The Laptop In India Marketing Essay

“ A laptop computing machine is a little, portable computing machine that is little plenty to sit on a individual ‘s lap. ” The personal computing machine industry began in the early 1970 ‘s ; it was non known much until 1981 that the first commercial portable computing machine Osborne 1 became available. Over the past 15 old ages, the increasing price-performance ratio, consumer penchants for mobility every bit good as increased hardware life has resulted in higher growing of laptops than desktops.

Laptops in India had been introduced in mid 1990s and from at that place on its market has been turning quickly. During the initial stages, the laptops were dearly-won and heavy. But as the clip progressed, due to technological promotions the laptops have become known for their properties. Rising buying power of the people of India, gross revenues of personal computing machines are besides increasing at a enormous gait. The laptop market has grown 14 times from 177015 units in 2004-05 to 2508564 units in 2009-10 within a span of 6 old ages.

Figure 1.

Merchandise Classification

The merchandise distinction in the laptop industry is done on the footing of Technology- Processor velocity, Memory, Size, Battery Life and extra additions like Graphic card etc.

At macro flat merchandises can be divided as: –

Merchandise Name


Processor Technology

Battery Life

Particular Feature


RAM- 4GB ( Max ) Hard Disk- 500GB ( Max )

Earlier merely i-3 & amp ; i-5 processors available but late they have introduced laptops with i-7 besides. Max Processor speed 3.1 GHz

2-3 hour.

It is made up for the general use. It comes with Windows 7. Wireless engineering supported are 802.11 b/g/n.


RAM-4GB ( Max ) . Difficult Disk- 500 GB with 32 GB of m- SATA support

Come with i-3 to i-7 processors holding maximal velocity of 2.6 GHz.

5-6 hour.

Extra installation of 2GB back up online. Extra aluminium shell is present. Chiefly meant for professionals.

Ultra Book

RAM- 8GB ( Max ) . Difficult Disk- 500 GB with 32 GB m-SATA support.

New theoretical accounts are coming in i-7 engineering with the processor velocity scope 2.6-3.0 GHz.

8-10 hour.

Highly light in weight. Meant for the professionals who travels a batch. It has a large screen up to 33.2cm. First theoretical account to come in Windows-8.

Above are the different Laptops versions on the footing of different parametric quantities which are being produced by different companies like Lenovo, Toshiba, and Dell etc. but the specification they are similar. It is the public presentation and service that create the difference among the different sellers. ( Business Laptops )

Growth and Market Capitalization

The Laptop industry has started turning from the mid 1990 ‘s boulder clay today. Earlier laptops were perceived as expensive, heavy and esoteric replacing for the desktop. But as the betterment in the semi-conductor industry started go oning so the monetary value of the hardware got reduced which prompted the growing of the laptop industry. In 2006, the laptop industry had registered 79 % growing ( YOY ) . Indian laptop industry is in synch with the planetary laptop industry and in 2005 for the first clip the gross revenues of the laptops surpassed the gross revenues of the Desktops.

There are many international participants like Dell, Lenovo, Sony, HP and Compaq etc. nowadays in the market. This has increased the worldwide cargos of the laptops. ( Call centre Info, 2007 )

Figure 2.

In India, the laptop industry has grown by 14 times from 2006-2007 to 2010-2011. Laptop industry is expected to turn by 15 % in the old ages to come and by 2014 there will be 9191841 units ( in 2010 2508564 units sold ) nowadays in the market. ( Laptop Market Grows by 85 % , 2011 )

( technotreat, 2010 )


There are major participants like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, etc. in the Indian laptop market. 45 % of the market portion is under the ‘others ‘ section which states that there is no clear cut market leader. There is still a broad range for a participant to get a major ball in the Indian laptop market and go a market leader.

One of the similarities we can detect is all the competitory merchandises are good distributed through the retail concatenation.It is a well-established distribution system and all merchandises are pushed on the footing of consumer involvement and trader inducement. The consumers were going more knowing ; therefore, they were less influenced by the gross revenues pitch at the retail counters. Companies have their online portals where you can see the scope of merchandises and order them online. Companies like Dell have come up with new customization thoughts where a client can custom-make his laptop with the specifications that suits him and order them online. . The constituted participants already have a strong distribution channel ; the newer trade names are seeking to sharply construct their distribution web and would hold equal range in 2 old ages. As the merchandises are similar and are priced competitively, the major determiners of success in market are distribution and communicating. The constituted participants already have a strong distribution channel ; the newer trade names are seeking to sharply construct their distribution web and would hold equal range in 2 old ages. ( IT Industry analysis, 2010 ) ( Global IT Industry analysis, 2011 )

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( dell-stock-plummets-as-pc-price-wars-intensify, 2012 )

Figure 3.

