The Dual Revolutions and their impact on society Essay

The eighteenth century in Europe was a clip of great alteration. when many things that were established parts of mundane society were transformed by the motions and revolutions that were go oning around them. Two of the most of import revolutions of this period were the British Industrial Revolution and the Gallic Revolution. one a revolution of engineering and society and the other a revolution of society and doctrine. The effects of these double revolutions would be felt on the European continent for many old ages to come and hold shaped the modern society in which Europeans now live.

The Industrial Revolution in Great Britain and the Gallic Revolution both impacted the manner people thought and the manner people lived and hence are highly of import to history. The outgrowth of industry and fabrication in Great Britain was an of import minute in European history. The Industrial Revolution is a term to depict the period in British history when fabrication engineering grew to such a degree that goods that were one time created by manus or over a long period of clip could now be manufactured utilizing power-driven machinery.

Possibly the greatest consequence of the Industrial Revolution on society was the mass droves of people that moved to metropoliss where they could happen work in the mills. making urban countries where many people lived in hapless conditions and worked in unsafe 1s. Reforms were called for to maintain up with the jobs industrialisation had created. In the terminal. the Industrial Revolution transformed Europe from an agricultural society into an industrial one ( Nelson ) . With industrialisation distributing to other states. like France. so did new societal alterations and a call for alterations in the manner states were governed.

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The Gallic Revolution changed non merely France but the full continent of Europe. Industrialization spread to France and many people crowded the big metropoliss of the state. like Paris. making a strong displacement in the societal conditions of the clip. The multitudes of people gathered in Paris and other metropoliss were more likely to hear about the different political and philosophical ideals of the clip that called for societal alteration and a alteration in the manner things were run. The doctrine of the clip called for a new authorities free of the absolute monarchy and stressed the importance of independency. freedom and equality for all persons.

With these ideals to endorse their revolution the Gallic overthrew the monarchy and changed their full political system. alternatively prefering a more democratic system free of the old blue privileges and the antediluvian feudal system that burdened many Gallic provincials. As a consequence of the larger populations found in the metropoliss. the revolution was highly successful in its early phases of dethroning the monarchy and making societal alteration. Another of import societal alteration that was a consequence of the Gallic Revolution was the rise of the in-between category in importance and success.

Whereas under the monarchy there was limited room for a in-between category to turn because of the blunt contrast between the affluent nobility and the destitute provincials and mill workers. without the monarchy the in-between category could beef up. The Gallic Revolution besides marked the terminal of feudal system in Europe. an establishment that had been in pattern since the mediaeval period. The leftovers of feudal system in France were the forced labour of provincials on the land of the nobility.

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In 1789 the National Assembly. a political group that transformed the Gallic political construction by taking away the power of the male monarch and halting other political patterns like the aggregation of revenue enhancements by the Church. put an terminal to the pattern of feudal system. seting France on the route to going an industrialised society like Great Britain ( Nelson ) . The double revolutions of the eighteenth century in Europe were so of import because they transformed society and doctrine in ways that would be felt for old ages subsequently.

Merely as with anything in history. the cause and consequence of each event is really of import to understanding the subsequent event. The Industrial Revolution transformed the manner states were populated. which created the multitudes in Paris that helped to do the Gallic Revolution a success because of their influence. which so led to the terminal of feudal system. The double revolutions impacted history in a battalion of ways. Work Cited Nelson. Rebecca. erectile dysfunction. The Handy History Answer Book. Detroit: Visible Ink. 1999.