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Nokia is involved in the telecommunications and computing machine package portion of IT industry. Its concern activities can be divided into two chief sectors, viz. : nomadic device fabrication and supplying multimedia Internet services such as applications, music, messaging, digital map information and pilotage services.

To be a public limited company ( listed & amp ; non-governmental ) , there are assorted advantages and disadvantages. First, stockholders of a limited company can bask lower investing hazard as their liability is merely limited to the sum invested in the company. They need non sell personal belongingss to settle debts. Furthermore, it has enduring concern continuity as a limited company is a legal entity. The continuity of the company will non be affected by the backdown, decease or bankruptcy of any of the stockholders.

However, it besides has disadvantages like workers tend to hold weaker working inducements as direction and ownership are separated in a limited company, employees, but non stockholders, may non be responsible for the direction of the company. Workers ‘ motive for maximising net incomes will so be weaker than the proprietors. Besides, the net incomes revenue enhancement rate for a limited company is higher than that for a exclusive proprietary and a partnership.

By June30, 2010, there are about 130000 employees. Nokia ‘s policy is to use local people wherever they work ; ensuing 54.6 % of senior directors are Finnish. Among all, adult females make up 40.5 % of the entire work force.

What is more, clients and rivals are two chief stakeholders of this company. Customers ‘ aim is to obtain wise usage of money whereas the rivals would wish to distinguish its merchandises from all other concern.

Chapter 2 -BUSINESS Constraints:

Nokia-Apple patent difference

Internal concern restraints:

Creativity plays an of import function in IT industry. However, in October 2009, Apple accused Nokia of 11 patent violations. Apple ‘s General Counsel, Bruce Sewell even went a measure farther by saying, “ Other companies must vie with us by contriving their ain engineerings, non merely by stealing ours. ” It shows the importance to distinguish their merchandises from all other companies. Otherwise, it will be labeled as imitator.

hypertext transfer protocol: // ; v1 ; degree Fahrenheit ; 227424782 ; 0-0 ; 0 ; 51141284 ; 1 % 7C1 ; 37771919 % 7C37789767 % 7C1 ; ; cs=v % 3fhttp: / 6701847Furthermore, there are acute competitions in the IT industry from minute to minute. As Nokia has n’t been able to bring forth a true iPhone challenger or take other stairss to better its fiscal wellness, it keeps enduring from sustained slide in public presentation ( the alteration in stock ) and even ended up with the alteration of CEO.

In October 2009, Nokia filed a case against Apple Inc. in the U.S. District Court of Delaware mentioning Apple infringed on 10 of its patents related to wireless communicating including informations transportation. [ 151 ] Apple was speedy to react with a countersuit filed in December 2009 impeaching Nokia of 11 patent violations. Apple ‘s General Counsel, Bruce Sewell went a measure farther by saying, “ Other companies must vie with us by contriving their ain engineerings, non merely by stealing ours. ” This resulted in an ugly bicker between the two telecom big leagues with Nokia registering another suit, this clip with the U.S. International Trade Commission ( ITC ) , avering Apple of conflicting its patents in “ virtually all of its nomadic phones, portable music participants, and computing machines. “ [ 152 ] Nokia went on to inquire the tribunal to exclude all U.S. imports of the Apple merchandises including the iPhone, Mac and the iPod. Apple countersued by registering a ailment with the ITC in January 2010, the inside informations of which are yet to be confirmed. [ 151 ]

Environmental record

Electronic merchandises such as cell phones impact the environment both during production and after their utile life when they are discarded and turned into electronic waste. Nokia tops Greenpeace ‘s Guide to Greener Electronics of May 2010 that ranks 18 electronics makers harmonizing to their policies on toxic chemicals, recycling and climate alteration. [ 153 ]

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All of Nokia ‘s nomadic phones are free of toxic polyvinyl chloride ( PVC ) since the terminal of 2005 and free of brominated fire retardents ( BFRs ) since 2010. [ 154 ]

Nokia ‘s voluntary take-back programme to recycle old nomadic phones spans 84 states with about 5,000 aggregation points. [ 155 ] However, the recycling rate of Nokia phones was merely 3-5 % in 2008, harmonizing to a planetary consumer study released by Nokia. [ 156 ] The bulk of old nomadic phones are merely lying in shortss at place and really few old devices, approximately 4 % , are being thrown into landfill and non recycled. [ 156 ]

All of Nokia ‘s new theoretical accounts of coursers meet or exceed the Energy Star demands. [ 157 ] Nokia aims to cut down its C dioxide emanations by at least 18 per centum in 2010 from a baseline twelvemonth of 2006 and cover 50 per centum of its energy demands through renewable energy beginnings. [ 158 ] Greenpeace is disputing the company to utilize its influence at the political degree as figure 85 on the Fortune 500 to recommend for climate statute law and call for planetary nursery gas emanations to top out by 2015. [ 159 ]

