The Different Areas of Knowledge Essay Sample

At first sight. the reply to this inquiry may look obvious: a insouciant reader might peek at it and give it a confident “no” . Even though this is the place that I take. I do believe that there are many more things to see when trying to reply this inquiry. It requires an reply much more complex than the knee-jerk reaction one can hold upon the first reading. given the many constructs it refers to.

First of all. the inquiry is hard because it instantly requires an probe into the different Areas of Knowledge. As a consequence. we must measure each country of cognition ( Mathematics. Natural Sciences. Human Sciences. History. the Arts ) and. after this. we can make a decision as to the similarities sing the dependance on civilization between mathematics and the other countries of cognition. Mathematicss and History. being the two Areas of Knowledge with the greatest potency for rating. will be addressed last.

Natural Sciences. at least in the general sentiment. are regarded to be comparatively independent of civilization. This school of idea. while non “wrong” in the strictest sense of the word. can be disproved to an extent. Science can be affected by civilization. as illustrated by the Western hemisphere’s hunt for a remedy for malignant neoplastic disease.

The negative facets of North American civilization. such as an progressively sedentary population and deteriorating eating wonts. have contributed greatly to a crisp rise in the figure of new malignant neoplastic disease instances we have seen in recent old ages. This has resulted in a demand for more medically oriented research. The factors taking to this ( our societal and physical wonts ) can be easy regarded as cultural ; hence. we can reason that malignant neoplastic disease research is a scientific enterprise that has been partly brought about by our civilization.

The same can be said for Human Sciences. An illustration confuting the impression that Human Sciences are non dependent on civilization is the survey of economic sciences. New economic theoretical accounts. concern theories. and trade forms are being established mundane because of how dynamic our planetary economic system is – certainly a trait of our civilization. If all this is taking to the survey of economic sciences ( a human scientific discipline ) . we can confidently state that Human Sciences are slightly affected by civilization.

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The Arts. clearly. are to a great extent influenced by civilization. Whether it be the vocal and dance of a rural agriculture community in India or Europe’s Bohemian and modernistic art museums. the humanistic disciplines worldwide are brought about chiefly by the cultural involvements of a population. The Altamira Caves in northern Spain are a perfect illustration of this. The interiors of caves where cave mans lived 1000s of old ages ago are smothered with drawings of bows and pointers. cervid hunting. and other cultural symbols representative of the Paleolithic epoch. It is safe to state that the humanistic disciplines do so depend on civilization. and to a much greater grade than Natural and Human Sciences.

In add-on. the manner in which these Areas of Knowledge are dependent on civilization are different. The Natural and Human Sciences are influenced in an indirect manner. The Arts are a more pure contemplation of a society’s civilization ; artistic creative activities stem from the creator’s head. and the civilization of his metropolis or faith or state can hold a great consequence on the manner he thinks. This is the chief difference between civilization and how its dealingss to the Sciences and Humanistic disciplines differ ; the Humanistic disciplines are a more direct contemplation of a civilization.

Now we can get down to turn to the Areas of Knowledge most relevant to this subject: Mathematicss and History. The dependance of Mathematicss on civilization would be a topic that most people would be given to hold on. The expected reply. of class. when person is asked whether or non Mathematics is influenced by civilization. is a “no” . This is much like the Human and Natural Sciences ; our first conjecture would be that they are non dependent on civilization. but after some idea and through sing a few illustrations. it becomes evident to us that other points of position are valid. The same applies for Mathematicss.

We must maintain in head that Mathematics is wholly semisynthetic ; it is non a creative activity of God or something that the world’s population inherited with the Earth. It is a entirely semisynthetic creative activity. This compels us to see Mathematics an result of human civilization. The instead “unnatural” creative activity of Mathematicss should turn out to be adequate grounds that it is dependent on civilization.

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However. it is possible to get away this through a minor trifle: we are discoursing the dependance of cognition with Mathematicss on civilization. non the creative activity of Mathematics. It is just to state that since the cognition related to Mathematicss today can all be traced back to the original creative activity of Mathematics. and hence it is dependent on civilization. but for the intents of this treatment. we will turn to the cognition of Mathematics as an independent entity. separate from the subject’s creative activity.

The cognition of Mathematics is something that we can see independent of one’s civilization. This is because no affair where the topic is being taught. the mechanical and theoretical facets will stay the same ; the state or linguistic communication in which it is being taught has no consequence on the content to be learned. An illustration comes from my ain experience. After traveling to Indonesia from the United States after 9th class. I began 10th class at a local international school. The undermentioned summer. I moved to Canada. In the old ages prior to populating in the United States. I had besides lived in India and Spain. Throughout my resettlements. crossing five states over three continents. the civilizations of the states had no consequence on the mathematics taught ; the lone variable was the trouble of the class and the instructor. Mathematics is a pure topic. and the cognition within Mathematics is non dependent on civilization.

Person may reason against me. mentioning linguistic communication as an facet of civilization and claiming that Mathematics taught in French is different from its English or Swahili opposite number. While the linguistic communication of the Mathematics surely is different. it does non hold any consequence on the ability of a pupil to make a Mathematics job in English. Mathematics is a cosmopolitan linguistic communication ; and the cognition of Mathematics is hence non dependent on civilization.

History is an Area of Knowledge that could fall into either class sing its dependance on civilization. due to a well-supported statement and one controversial illustration.

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First. it may be assumed that History is non dependent on civilization merely because it is based on fact. Although it is a valid ground. there are many Problems of Knowledge that arise from this premise. How can we cognize that these facts are true? After all. the facts we learn our History from are all consequences of record maintaining – how can we merely blindly trust the record keepers? Are we non to oppugn any of these records?

Even though it is based on merely one statement. and Problems of Knowledge do consequence. History’s place as a fact-based Area of Knowledge is a strong statement. and makes it a legitimate place to take.

On the other manus. there is an illustration that shows how History is affected by civilization. The instruction system in Tennessee has long been criticized for learning its pupils that the Confederate Army won the US Civil War. despite the successful Emancipation Proclamation that declared all slaves free ( and allowed the Union to make its end ) . Even though the 49 other provinces believe otherwise. there is nil to turn out the Tennessee State Board of Education wrong. It is merely a affair of their civilization – their pride of the South. their regard for soldiers of the past – that consequences in this educational disagreement between pupils who live in different provinces. As a consequence. History gives rise to jobs sing its dependance on civilization. and it is because of this ground that History can lawfully be considered to be both dependent and independent of civilization.

In this manner. we can reason that the Areas of Knowledge vary widely both in the extent of their dependance on civilization and the manner in which they depend on civilization. Some. such as the Arts. are to a great extent culture-based ; while cognition in Mathematics is rather independent of civilization. The similarities and differences between the Areas of Knowledge and their grade of dependance on civilization are an challenging subject. to state the least.