Porter ‘s 5 Forces Analysis:

Menace of new Entrants:

The barriers to entry in this industry are high and as a consequence the menace of new entrants is low:

The major participants operate on a low-margin, low-price scheme which becomes a major barrier for new entrants.

Capital required to come in the market is high and smaller companies find it hard to vie in the market.

The major participants can custom-make laptops to accommodate the demands of each client, so new entrants struggle in come ining the sphere.

Having an efficient supply and distribution channel is a must and the large participants leverage on this facet and they focus explicitly on client services.

Dickering power of providers:

The major types of providers required for this industry are: Hardware and Software providers.

The major provider for microprocessors in the market is Intel, followed by AMD. So, they wield considerable bargaining power.

For the other hardware merchandises like difficult thrusts, motherboards, screens etc. , there are many providers like Samsung and Seagate. So, in this section the bargaining power of providers is low.

Microsoft, with its Windowss runing system, is a prevailing provider of operating system package, so it enjoys really high bargaining power.

Besides, the cost of exchanging from one provider to another is rather high for a maker. So, providers have higher bargaining power.

Dickering power of purchaser:

The purchaser has a really high bargaining power in this industry and the sensitiveness to monetary values is high.

Dependability and client service are of import factors.A

Menace of Substitutes:

Smart phones pose the biggest menace in footings of replacements as they provide similar characteristics at lower monetary values. For illustration, I-pad from Apple, Galaxy by Samsung and assorted other tablet computing machines from HCL and Micromax.


“ Environment consists of factors and forces that affect the direction ‘s ability to construct and keep successful relationships with their mark clients ” – Phillip Kotler.

Plague Analysis

Political: Dell is a US-based company but they operate across geographical boundaries and restrictive policies and quality control ordinances.

Economic: Due to the recent Euro crisis, most states including India have faced some lag in economic system which has negatively affected the market. But, unlike developed states like US and Japan where the growing is dead, the economic system of India is turning at a fast rate. The stuff and labour cost is lower in India as compared to the western opposite numbers. Because of these grounds India provide a better platform for growing than any other developed states. Dell India had a growing rate of 55 % in last financial twelvemonth, which is highest all over the universe.

A Socio-cultural Factors: A Socio-cultural factors like instruction, per capita income and other cultural factors influence the demand for a peculiar merchandise and impact the fabrication companies. In India both instruction and income degrees are in good form which provides a better platform to laptop makers. The authorities ordinance like provide One Laptop per Child ( OLPC ) and the usage of laptop in different organisation developed a better market status for makers. E-choupal venture by ITC is besides an illustration of success for the growing of the laptop industries in rural India.

Technological Factors: A Laptops are more convenient in footings of mobility and portability than desktops. Technological progresss have reduced the monetary value of laptops and notebooks. Today laptops makers are able to supply the customized ones.A But merchandises like smart phone and tablets are up to day of the month in engineerings and are available in more competitory monetary values than laptop. So they are going a menace for the kineticss of laptop industries.

The Company “ DELL ”

Dell Inc. , an American multinational IT company based on computing machine engineering founded by Michael Dell in 1984 by the name ‘PC ‘s Ltd. ‘ headquartered at Round Rock, Texas, United States. In 1988, the company name changed to ‘Dell Computer Corporation ‘ and started embarking globally. It is one of the largest proficient companies in the universe. It is the 3rd largest company in the list of Personal computer shapers.

In 1996, Dell entered India as ‘Dell Computer India Pvt. Ltd. ‘ in Bangalore. It expanded and set up more subdivisions in Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Delhi, Pune, Coimbatore, Noida and Chennai. Dell has been the fastest turning engineering company in India. Dell India has the largest employee base outside United States with 15000 employees in India and 36000 employees in United States.

