The Four Basic Functions of Management Essay Sample

In mundane concern operations. the four basic maps of concern drama a critical function in their success. Businesss need to run swimmingly. whether large. little. new or old. and the four maps of direction. allows the ability to command preventative steps when managing tactical. planned. and set determinations.

The four maps of direction are be aftering. forming. taking and commanding. Planning is the foundational map upon which all the other direction maps are levied and permits the appraisal of current standings and future desired accomplishments. One of the major ends my corporation is trying to implement is the cross – preparation of all employees on multiple GDS ( runing systems ) . Presently most agents are individual skilled and this program will greatly cut down incoming hold times for incoming client calls while maximising office productiveness and efficiency.

The 2nd map in line is organisation. achieved by maximising the resources necessary in order for the programs to be successful. “The focal point is on division. coordination. and control of undertakings and the flow of information within the organisation. It is in this map that directors distribute authorization to occupation holders” ( Barrett. 1999 ) . and adress internal interactions. such as the concatenation of bid. By forming developing times and expeditiously equilibrating developing with skilled agent’s handiness for calls. so as non to hold clients waiting on clasp. is a good manner my corporation succeeds at organisation in an effort to accomplish company ends.

Leading the following indispensable map of direction is one key to doing organisations work. “Good leaders do non state other people what to make but assist others take charge. They do they catch centre phase but to poke at others into the spotlight. They are non interested in being The Leader. but in seeking to make more leaders. Acknowledging that merely by making more leaders can the forming attempt expand” ( Leading Functions of direction. 2009 ) . Leading requires making an illustration to follow. Dividing up undertakings into manageable parts and the deputation of those undertakings guaranting that everyone can finish assigned undertakings by supplying all necessary resources. Showing grasp for all parts no affair how little and welcoming unfavorable judgment are frequently hard for some leaders. but acknowledgment of attempts is of import and positively accepting feedback opens up the flow of communicating.

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Hiking self assurance by stimulating employees and animating trust as people do non follow people they do non swear is every bit of import as keeping the highest criterion of honestness. By avoiding making most of the work. others will go more involved and leaders will cut down the possibility of burn out for leaders. Two months ago my section loss one of the most efficient leaders I have met in my full professional calling. He believed in squad spirit. and gave his squad all resources and chances needed to turn and win. The deficiency of the Fe fist and the easiness of communicating made him the most sure of the squad leaders in the section. and his ability to actuate was outstanding. But as they say for every loss there is a addition. and his squad was temporarily adopted by his director who is even better at the taking map and I would state excels at all four maps of direction.

The commanding map is the last of the basic direction maps that involves the comparing of existent versus planned public presentation. and taking disciplinary actions when needed to guarantee planned aims are achieved. Monitoring and mensurating public presentation by employees through public presentation reappraisals and one on one’s provides both the ability to compare what is go oning presently to what should be go oning and rectifying public presentation jobs as they occur. One on One’s are compulsory in my office on a monthy footing and are used as a step to inform agents of the public presentation standings in comparing to others in the section. Twice a twelvemonth agents are required to compose their ain public presentation reappraisals and the concluding reappraisal at twelvemonth terminal is used to find office ranking and rise of wage. This method of control forces agents to be cognizant of their actions at all times and allows them to be in control of their ain public presentation.

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Bing able to multi-task and do determinations whilst often exchanging among the four basic maps of direction is what being a director is about. All four of the maps are related and the most efficient leaders can equally equilibrate these accomplishments. “It’s of import to retrieve that planning is necessary to acquire you off on the right pes. but the best laid programs won’t come to fruition if you are an uneffective leader and if organisation isn’t completed and commanding doesn’t take topographic point along the way” ( White. 2008 ) .


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