The Great Depression: Effects and Solutions Essay Sample

The Great Depression was likely the most annihilating economic calamity in US history. As the 1920s went on. many grave jobs threatened the economic system. Despite the fact that some people became rich. many others could hardly grate up an equal life. Many of import concerns struggled. Consumers were stuck with deep debts. As the 1930s approached. it was clear that the economic system was wavering.

The superficial wealth of the late 1920s hidden failings that would signal the beginning of the Great Depression. Many events hinted at the depression. Industries such as railwaies. fabrics. and steel can hardly do an income. New types of transits such as trucks. coachs. and private cars forced some railway companies out of concern. Mining and lumbering. which thrived during WWII. lost concerns due to the deficiency of demand. Because new signifiers of energy were introduced ( natural gas. hydroelectricity. and oil ) . the coal industry saw their net incomes bead. One of import indicant is that new houses were built less and less. That’s because when lodging starts diminution. so do occupations in other industries like furniture fabrication. Another suggestion at a depression is in the agrarian country. The high supply of harvests dropped its monetary values. Between 1919 and 1921. the one-year income decreased from $ 10 million to $ 4 million.

In fact. the prosperity in the 1920s ne’er really existed. Many Americans were in debt already because of purchasing goods on recognition. By doing recognition easy. Americans’ debt thickened with each point on recognition. Because many people had problem paying off their debt. consumers cut back on disbursement. Another likely cause of the Great Depression was the uneven distribution of income. Between 1920 and 1929. the wage of the wealthiest 1 % rose by 75 % . while merely a 9 % addition as a whole. Over 75 % of households earned less than $ 2500 a twelvemonth. Even households doing twice that much can non afford to purchase many new merchandises.

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Problems in the stock market were born. The stock monetary values rose throughout the 1920s. Tidal bore to do some speedy money. many mean Americans speculated. or bought stocks without cognition. They paid by purchasing on border. The authorities did small to halt the purchasing and merchandising. Then the worst happened. On October 29. 1929. or “Black Tuesday” . the stock monetary values merely dropped tremendously. Stockholders madly tried to sell their stocks before the monetary values dropped even lower. A record of 16. 4 million portions was dumped that twenty-four hours. Many people who bought stock were in debt. particularly those who bought them on recognition. Black Tuesday indicated the beginning of Great Depression. It non merely ache the American economic system. but besides had a negative impact on the remainder of the universe.


After the stock market clang. people madly withdrew their economy histories from Bankss. However. some Bankss invested their money in the stock market. By 1933. 11. 000 of US’s 25. 000 Bankss had failed. Between 1929 and 1932. the gross national merchandise was about cut in half. Almost 90. 000 concerns went bankrupt. Unemployment rose from 3 % to 25 % . Even those who still had occupations received lower rewards.

The United States was non the lone state to endure from the Depression. European states still retrieving from WWI face high war debts. The Great Depression added to their job by restricting US’s ability to import goods from Europe. It made it hard to sell American merchandises and goods in Europe. To intensify the job even more. Congress passed the Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act. The act established the highest duty in United States history. By restricting the sum of goods fluxing into the US. the duty prevented other states from purchasing American goods. Unemployment rose in industries that export merchandises into Europe. Other states raised their ain duty. therefore doing universe trade to worsen more than 40 % .

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To add abuse to injury. a drought known as the Dust Bowl began in the early 1930s. Kansas. Oklahoma. Texas. New Mexico. and Colorado were hit hardest. Thousands of husbandmans and sharecrop farmers were forced to go forth their farm behind. These migrators. known as Okies. traveled to California for occupations.


At first. President Herbert Hoover opposed any signifier of federal public assistance. He felt that the aid could sabotage the people’s “moral fibre. ” Alternatively. Hoover felt that the federal authorities should direct alleviation steps. but non through bureaucratism. He and leaders in concern. banking. and labour worked together to relieve the economic system. However. his solutions made small difference.

Because another presidential election was coming. Hoover passed steps to reform banking. provide mortgage alleviation. and supply more federal money into concerns. In 1932. he signed the Federal Home Loan Bank Act. which decreased mortgage rates for householders. Hoover besides signed the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. It allowed $ 2 billion to be given to Bankss. life insurance companies. railwaies. and other big concerns. It was still non plenty to convey the economic system out of the clay.

Many Americans blamed Hoover for making small about the depression. In 1932 presidential election. Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt ( FDR ) was elected by a landslide. Even before his startup. FDR and his advisers started the New Deal. It was designed to soften the jobs of Great Depression. The Hundred Days. enduring from March 9 to June 16. 1933. was launched by Roosevelt. Over this period. over 15 pieces of New Deal statute law was passed. Below are merely a few New Deal statute laws.

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Agricultural Adjustment Act increased harvest monetary values by extinguishing excess. To carry through this. the authorities paid husbandmans $ 200 million to plough less than 10 million estates of harvest. Hog husbandmans had to butcher less than 6 million hogs.

* Civilian Conservation Corps gave occupations to immature work forces to develop Parkss. works trees. and other undertakings to forestall another Dust Bowl.

* NIRA gave money to provinces to do occupations in building of community edifices.

* Social Security Act did three things. It provided insurance to retirees 65 old ages or older. provided unemployment compensation. and provided assistance to households with dependent childs and disabled.


Although the New Deal did non halt the Great Depression by itself. it surely helped many Americans get through. By 1944. unemployment dropped below 1 million people. Hopefully. people can larn something from Great Depression to non pass money foolishly.


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