The Economic Return Of Project Failures Information Technology Essay

As defined by Dan Robles Innovation is a good thought that has a favourable economic result. Thus economic result can be used as a standard to measure the success of an invention undertaking. Although the motivation behind about all invention undertakings is to gain net incomes, due to below mentioned grounds most undertakings fail to present their awaited economic return.

Poor market consciousness – Most innovation undertakings fail to bring forth an economic return due to hapless market consciousness. Inventions that are diffident about the market and unsure about who their possible clients would be are more likely to neglect than other inventions. Innovation undertakings besides fail when the possible terminal users are wholly or partly incognizant of the characteristics and utilizations of the merchandise. Most early Personal digital assistant ( personal digital helper ) companies failed due to such hapless market consciousness ( Schilling, 2008 ) .

Vague proficient feasibleness – Invention undertakings besides fail when its proficient feasibleness is non clearly identified. Undertakings that require engineering that is excessively expensive or a engineering that is non available or non good developed are more likely to bring forth a negative economic return than others.

Poor strategic be aftering – Ill planned undertakings have a great likelihood to be a failure. Most parties believe that invention is achieved through an formless procedure. But, invention undertakings that are good planned and implemented strategically are known to hold the best success rates and economic returns.

Unfulfilled consumer outlooks – Most innovation undertakings fail because they are unable to carry through the existent demands of the consumers. Such inventions lack indispensable characteristics or even can be excessively dearly-won.

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Lack of complementary merchandises – Invention undertakings besides fail due to the fact that there are few or even no complementary merchandises available for their invention. The more complementary merchandises available, the more consumers will accept the new invention.

Dominant criterions in the market – Dominant merchandise criterions frequently pose a menace to emerging inventions therefore doing it hard for new merchandises to make a market of their ain. As a consequence of it most inventions fail to bring forth their expected economic result. As an illustration Microsoft ‘s dominant criterion in runing systems has knocked down the outgrowth of other runing systems ( Schilling, 2008 ) .

2. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of

a ) Persons as pioneers,

B ) Firms as pioneers,

degree Celsius ) Universities as pioneers,

vitamin D ) Government establishments as pioneers,

vitamin E ) Nonprofit organisations as pioneers?




Creative thoughts are frequently derived from persons

Persons have a better apprehension of their unrealized demands

Persons may hold a greater encouragement to work out their ain jobs

Limited capital to put

Limited entree to resources

Inventions may necessitate a wider array of cognition than an person has




Possesses a larger capital to put

High opportunities if developing complementary merchandises

Specially organized to promote invention

Focuss merely on undertakings that give speedy economic returns instead than undertakings that are good to the society




Universities have a wide-range of cognition and resources

Can put on long-run undertakings that focus on scientific progresss instead than undertakings that focus on economic returns

Frequently have links with the authorities and non-profit organisations

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May focal point on vague undertakings instead than 1s with instant applications

Inventions may non ever reach the market place

Development procedures may be less efficient due to undisciplined fiscal direction




The authorities may hold a wide-range of cognition and resources

Can put on long-run undertakings that focus on scientific progresss instead than undertakings that focus on economic returns

Has an influence on other pioneers such as universities, houses and non-profit organisations

May non hold complementary merchandises to put to death an invention in the market

Development procedures may be less efficient due to undisciplined fiscal direction

Nonprofit organisations



Frequently have links with other parties such as authorities, universities and non-profit organisations

Has a higher possibility of obtaining the support of external parties

May follow a mission based focal point that allows the organisation to travel for long term hazardous undertakings.

May have to trust on contributions and financess and this could frequently do restrictions in capital resources

May non hold complementary merchandises to put to death an invention in the market

3. What are some of the ways a house can seek to increase the overall value of its engineering, and its likeliness of going the dominant design?

Firms ever try to increase the overall value of their engineering for assorted grounds. The more the engineering is adopted, the more gross it generates for the house. Below mentioned are the stairss a house can take to increase the value of their engineering and do it a dominant design.

In order to do a dominant criterion, the engineering should hold a big installed base. Firms should concentrate on increasing the installed base by pulling more users. Complementary merchandises make a engineering more functional and more desirable. Thus a house can increase its installed base by developing their ain complementary merchandises or promoting other organisations to develop other utile complementary merchandises for the engineering. More developers of complimentary goods are attracted to merchandises that have a big installed base. The higher the figure of complementary goods available, the higher the possibilities are for a engineering to go a dominant design.

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Firms should crate a big installed base by increasing consciousness among consumers. Firms should do usage of assorted selling channels to publicize their engineering and make a position that their merchandises are widely used and has a larger installed base. This would carry more consumers to accommodate to the engineering and would finally do the engineering dominant.

Firms should concentrate more on doing its engineering to be compatible with the complementary merchandises developed by other houses. Incompatible complementary goods may merely deter the consumers from utilizing or accommodating to the engineering. Therefore to do a dominant design, houses should ever promote the development of compatible complimentary merchandises.

Firms should increase the figure of clients accommodating to the engineering by supplying better-functioning merchandises at a sensible cost. Consumers will non utilize a engineering if it is unaffordable or if it does non present a superior functionality. Therefore houses should guarantee that their engineering delivers what the client expects.

By following above mentioned stairss. Firms can increase their installed base and so they can increase the value and the likeliness of their engineering being a dominant design.