recognised universities and colleges. Prof. Ved Prakash. a celebrated academician and instruction decision maker. is the Chairman of UGC. India. Its central offices are in New Delhi. and six regional Centres in Pune. Bhopal. Kolkata. Hyderabad. Guwahati and Bangalore.

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