Initial selling Schemes

The chief motivation behind Dell being is to supply clients the ability to custom-make their computing machines and purchase it straight from the industries instead than traveling to retail shops. Accordingly Dell ‘s initial selling scheme was to convert persons and corporates to buy straight from Dell via cyberspace and the mark clients were largely average and big concerns, who would prefer extremely customized computing machines to suit its procedure.

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For this Dell began publicizing electronic trade show, in trade magazines and other mediums targeted at corporates main executives. Ad in these, Dell highlighted the easiness of customization and simpleness of puting an order through Dell web sites. Dell besides has promoted a ‘Premier Page ‘ service of 24 hours proficient support to its corporate clients. This selling scheme made Dell a dominant provider of computing machines to corporates in 1990 ‘s and early 2000 ‘s.

Development in Marketing schemes

Dell ‘s new retail scheme:

In clip Dell ‘s selling scheme evolved from Direct-selling to retailing. This major alteration in the scheme started when Dell ‘s net incomes and market portion started worsening in mid-2005. Retailing scheme fundamentally means binding up with retail shops like Wal-Mart and Sam ‘s Club shops in US, Canada, etc. and in India Dell tied up with Tata Croma ( Tata-owned electronics retail concatenation ) .

Dell ‘s new selling scheme:

In India Dell ‘s chief mark is the Small and Medium Business ( SMB ) in smaller towns. So, in order to capture the possible market in smaller towns, Dell increased the figure of gross revenues squads to 200 in SMB ‘s and 600 in tier-II and tier-III metropoliss.

Dell ‘s new advertisement scheme:

Dell ‘s new advertisement run ‘Take Your Own Path ‘ ( TYOP ) is the first of all time SMB Brand run started in India, and has won the best run for making business/ political determination shapers ‘ award at the Media and Marketing Awards in 2010.

As advertisement Dell laptops, Dell offered free subscription of Tally package to clients purchasing the Dell Vostro series system. ( how-does_4963888_dell-marketing-strategies )

On-line gross revenues:

Apart from the schemes stated above, on-line gross revenues are one of the grounds behind the outstanding success of Dell. As these yearss most clients prefer speedy and easy entree to merchandises and require tonss of information before doing a purchase determination. ( Secret Dell selling Schemes, 2012 )

Dell distinction strategy-

In 2010 Dell became the market leader after its origin. Its sells touched 1.1million units compared to its other competitory houses like HP with gross revenues of 1 million units and Lenovo of 60,000 units. Following this, in 2011, Dell acquired the highest market portion of 15.5 % ( Refer to below figure ) as compared to its rivals. It is the first company to get down with direct selling. Dell is lauded as supply concatenation ace in laptop industry. Its low capital investing in stock list has amplified its return on equity. Dell has strong after gross revenues service. It provides its client with on-line portal service which allows them to modify the theoretical account harmonizing to their demands. With the addition in gross revenues in 2010 and 2011 ( Dell balance sheet ) ( Dell Income statement ) Dell focused on edifice strong supply concatenation direction, developed gross revenues theoretical account which is used for typical insurance merchandising and 24*7 onsite services. With HP ‘s issue in Personal computer concern in Sep 2011, ( TImes of India newpaper ) it has provided Dell with chance to capture original HP market. With the company passing $ 1 bn in cloud calculating substructure. It is concentrating more on concern contract and endeavor solutions. With debut of new theoretical accounts like Inspiron, XPS and ultra-books Dell has retained its place of being the most dominant participant in the market.

SWOT analysis of Dell-


High valued trade name criterion

Fast, cost-effective and provides client friendly distribution and production installation

It gathers information about its loyal clients through Customer Relationship direction and information engineering attack. This provides the client to ab initio choose the theoretical account and upgrade it harmonizing to the needed accoutrements

It uses scheme of minimising runing cost by extinguishing the retail merchant and being direct channel to clients ( Dell Financial )

The finished goods are delivered through extremely trusted courier service

Approximately 75 % of gross revenues gross is from big graduated table concern and governmental organisations, this keeps its gross revenues volume high ( Majid, Mohammad, & A ; Hamid, 2011 )


High trust on its major providers as they contribute 75 % gross revenues volume.

Gross saless volume from educational institute histories to 5 % , which is a high market but still it has non made it marks in this sector to pull college pupils.

Long bringing clip, as clients upgrade merchandise harmonizing to their specifications taking to complexness to some clients which leads to miss of client satisfaction

Lack of physical touch and experience installation before having the order

Product callback is hard which leads to confusion many times.


