The Ideal Puritan Society Essay Sample

Puritans thought of themselves as members of the Church of England. Disgusted with the corrupt modern spiritual patterns. Puritans tried to alter that establishment. They shortly became frustrated with the deficiency of successful reform as English male monarchs James I and Charles I persecuted them. The Puritans migrated to the New World to make a state harmonizing to their ain beliefs. The Puritan Society was a really restrictive and socially constricting 1. Massachusetts Bay Colony was organized in 1628 by Puritans and in 1629. five ships carried the first Puritan colonists to their first colony. Salem. ( Bremer. 34 ) . Most of the Puritans settled in the New England country as they immigrated and formed single settlements. their Numberss rose from 17. 800 in 1640 to 106. 000 in 1700 ( Bremer 45 ) .

The Puritan Society was benchmarked by many different factors. Every member of the society had a rigorous function to make full. Any one who fell outdoors of their appropriate function in society was insulted. or even tortured to decease. Gender. category. and race wholly contributed to a person’s societal place. Puritans rigorous literary reading of the bible and steadfast belief in predestination helped put a foundation for the ideal “City on a hill” as explained by John Winthrop. a puritan mind and Massachusetts Bay Colony governor.

Work forces were supposed to be dominant over adult females. They besides thought that adult females were non to be able to last without a adult male. Puritans believed that females could non be genuinely touched by God ; hence. work forces were the lone 1s able to ain land or go congregational leaders in the church. Furthermore. Puritans assumed that any female who dared to talk the word of God must genuinely be a utensil of the Satan. White Puritan Protestants were inherently superior to any other faith or race.

These holy rich work forces. free of original wickedness. were the lone 1s allowed to commune with God. Any one who preached a faith different from the Puritan sanctum adult male was besides thought to be a retainer of the Satan. The Puritan opinion category of holy white males lashed out at those who threatened them. They persecuted any adult females who held land. any who preached faith. or who subscribed to a different faith. ( Bremer 154 ) . In the eyes of the Puritan. God specifically made persons of other white cultural backgrounds less holy.

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The holy Puritan work forces lashed out many persecutions. “Puritan kids were taught from an early age that world was divided of course by race. each race holding certain physical and mental features which had remained basically unchanged throughout history. ” ( Olmstead 245 ) . A kid influenced by this on-going favoritism would non anticipate the black race to take an equal topographic point in American civilisation. To Puritans. all of the geographic characteristics divided mankind into a racial hierarchy with the white race at the top and the black at the underside. The high quality of the white race was taken for granted. “A good established jurisprudence of nature…causes an inferior race to give to a superior when it comes in contact with the other. ” ( Olmstead 259 ) . The Puritan white adult male idea to hold been assigned the undertaking of educating and edifying the universe. Southerners justified bondage on the footing that black work forces was incapable of betterment. all the piece denying them entree to any type of instruction. Many of the strong divinities Puritans adhered to stemmed from their actual reading of the Bible.

For the Puritans. the Bible was the lone divinely divine word of God. The Scriptures were the standard philosophy and the true manner of congratulations specified by God. They were the beginning of criterions for behaviour. belief. and worship. The Puritans believed that adult male must follow the Bible precisely and seek to pass on straight with God. In order to pass on with God there had to be no distractions from their faith. In order to accomplish this. the Puritans held comparatively dull lives. They immersed themselves in their work and avoided art. sculpture. poesy. play or anything else that might be seen as a distraction. ( Olmstead 322 ) . Even place trappingss were merely made of wood. The consequence of this life style of difficult work was a community that was affluent and hardworking. Since God was an all knowing and powerful force. the Puritans saw their wealth as a gift from God. and a mark that they were right. Likewise. they besides justified any hapless state of affairs as an act of penalty by God or disposition from the Satan.

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Harmonizing to Puritans. God determined how many people to salvage before anything existed ; hence. redemption was predestined. This construct of predestination offers grounds of God’s love. Work force were basically depraved and meriting of damnation. Puritans thought that God went beyond the boundaries of rigorous justness to elect some people to be saved. This theory became the footing of thanks and was a beginning of hope for the Puritan community. The common integrity among the people strengthened the community. In a foreign land surrounded with the adversities of innovator life. their religious bond made them sympathetic to each other’s needs. “Their overall endurance techniques permeated the settlements and on the whole made them more successful in several countries beyond that of the settlements established to their South. ” ( Bremer 167 ) .

Governor John Winthrop’s depicted a theoretical account Christian society as a “City on a Hill. ” This impression was taken from Matthew 5:14. ( Bremer 187 ) . In “A Model of Christian Charity. ” a sermon Winthrop preached during the ocean trip to America. the Massachusetts governor emphasized that the intent of their traveling to America was to increase the organic structure of Christ and to continue themselves and their kids from the corruptness of this evil universe ( Bremer 198 ) . The settlers had made a compact together to obey the commandments of God in their endeavor. and the Lord would certainly bless them in their new land if they continued to obey him. The Puritans’ City was non intended to be a beginning of the new state. but instead a new community focused on reform. Puritans wanted their ain theoretical account society that revolved around the tradition of old England and the philosophy of their Puritan religion. For Winthrop and the Puritans. America inherited the thought that this land would to be an illustration of an ideal Christian society that can be in harmoniousness as a perfect theoretical account of society to the universe.

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The long-run consequence of Puritanism is their lingering idealism that has been infused into our modern society. This is because they were amongst our first colonists to distribute their thoughts and values throughout the land. Even though the puritan society was non rich in art or play. many of their philosophies shack in democratic rules. The Puritan work ethic and community coherence has besides become a hallmark of American idealism. Similarly. this state remains a Protestant state with a bequest of conservativism. ( Olmstead 345 ) . The Puritans may hold lasted merely a small over a century but their ideals steadfastly remain.

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