Nokia is researching the usage of recycled plastics in its merchandises, which are presently used merely in packaging but non yet in nomadic phones. [ 160 ]

Since 2001, Nokia has provided eco declarations of all its merchandises and since May 2010 provides Eco profiles for all its new merchandises. [ 161 ] In an attempt to further cut down their environmental impact in the hereafter, Nokia released a new phone construct, Remade, in February 2008. [ 162 ] The phone has been constructed of entirely reclaimable stuffs. [ 162 ] The outer portion of the phone is made from recycled stuffs such as aluminum tins, plastic bottles, and used auto tyres. [ 163 ] The screen is constructed of recycled glass, and the flexible joints have been created from gum elastic tyres. The inside of the phone is wholly constructed with refurbished phone parts, and there is a characteristic that encourages energy salvaging wonts by cut downing the backlight to the ideal degree, which so allows the battery to last thirster without frequent charges.




Jorma Jaakko Ollila ( born in Seinajoki, Finland, on August 15, 1950 ) is the Chairman ( 1999- ) and former CEO of the Nokia Corporation ( 1992-2006 ) As of June 1, 2006 he became the Non-Executive Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell and continues as the Non-Executive Chairman of Nokia.


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[ edit ] Career and Education

After simple school instruction in Kirkon koulu in Kurikka Finland, Ollila started high school surveies in Vaasa, in Vaasan Lyseon Lukio. Ollila studied during high school with the aid of a scholarship at the United World College of the Atlantic, where he earned his International Baccalaureate Diploma. He so went on to analyze for a Maestro of Political Science ( University of Helsinki ) , a Maestro of Science ( Econ. ) ( London School of Economics, LSE ) and a Maestro of Science ( Eng. ) in Engineering Physics ( Helsinki University of Technology ) . In 2003, he was elected an Honorary Fellow of the London School of Economics ( LSE ) , and was awarded Honorary Membership of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ( IEEE ) . Ollila has besides received Honorary Doctorates from both the University of Helsinki and Helsinki University of Technology.

Ollila is known to hold been really active in pupil political relations during his surveies, and still today participates in Finnish political argument. As a draftee in the Finnish Defence Forces, he received reserve officer preparation and gained practical leading experience. While go toing the Finnish Reserve Officer School he was the Chairman of his Reserve Officer Course.

Prior to fall ining Nokia in 1985 Jorma Ollila worked eight old ages in corporate banking at Citibank ‘s London and Helsinki offices, and when he joined Nokia his undertakings involved international investing trades. A twelvemonth subsequently, in 1986, Ollila found himself as caput of Finance during Nokia ‘s reclamation under so CEO Kari Kairamo. His calling at Nokia continued as he was appointed as head of the nomadic phones subdivision in 1990, and CEO two old ages subsequently in 1992. When Ollila foremost came into power the company had suffered from internal differences and had been run into a fiscal crisis over a figure of old ages.

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As CEO of Nokia he has been the leader of the scheme that restructured the former industrial pudding stone into one of the major companies in the nomadic phone and telecommunications substructure markets.

In 1999 Ollila earnestly considered taking portion in the Finnish presidential election following a petition from a member of the National Coalition Party, Sauli Niinisto [ commendation needed ] who was at that clip Finnish finance curate and who subsequently became Speaker of the Finnish Parliament. This was in spite the fact that Ollila belongs to a different party, the Finnish Centre party, which he has been involved with since his activities in pupil political relations at the University of Helsinki [ commendation needed ] .

He acted as CEO and the Chairman of Nokia from 1999 to 2006 although he still serves as a parttime Chairman. He was succeeded as Chief executive officer by Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo.

Ollila is the Chairman of the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy ( ETLA ) , the most reputed economic and societal surveies think armored combat vehicle in Finland. Since 2005, he is president of the European Round Table of Industrialists ( ERT ) .

Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo

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Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo


July 13, 1953 ( 1953-07-13 ) ( ageA 57 )

Lavia, Finland

Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo ( born in Lavia, Finland on July 13, 1953 ) is the current President and CEO of Nokia Corporation. He will be replaced in that station by Canadian Stephen Elop, effectual September 21, 2010. He besides is and will go on to be Chairman of the board of managers for Nokia Siemens Networks, a joint venture between Nokia and Siemens AG.

[ edit ] Career

Kallasvuo joined Nokia in 1980 as Corporate Counsel, and has held functions of increasing duty since that clip. In 1987 he was appointed Assistant Vice President, Legal Department, and in 1988 he was named Assistant Vice President, Finance. In 1990 he was promoted to Senior Vice President, Finance. Since 1990 Kallasvuo has been a member of the Group Executive Board of Nokia.

