The Equal Opportunity Policy Social Work Essay

Equality of Opportunity is put into topographic point to safeguard everyone. An of import facet of the Equal Opportunity Policy is that it protects vulnerable grownups in attention. The Equal Opportunity Policy specifies that all clients will be given equal and impartial intervention regardless of their gender, age, disablement, cultural beginning and race. It is of import that all employees working within the attention field comply with the Equal Opportunities Policy so that all clients are free from bias and are protected ( Care Quality Commission: 2011 ) . When concerned with the attention of vulnerable grownups, cardinal statute laws are put in topographic point. These include Torahs, policies and schemes. All societal attention services are governed by statute law and authorities counsel which must be followed consequently ( ) . Some Acts which are relevant to the instance survey include the Disability Discrimination Act ( 1995 ) , the Care Standards Act ( 2000 ) , the Race Relations Act ( 2000 ) , the Human Rights Act ( 1998 ) and the Community Care Act ( 2003 ) . The intent of these Acts is to guarantee that there are high criterions set which wellness governments and local governments can follow to modulate attention ( Nazarko: 2002 ) .

The Afan Nedd attention survey explains that the residential place attentions for vulnerable grownups. When concerned with those most vulnerable it is of import that each service user is treated reasonably and every bit with their human rights taken into consideration at all times. The Afan Nedd instance survey shows that these basic demands are non ever met. The article states that the attention place is being run by trained nurses and unqualified attention helpers. In April 2002, the statute law that all residential places in the UK must run into in order to remain registered changed. The Registered Homes Act of 1984 was replaced by the Care Standards Act ( CSA ) ( 2000 ) . The CSA regulates and inspects all local governments, establishes a General Social Care Council in England and a Care Council in Wales and it makes proviso for the enrollment, ordinance and preparation of societal attention workers ( Nazarko:2002 ) . The CSA ensures that the ordinance of attention workers is monitored closely. The Act besides states that societal attention workers must be registered with the English or Welsh Council where each Council is required to guarantee high criterions of pattern and preparation are being used at all times. It is of import that Registered Social Care Workers ( RSCWS ) must stay by a rigorous codification of behavior ; any employees who breach this codification of behavior will be called in for a disciplinary hearing which could ensue in suspension or being removed from the attention registry. In Wales, the Care Council O.K. classs and do allowances and grants for developing to guarantee that attention places care run decently ( Nazarko: 2002 ) .

Afan Nedd attention place is regulated by the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales ( CSSIW ) , they encourage ‘the betterment of societal attention, early old ages and societal services in Wales ‘ ( ) . CSSIW works in concurrence with the Welsh Assembly Government ; they inspect local authorization societal services and regulate and inspect societal attention environments ( ) . The CSSIW ordinances include enrollment, review, ailments and enforcement in order to protect vulnerable grownups. It appears that Afan Nedd attention place does non follow with the CSSIW policies as it does non hold qualified attention helpers. To decide this issue, a possible solution is that the attention place should supply developing for all employees to guarantee the precaution of vulnerable grownups and to supply the highest criterion of pattern to service users.

When caring for vulnerable grownups it is highly of import that their attention is chief precedence. All attention places are regulated by the Care Quality Commission ( CQC ) which is responsible for supervising the criterions of attention services ( ) . The CQC is in topographic point to guarantee good work pattern for professionals and to better the criterion of life of the service user. All attention places must follow the ‘Care Value Base ; ‘ in nursing theory this is an ethical codification which sets out regulations which carers must follow within their societal attention puting which ensures that the carer is non know aparting the service user and are non go againsting their rights ( Moonie: 2005 ) . These values besides include the publicity of equality and diverseness and to hold the ability to dispute favoritism. In 2002, the General Social Care Council ( GSCC ) published a codification of pattern for both employees and employers which explains the publicity of these values along with confidentiality and other rights and duties. ( Moonie: 2005 ) .

The instance survey explains how John Davies, a registered general nurse, has been verbally mistreating some of the clients. This should be a major concern for Afan Nedd nursing place as the service user is non having the correct attention. The instance survey besides explains that John Davies appears to be experienced and is really popular with the matron. This can so do jobs within the attention place as issues such as favoritism and bias may originate.

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It can be said that any type of institutional maltreatment is wholly illegal and unprofessional. Verbal maltreatment within the attention place can non be tolerated as those who are physically and mentally frail are most at hazard ( ) . The Equality Act 2010 is a cardinal piece of statute law which must be followed within every societal attention environment. The Act provides a ‘modern and accessible model of favoritism jurisprudence which protects persons from unjust intervention and promotes a just and more equal society ‘ ( ) . Every wellness attention professional must cognize all cardinal pieces of statute law before they undertake any societal attention and must implement the regulations throughout their wellness attention calling. By jurisprudence each service user has the right to be treated with regard and self-respect. The Protection of Vulnerable Adults ( POVA ) strategy was launched by the Department of Health which provides a list of attention workers who have harmed vulnerable grownups in their attention. It is now a statutory demand for directors to utilize when naming persons to work with vulnerable grownups ( ) . This could intend that John Davies may hold had a history of verbal maltreatment to service users and this may hold non been checked prior to being employed as the instance survey explains he is an bureau worker.