It is emerging concern and has made a immense grade in Indian laptop industry. With the present turning rate of 55 % , it is a big Personal computer supplier but it still has chance to capture the market portion.

Dell uses distinction scheme and is increasing its ability of taking hazard in the concern.

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It can be used widely in the instruction industry particularly in the rural countries where the electricity outages are frequent. ( Mas, Priscilla, & A ; Wong, 2009 )


With the increasing competition, monetary value difference among assorted merchandises is acquiring little

Technological progresss like smart phones and I tablets are come ining the market, which provide the same services as laptop.

Fiscal Analysis

The important high spots of the fiscal analysis are: –

Stock monetary value

The current stock monetary value of Dell Inc. as of 27th October2012 was 9.24USD in the NASDAQ. There is a diminution of 8 per centum due to intense monetary value competition from Asiatic makers. The entire market capitalisation is $ 16,027.74 million. The entire figure of outstanding portions is 1,734.6 million.

Balance sheet

The company has entire assets of $ 44.53 billion and entire debt of $ 35.62 billion as of March 2012. The assets of the company have been increased by 15.36 % and entire debt has been increased by 15.53 % as comparison to March 2011 severally.


The net gross revenues of the company by the terminal of March 2012 were $ 62.26 billion. The gross revenues of the company had been increased by 1.07 % as comparison to March 2011.

Net incomes

The net incomes of the company by the terminal of March 2012 were $ 5.56 billion. As comparison to last twelvemonth ( Profits= $ 4.69 billion ) net incomes have been increased by 18.55 % . ( Laptop computing machines )

Beginning: Writer

The toughest twelvemonth for the company was 2009 when due to the recession their Net Income got decreased by 15.91 % but after that they have picked and since 2010 their mean Net Income growing was 52.85 % boulder clay 2012 March. ( Symbol Dell )

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Laptop industry is one of the turning industries in the present universe. Laptop in India has been introduced in India in mid 1990s and since so it has been turning quickly. Product distinction is the laptop industry is done on the footing of different properties like Processor velocity, memory, size etc. The distinction is chiefly based on public presentation and services which creates the difference among different sellers. The gross revenues of laptop have surpassed the gross revenues of desktop in 2005 and we can see many international participants come ining the market. It is the best clip to put and get any of the laptop company as the hereafter looks bright in this industry. The major participants are Dell, Lenovo, HP and it is best to get one of these companies. All these established participants have strong distribution channel. The laptop industry has high entry barrier point ; as a consequence the menace of new entrants is low. Since the participants operate on low border and low monetary value scheme, the new entrant finds it hard to vie in the market. It is better to get a well set up company. Suppliers have high bargaining power as cost of exchanging from one provider to another is rather high. By geting the any of the major companies, we can acquire the strong supply concatenation and distribution channel. The purchaser has a really high bargaining power and high sensitiveness to the monetary values. We have to do certain that the trade name name does n’t acquire diluted. We have to look the future chances of smart phones because they pose the biggest menace in footings of replacements.

By geting DELL, we can derive the market portion. DELL India is last 5 old ages has grown quickly and captured about 15.6 % . DELL is the universe ‘s largest Personal computer shaper. It is among the best known trade names throughout the universe. By geting the DELL, we can use the trade name name. The trust which people have in dingle and its distribution channel commands the market. Consumers can pick a basic theoretical account and so add the coveted points and upgrade their laptops. Laptops based on user ‘s specification is the alone merchandising point of DELL.

Dell is financially stable. The net net income border ( EBITDA ) is increasing really twelvemonth. The current ratio of DELL is 1.352 ( 29.45/22 ) . The gross border in the last old ages has increasing and gross income growing every twelvemonth additions by about 20 % . Net incomes per portion are increasing which can assist in pulling more stockholders. When compared to last twelvemonth, the EPS growing is 39.71 % .

Taking the bearish position, 65 % of the market portion is captured by five major participants. We can detect frequent ups and downs. Dell which recorded upper limit market portion in 2011-12 has been replaced by Lenovo in Q1 of 2012-2013. Other rivals like apple possess changeless menace with its new and advanced merchandises like Mac book.

In malice of these menaces, looking at the hereafter growing and after analysing the company from quantitative and qualitative position, we can reason that Dell is among one of the better companies to be acquired.

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