The Morey Unit Hostage Incident Essay Sample

On January 18th 2004. Ricky Wassenaar and Steven J. Coy subdued two correctional officers in an effort to get away. taking to the longest prison surety state of affairs in history. The work forces responsible for the 15 twenty-four hours draw. Wassenaar and Coy earnestly injured one guard. and Coy raped two of the females during the draw. Harmonizing to the David J. Cieslak’s article. both work forces had been in problem with the jurisprudence since they were adolescents. caused jobs for correctional officers. including flight efforts while incarcerated throughout their lives. Ricky Wassenaar was functioning 26 old ages and Steven Coy was functioning a life sentence. Coy. a raper with a history of force and strong beliefs for aggravated assault. Wassenaar has had aggravated assault strong beliefs and had fired at constabulary during a robbery effort harmonizing to online beginnings ( azcentral 2007 ) . Harmonizing to the National Institute of Corrections. at about 3:15 am Wassenaar entered the prison kitchen for kitchen responsibility with Coy following right behind him.

Wassenaar possessed a shank and used to confine the correctional officer on kitchen responsibility. The National Institute of Corrections study continues explicating how he took the officers vesture and immobilized him with the handlocks. Wassenaar’s carbon monoxide plotter Coy was besides armed with a shank and took the female civilian cook surety binding her custodies and pess together. Wassenaar advised the other inmates of his programs and they refused to fall in him. Upon their refusal he locked them in a dry storage country in the kitchen. As Wassenaar left to take over the tower. Coy raped the adult female whom he had tied up earlier. Wassenaar was given entree to come in the tower as he appeared to be a fellow correctional officer. The male and female correctional officers on responsibility in the tower were the lone two nowadays in the tower. The male officer realized Wassenaar was non a fellow officer but the realisation came a small late. Wassenaar struck the male officer in the caput with an object he had taken from the kitchen. As Wassenaar subdued the male and female officer. he forced his freshly captivated sureties to state him how to utilize each arm in the tower ( NIOC 2007 ) .

As Wassenaar was taking over the tower. Coy had taken another correctional officer surety and cut downing the officer’s face as the officer had warned two geting officers of the state of affairs. The two officers chased Coy as he headed toward the tower. Wassenaar dressed in correctional officers dressing began hiting at the officers. The officers were confused and retreated to safety. Coy joined Wassenaar in the tower. Shortly after geting in the tower Coy raped the female correctional officer. Shortly after this incident snipers. surety negotiants. and a SWAT squad were at the scene ( NIOC 2007 ) . Negotiations began and nutrient. coffin nails. bottled H2O and hygiene merchandises were delivered in return for inmates turning in certain contraband. The trading of such points went on for yearss. The first surety was released on January 24th. Wassenaar released the male correctional officer. The correctional officer was taken to the infirmary where they operated on the break from the hit to the caput. Negotiations continued with little points being traded as inmates began to turn in more contraband. February 1st the incubus began to stop as Wassenaar and Coy surrendered ( NIOC 2007 ) .

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Although no 1 died. two females were raped and two male correctional officers were injured. Survivors of colzas. violent Acts of the Apostless. surety state of affairss. plane clangs. and other black state of affairss frequently suffer harm unobserved by the bulk of persons. The subsisters are left with feelings of anxiousness. fright. hurt and the long term affects which last old ages ( Amazon 2007 ) . In order to forestall future surety state of affairss in the Morey Unit or any other prison. The National Institute of Corrections came up with necessary alterations and recommendations. The Morey Unit and prisons across the state should do alterations within the undermentioned section: inmate security. yard security. kitchen security and processs. loom security-procedures and use. defensive tactics-techniques and processs communications. single and unit response. inter-agency bringing of tactical and intelligence assemblage and dialogues activities. declaration of surety state of affairss. and administrative- policy and budget issues ( NIOC 2007 ) .

Inmate security must be reinforced and conducted more often. Pat down hunts should be followed with freshly installed metal sensors. Inmates should be searched extensively upon come ining and go forthing the kitchen. if allowed in the kitchen country at all. Random. unheralded. frequent hunts should be conducted for arms and illegal contraband. The hunts of inmates should be done by a undertaking force non working at the prison but by persons who show up and carry on the hunts. The hunts should be supported by updated sensing equipment. trained Canis familiariss. and undefiled guards. In order to keep security of inmates. the guards and anyone else come ining the prison should be searched with the updated equipment and trained Canis familiariss should stay on the premises. Once foreigners or guards are found with illegal contraband legal action should be taken. dismissal. and ejection from the premises should happen. As shanks are a common job among inmates hunts of the evidences and cells and every inch of the prison should be conducted often.