In 1992, Kallasvuo was named Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. In 1997-1998 he served as Corporate Executive Vice President, Nokia United States, being responsible for all Nokia ‘s concern operations in the US. He returned to the place of Chief Financial Officer at the beginning of 1999, the place he had held prior to traveling to the United States. From 2004-2005 Kallasvuo was Executive Vice President and General Manager of Mobile Phones. On October 1, 2005 he was named President and COO before his assignment to the current place, Chief Executive Officer on June 1, 2006. [ 1 ]

In add-on to his responsibilities for Nokia he served as Director of EMC Corporation from August 2004 to January 23, 2009. [ 1 ]

Prior to fall ining Nokia, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo held a assortment of places with the Union Bank of Finland.

[ edit ] Education

Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo holds a maestro ‘s grade in jurisprudence ( LL.M. ) from the University of Helsinki.

[ edit ] Personal life

Kallasvuo is married to Ursula Ranin, a attorney once working for Nokia. From his old matrimony to Anita Kallasvuo he has two grownup kids ; Jussi and Anu Kallasvuo.

Harmonizing to his official Nokia life page he enjoys golf, tennis and reading approximately political history in his trim clip.

Kallasvuo ‘s favorite web site is ; “ Wikipedia [ the user-generated online encyclopedia ] . I love the manner it aggregates information from different people. “ [ 2 ]

[ edit ] Mentions

KALLASVUO Olli-Pekka International Who ‘s Who. accessed September 4, 2006.

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Nokia has sites for research and development, industry and gross revenues in many states throughout the universe. As of December 2009, Nokia had R & A ; D presence in 16 states and employed 37,020 people in research and development, stand foring about 30 % of the group ‘s entire work force. [ 1 ] The Nokia Research Center, founded in 1986, is Nokia ‘s industrial research unit consisting of about 500 research workers, applied scientists and scientists. [ 6 ] [ 7 ] It has sites in seven states: Finland, China, India, Kenya, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. [ 8 ] Besides its research centres, in 2001 Nokia founded ( and owns ) INdT – Nokia Institute of Technology, a R & A ; D institute located in Brazil. [ 9 ] Nokia operates a sum of 15 fabrication installations [ 10 ] located at Espoo, Oulu and Salo, Finland ; Manaus, Brazil ; Beijing, Dongguan and Suzhou, China ; Farnborough, England ; Komarom, Hungary ; Chennai, India ; Reynosa, Mexico ; Jucu, Romania and Masan, South Korea. [ 11 ] [ 12 ] Nokia ‘s industrial design section is headquartered in Soho in London, England with important orbiter offices in Helsinki, Finland and Calabasas, California in the USA.

Nokia is a public limited liability company listed on the Helsinki, Frankfurt, and New York stock exchanges. [ 10 ] Nokia plays a really big function in the economic system of Finland ; it is by far the largest Finnish company, accounting for about a 3rd of the market capitalisation of the Helsinki Stock Exchange ( OMX Helsinki ) as of 2007, a alone state of affairs for an industrialised state. [ 13 ] It is an of import employer in Finland and several little companies have grown into big 1s as its spouses and subcontractors. [ 14 ] Nokia increased Finland ‘s GDP by more than 1.5 % in 1999 entirely. In 2004 Nokia ‘s portion of the Finnish GDP was 3.5 % and accounted for about a one-fourth of Finland ‘s exports in 2003. [ 15 ]

In recent old ages, Finns have systematically ranked Nokia as one of the best Finnish trade names. In 2008, it was the twenty-seventh most well-thought-of trade name among Finns, down from 6th topographic point in 2007. [ 16 ] The Nokia trade name, valued at $ 34.9 billion, is listed as the fifth most valuable planetary trade name in the Interbrand/BusinessWeek Best Global Brands list of 2009 ( first non-US company ) . [ 17 ] [ 18 ] It is the figure one trade name in Asia ( as of 2007 ) [ 19 ] and Europe ( as of 2009 ) , [ 20 ] the 41st most admirable company worldwide in Fortune ‘s World ‘s Most Admired Companies list of 2010 ( 3rd in Network and Other Communications Equipment, 7th non-US company ) , [ 21 ] and the universe ‘s 85th largest company as measured by gross in Fortune Global 500 list of 2009, up from 88th the old twelvemonth. [ 22 ] As of 2010, AMR Research ranks Nokia ‘s planetary supply concatenation figure 19 in the universe. [ 23 ]

In July 2010, Nokia announced that their net incomes had dropped 40 % . [ 24 ]


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1.2 Telecommunications epoch

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1.2.3 Engagement in GSM

1.2.4 Personal computing machines and IT equipment

1.2.5 Challenges of growing

1.3 Recent history

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