The Main Function Of Education Is To Maintain A Value Consensus In Society Essay Sample

The chief map of instruction is to keep a value consensus in society. this is the chief thought of Durkheim. He besides believed that a major map of instruction was to fix kids for the universe of work. He outlined this with three wide maps function allotment. skill proviso and socialization. The job with Durkheim’s theory is he didn’t really carry out empirical research. he was showing his sentiment based on his functionalist positions. Functionalists besides believe instruction is a signifier of secondary socialisation and societal solidarity. This would back up the claim that the chief map of instruction is to keep a value consensus in society. This is because they are being taught the recognized cultural beliefs and behavior in society at an early age. while besides being taught to work as a community ( working inside of your school category with some people you may non wish ) even though it can be difficult. Parson views instruction as being portion of meritocracy. He saw it as a secondary agent of socialization. A span between the household and society. acquiring kids ready for their grownup functions.

School prepares the kids for the alteration in their criterions and ascribed position to the criterions of society and their achieved position. This is more grounds of instruction fixing kids to let for a value consensus in society. The job with this theory is non all kids have equal opportunities. meritocracy is undermined by statistics which show that non all kids have equal opportunities. However Marxists ignore meritocracy as they believe in a capitalist society where money grants you power. success and position based on societal category. Bowles and Gintis believed in the correspondence theory. which suggests what happens in school corresponds straight to what happens in the work topographic point. For illustration the instructor is the foreman and the pupils are the employees. They see it as instruction fixing pupils to be obedient good workers that can accommodate to the demands of the system which will profit the middle class. This is cogent evidence of instruction non making a value consensus and in fact helping the middle class.

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