The shanks frequently are made of objects which are non noticeable by a metal sensor go forthing hunts the lone agencies of happening them. Inmate security involves more than merely policing the prison and maintaining battles from interrupting out ( NIOC 2007 ) . As for yard security more guards should be in the pace with inmates and the crushed rock removed where arms can be hidden. Once new surveillance equipment is installed the pace should be watched systematically every bit good as other countries of the prison ( NIOC 2007 ) . The kitchen is a vulnerable country and the security and processs for the kitchen should be improved. Kitchen responsibility should either be inmates who are non violent wrongdoers or hired from the outside merely. Inmates should non be trusted to work in an country where many arms and stuffs to do arms are easy accessible. If inmates are allowed to go on to work in the kitchen they should revolve as to non go familiar with the agenda of the correctional officers who are on responsibility.

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More officers should be on responsibility in the kitchen and the country should be treated as there were bombs or guns present. The security in the kitchen should be tight as lives are at interest. As the security is tightened. the utensils should be guarded at all times and picture cameras in topographic point as to supply better security ( NIOC 2007 ) . The processs for come ining the tower must be changed in order to forestall a surety state of affairs. An established designation protocol is necessary at the Morey Unit and other prisons. There should be surveillance on the tower from another country in order to guarantee the safety of the guards and the prison. The arms in the tower should be better secured or trigger an dismay if obtained by the incorrect person. For illustration. codifications should be punched in to derive entree to the arms. In instances of a surety state of affairs the codification should be different. The codification would let entree but set off a soundless dismay alarming the staff of an invasion. The officers in the tower should ever hold a arm on their side as to forestall coup d’etats ( NIOC 2007 ) .

The defensive tactics and techniques must be changed in order to protect the officers. The Piper nigrum spray does non work good and there are non adequate officers in the event of a coup d’etat. Military officers must be allowed to utilize deadly force at their discretion. If the officer is non corrupt and trained decently they will non utilize the force unless necessary. The officers must take categories often to reenforce the ability to support themselves. Proper preparation and instruction of officers allows for better security ( NIOC 2007 ) . Communications throughout a prison are critical in the safety of inmates and correctional guards. The engineering in prisons should be province of the art and ever updated and tested. Surveillance should be available throughout the prison. The officers should hold a communicating unknown to the inmates with encrypted messages merely known to guards. If all countries are under surveillance 24 hours a twenty-four hours. state of affairss will non acquire out of control. Surveillance would non merely protect the guards but put a halt to illegal contraband within the inmate’s cells and other countries of the prison.

The officers would besides larn to pass on in a manner to non alarm the inmates. a coded messaging system. High tech surveillance and an encrypted messaging communicating system would better the safety for the guards. ( NIOC 2007 ) . The single and unit response of officers should be improved upon in the prisons. The officers were non prepared for the coup d’etat and the response was uneffective. The officers were non prepared and one adult male was able to coup d’etat three officers with a shank. Not merely should bore occur but developing off of the belongings and off the clock should happen. In order to maintain from compromising security. the single response units should ne’er pattern in forepart of inmates. The officers must be prepared for any type of event and non go compromised while fixing ( NIOC 2007 ) . The correctional officers and prison staff should get down practising tactical manoeuvres and interacting with province and local jurisprudence enforcement bureaus. The province and local jurisprudence enforcement bureaus should be more familiar with the prison and the tactics practiced at the prison.

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The province and local bureaus should non merely be familiar with the tactics but the prison construction ( NIOC 2007 ) . Deciding surety state of affairss are ne’er easy and each member of the staff at the prison should take classs on how to cover with the incidents. America does non negociate with surety takers for any ground and the Morey Unit allowed such demands to be made. In the hereafter this type of activity should non be allowed to go on. Giving in to little demands encourages others to try to make the same. Negotiations are non an option and that should be made clear in the event of it happening once more ( NIOC 2007 ) . The policies at the Morey Unit and other prisons need to be reinforced and changed. The inmate categorization at the Morey Unit and other prisons should be changed. The civilian employees should fall in the remainder of the staff in preparation and instruction as how to manage inmates. Self defence categories should be taken often as to larn and relearn the techniques needed to work at a prison. The policies about corruptness should be reinforced.

Frequently time’s correctional officers overlook shanks and other illegal contraband as they do non experience threatened. Overlooking any illegal contraband should ensue in immediate dismissal and condemnable prosecution. The figure of staff at most prisons is unequal and more guards are necessary in order to run the prison efficaciously and prevent catastrophes. The officers with small experience should be accompanied by officers with more experience. Underpaid officers and non plenty officers’ leads to less protection for inmates and prison guards. Policies at each prison should be reviewed and changed to protect everyone ( NIOC 2007 ) .

Hostage state of affairss ne’er end good even when resignations occur. Like other catastrophes the Morey Unit hostage state of affairs ended severely turn outing the exposures within the security at the prison. Two male guards were injured and two adult females were raped. The incident should open the eyes of all prisons. gaols and tribunals of the dangers in the deficiency of proper security and processs. Corruptness at some point may really good hold caused the incident which is unacceptable. In the future proper preparation. strengthened policies. more staff and support. and proper communications within the prisons will assist forestall such catastrophes from happening. Money should non be the cause of guards going victimized by inmates.

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