As mentioned earlier, John Davies appears to be popular with the matron which may do jobs if another societal attention worker wanted to describe his verbal maltreatment to the service users. It could besides intend that the service users do non experience confident plenty to describe the maltreatment to the matron as they feel that they may be discriminated against or they may non hold the mental capacity to describe this issue. Since 2006, the societal services ailments process has changed in Wales. The CCSIW are lawfully obliged to hold their ain written ailments processs. It is of import to emphasize that all ailments must be kept confidential along with following the CCSIW ailments process ( Department of Constitutional Affairs: 2007 ) . Another issue that may originate from the fact that John Davies is popular with the matron is other employees of the nursing place may non desire to be seen as a ‘whistle blower ‘ if they wanted to repot maltreatment within the attention place. Knights and Willmott ( 2006 ) believe that ‘whistle blowers tend to be good respected and painstaking employees. They tend to believe that one time they have informed the appropriate managerial authorization of these illegal or unethical Acts of the Apostless the administration will take the appropriate steps to alter its behavior. ‘ However, it appears that many whistle blowers feel that direction do non see ‘whistle blowing ‘ as an act of good organizational citizenship, alternatively direction see this as problem devising. In many instances, the whistle blower may be victimised or even disciplined, doing other employees stay soundless in describing any farther favoritism or maltreatment within the attention place. The Older People ‘s Commissioner for Wales, created a policy where the commissioner is contacted by an employee from another administration who is worried about unethical Acts of the Apostless in their topographic point of work and want to describe it ( ) . The Public Interest Disclosure Act, ( PIDA ) protects employees who ‘blow the whistling ‘ about incorrect making within the nursing place, supplying that they do so in the ways set out by PIDA. Any employee who is victimised by their employees for ‘blowing the whistling ‘ has the right to take their employer to a court. The Commissioner ‘recognises that employees are frequently the first to gain that there may be something incorrect within their administration and therefore encourages all persons to raise echt concerns about wrongdoing at the earliest possible phase ‘ ( ) . This policy relates back to the Afan Nedd nursing place as the policy will protect them if they wanted to describe the John Davies for mistreating the service user. The Nursing Midwifery Council ( NMC ) believe that it is ‘important to set up a comprehensive vulnerable grownup protection and safeguarding service to guarantee good leading and public presentation direction, nevertheless, it appears that such agreements are non systematically found across societal services ‘ ( ) .

Albert and Gladys Griffiths have late arrived at Afan Nedd nursing place, the instance analyze provinces that Albert is mentally watchful nevertheless his married woman Gladys have early onset Alzheimer ‘s. The reader learns that Gladys becomes easy confused and disorientated but is normally calmed by Albert ‘s presence ; nevertheless they do non hold a dual room in the nursing place. As the twosome does non hold a dual room this can be seen as favoritism and a misdemeanor of their human rights. It can be said that to maximize Albert and Gladys ‘ quality of life, they have the right to a dual room as they have ne’er spent a dark apart. Quality of life refers to the entire life experience, which consequences in overall satisfaction with 1s quality of life. ‘Quality of life is a multi-faceted construct that recognises at least five factors ; lifestyle chases, populating environment, clinical palliation, human factors and personal picks ‘ ( Singh: 2009 ) . It can be said that quality of life can be improved by conveying in these five factors into the bringing of attention.

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It appears that the Human Rights Act ( 1998 ) has been breached as Gladys and her hubby are non able to portion a room together. The Act states that ‘these rights non merely impact affairs of life and decease, they besides affect the rights you have in your mundane life: what you can state and make, your beliefs, your right to a just test and other similar basic entitlements. ‘ When working in a societal attention environment, it is the duty of the wellness attention professional to esteem the rights of the service user. Learning that Gladys has early onset Alzheimer ‘s, this could intend that she does non hold the mental capacity to turn to her human rights within the nursing place. The Mental Capacity Act ( 2005 ) , precautions those with mental unwellness and it is besides a stepping rock for those most vulnerable to have intervention in a nursing place to better their quality of life ( Department of Health 2005 ) . The Mental Capacity Act ( 2005 ) is designed for those who are unable to do determinations for themselves or miss the mental capacity to make so. It can be said that under the Mental Capacity Act, any individual is ‘presumed to do their ain determinations unless all practical stairss to assist him or her to do a determination have been taken without success, ‘ ( ) . It is of import to retrieve that a alteration of everyday can impact behavioural jobs with person enduring with Alzheimer ‘s which can do them to flog out of feel uneasy. It is said that Alzheimer ‘s bash non make good to alter as alteration causes anxiousness and emphasis, hence altering Gladys ‘ normal modus operandi is non in her best involvements when settling into a new environment ( Gale: 2010 ) . All service users of nursing places have the right of privateness. The right of privateness is a cardinal basic right that must ever be met. Each service user has the right to populate in a friendly, homely and caring environment, where the attention helper ever delivers the degree of attention that is appropriate to each person. ‘Each individual has the right to be treated as an person, with regard and self-respect, every bit good as holding a right to privateness and to pick ; it is the responsibility of the direction and staff to safeguard these rights and to assist the service user exercise them right ‘ ( Ford: 2005 ) .

The instance survey explains how Musad Mohammed is a Pakistani Muslim who is a occupant at Afan Nedd nursing place. Musad Mohammed is happening life in the nursing place strange as he has no immediate household life in the UK ; the nutrient is an issue for him, holding a female carer and the deficiency of privateness at supplication times. Bing a Muslim adult male, resourcing halal nutrient for Mr Mohammed should non be an issue as it is easy sourced in the UK ( Q News: 1999 ) . The Race Relations Act 1976 provinces that no individual should be discriminated against on the evidences of race, coloring material, nationality, cultural and national beginning in the Fieldss of employment, the proviso of goods and services, instruction and public maps ( ) . From the information on the instance survey, it is clear to see that Mr Mohammed is being discriminated against as his demands are non being met. However, this type of favoritism tends to be indirect favoritism. It can be said that indirect favoritism is when a status or regulation within the workplace disadvantages one group of people more than another ( ) . This applies to the instance survey as Mr Mohammed is being cared for by female attention helpers which is against a Muslim adult males beliefs. This is besides a breach of his homo rights which could impact Mr Mohammed ‘s quality of life. It is of import to understand that each service user of the nursing place is entitled to privateness and an independent life. It is besides of import that the ‘right of every person to choose independently from a scope of options, integrating, pick of repast, bed times and taking portion in activities/ amusement ‘ ( Rose and McCarthy: 2010 ) . These basic demands are non being met for Mr Mohammed as he feels he has a deficiency of privateness at supplication times. For a Muslim adult male supplications play an of import function in his religion and his attention values are non being met. Every person has the right to be treated as alone regardless of their beliefs and should be treated with regard at all times ( Rose and McCarthy: 2010 ) . It appears that the employees at Afan Nedd are non educated in a Muslims religion ; a possible solution for this is that the staff could take portion in favoritism preparation and multicultural consciousness preparation.

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Dilys Watkins enjoys remaining up to watch the telecasting at the nursing place, nevertheless the staff at the nursing place does non let her to make this as it is said to interfere with the Rota as everyone needs to be in bed before the dark displacement commences. This can be seen as a breach of her human rights and independency as Dilys says she is able to set herself to bed after her programmes have finished. It is of import to avoid pigeonholing an aged individual in attention, chiefly with respect to their ain independency. This is because negative images of independency can go self fulfilling. This can do an aged individual to hold low outlooks of their abilities and public presentation ( Beaulieu: 2002 ) . However, the instance survey does non province Mrs Watkins ‘ mental consciousness, and the attention helpers may experience that it is non in her best involvement to remain up on her ain and put herself to bed as she may fall and ache herself. This is a possible ground as to why the Mental Capacity Act ( 2005 ) is put into topographic point at nursing places as the Act sets out a checklist of things to see when make up one’s minding what is best for the service user. Another possible statement is the thought of authorization in nursing places. The thought of authorization is that those who have small or no influence, such as Dilys Watkins are ‘able to get the capacity to hold informed sentiments, to take enterprises, make independent picks and influence alteration. It besides means that those with influence actively change their attitudes and regulations and alter the manner determinations are made through prosecuting with excluded people ‘ ( ) . It can be said that the staff at Afan Nedd must demo service users such as Dilys Watkins regard and self-respect and must ever follow the correct codifications of pattern ; Processional Codes of Conduct are put into topographic point to avoid favoritism and to better the quality of life for occupants at the Afan Nedd nursing place ( ) .

It is clear to see that Afan Nedd nursing place is beset by a figure of jobs where the relevant policies and statute laws are non being followed right. The Care Council for Wales is the societal attention work force regulator in Wales responsible for advancing and procuring high criterions within nursing places to protect and safeguard vulnerable grownups ; these ordinances are non being followed by Afan Nedd nursing place. There are many cardinal issues identified in the instance survey such as favoritism, deficiency of staff preparation, verbal maltreatment, deficiency of privateness and hapless professional pattern. It is of import to turn to these issues straight off to better the quality of life to all service users. All societal attention workers are expected to run into the codification of behavior set by the Care Council and serious failure to make so can ensue in the closing of the nursing place and suspension and the remotion of employees from the Register. Nursing places attention for the extremely dependent and vulnerable people. Many of them have many nursing demands that require a high degree of professional cognition and apprehension. It is hence of import to guarantee that all staff working at nursing places takes portion in any chances for bettering and updating their accomplishments along with organizing educational and training yearss. Afan Nedd nursing place could advance and back up research into the efficiency of diverse attacks to caring for the senior and those with mental disablements.