The Current Strategic Position Of Apple Marketing Essay

The purpose of this study is to analyze the current place of the company which includes the merchandises, current strategic place, and current fiscal strength. Different types of selling tools are used in this study. PEST analysis and Porter ‘s five force theoretical account for looking into the external environment. SWOT analysis for looking into the internal environment of the organisation. This study besides looks into market cleavage and the selling mix of the merchandise.

Apple was foremost introduced by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne on April 1, 1976 to market and sell the Apple personal computing machine kit. The first computing machine kits were manus built and was kept for a public show foremost at the home brew computing machine lab. This computing machine kit consisted of Motherboard with RAM, CPU, and some picture french friess. Since so apple have come a long manner in the market all over the universe and they are one of the taking companies in electronic merchandises. This can be known with the information given below:

Current Strategic Position

Apple believes in uninterrupted betterment and they look into all the cardinal sectors like environment, wellness and safety direction systems and the quality of our merchandises, procedures and services.

Looking into the Principle and ends of Apple, Apple has set out their ain rules where they look to run into all the wellness and safety demands, advance energy efficiency, and their chief ends are ; invention is the most of import thing for apple, to increase the figure of gross revenues of the merchandise in the instruction field, supplying new and user friendly package for the clients, and last but non the least providing high quality merchandises to the clients.

Looking into the current strategic place of Apple, with the debut of its ain operating system, hardware, package application, and with a wholly new design, Apple looks to run into all the client demands like new merchandises, easiness of usage, and an advanced design of the merchandise. Apple is presently concentrating on, trade name consciousness and bettering the merchandise by increasing the fiscal investing on selling and advertizement, they are looking at spread outing the retail section by opening more figure of shops all over the universe, they are looking at maintaining it up with the competition by implementing a cost leading scheme, and they are looking to go on the repute of being the leader in invention for new engineering by implementing merchandise distinction scheme.

Looking into the current finance place of Apple, on October 19, 2009 Apple announced the fiscal consequences for the twelvemonth 2009. The company posted gross of $ 9.87 billion and a net quarterly net income of $ 1.67 billion. These consequences can be compared to the gross of $ 7.9 billion and net quarterly net income of $ 1.14 billion in the old twelvemonth one-fourth. International gross revenues besides helped 46 % of the one-fourth ‘s gross. Gross border is 36.6 % when compared to the old twelvemonth one-fourth which was 34.7 % .

Apple reached 17 % addition when compared to the old twelvemonth one-fourth by successfully selling 3.05 million Mac computing machines during the one-fourth.

Plague analysis and Porter ‘s five forces are really of import tools to set up the external environment of Apple:

Plague Analysis

Political Factors

Different states have different regulations and ordinances which can move as a positive or a negative barrier which can ensue in curtailing the companies or impart chances to the company. Good thing for Apple is NAFTA, European Union and other regional trade unfastened doors so that the company can hold a wider market in Europe, Asia, Latin, and America which can offer tremendous potency to the company. Beatles case against Apple can impact the repute of the company in a negative manner. There is a direct impact on the overall concern of the company ( Apple ) due to the political uncertainnesss caused by terrorist act. Apple relies on the authorities to give a grant and rational belongings obtained from 3rd parties.

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Economic Factors

Apple has been affected in the last twelvemonth by the slow economic and that resulted in low consumer disbursement. However the current economic system shows consumer disbursement, some sum of betterment, and investing might increase every bit good. In US due to the weak economic status the educational section is meeting a big loss in many provinces. Hence this has caused a negative impact over the Apple ‘s gross revenues in the educational section. With regard to gross revenues of merchandise Apple holding a world-wide market can be affected by currency exchange rate and by international trade ordinances as they obtain the constituents of the merchandise from foreign providers.

Social Factors

Apple have designed their ain computing machines and their ain package ‘s which will assist this coevals as the computing machine and internet use is quickly turning worldwide. With the debut of Mac people have more information, addition more cognition about different types of computing machines and becomes a good beginning of chances for the Apple computing machine industry. Education has become the primary issue for the new coevals which is a cardinal factor for the company ‘s concern. Social factors besides include internet revolution, shopping online, Brand consciousness of the company.

Technological Factors

Technology is sing a rapid roar in this coevals, and people appreciate more and more advanced alterations in their systems and are exchanging over to the new information contraptions and Apple have been successful in supplying new contraptions. There is a rapid growing in the use of the cyberspace which is besides a good chance for the company. The traditional desktop is going outdated with new merchandises coming into the market like Mac laptops. This new engineering can be used in schools, montages, and by professionals as they will be able to derive the more cognition and this in bend increases the demand of the merchandise.

Porter ‘s five forces

Porter ‘s five forces theoretical account is an first-class theoretical account to utilize to analyse a peculiar environment of an industry. In this study we are come ining the Personal computer industry and therefore Porter ‘s theoretical account will assist us to happen out about:

Competitive Competition

Competitive competition for Apple is really high as it is a competition among the large companies and it is ferocious as everyone is taking at a larger market portion, intensive monetary value cuts and alterations. Personal computers are differentiated as hardware / package constellations. Competition is chiefly based one cost. The chief rival for Apple is Microsoft. Microsoft besides has their ain operating system but is supplying it to the clients in a really inexpensive monetary value when compared to Apple. Hence I can state that there is a ferocious monetary value competition.

Dickering Power of providers. ( Low )

Looking into Apple, the company is extremely dependent on constituent providers. If the provider wants to increase his net incomes he can set force per unit area on the market by providing the constituents at a higher monetary value. Apple is running at a higher hazard than other as they are working with lone few selected providers.

Dickering Power of clients. ( Low )

In the Personal computer universe there is high figure of providers in the industry and Apple being a portion of it, has its merchandise monetary value higher than the other company merchandises. Hence there will be batch of options for the clients to purchase the cheapest and the best merchandise.

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Menaces of replacements. ( Low )

In the present coevals PCs represent 90 % of the market portion as they have multiple constellations, public presentation and monetary value scopes. Looking into Apple they have their ain operating system called as Mac and there is no merchandise viing in the market.

Menace of new entry.

In the universe of Personal computers any company that has a new engineering that is efficient in footings of monetary value and public presentation is considered as a menace to the industry. Looking into Apple there is no menaces from any new entrants as there is no merchandise viing in the market. Apple has a really good trade name image and it will be really hard for the new entrants to present a menace to the company.

SWOT analysis is besides a really of import tool which will assist in set uping the internal environment of Apple:

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is a market tool which helps to understand the strengths, failing, chances and menaces in a concern. During the strategic planning procedure the most normally used tool is SWOT.


Corporate repute is high.

Apple industries have their ain merchandise and their ain operating system hence they have a good control over the merchandise.

Leader in invention and merchandise distinction.

Apple has a really good strategic confederation with HP.

Creativity manner.


Apple has set high monetary values on their merchandises.

Apple has high stock list in their merchandises.

Apple has jobs in distribution of their merchandises.

Apple has excessively many merchandise lines.


Demand for invention.


Turning industry.

Employee benefit programme.

Opportunity to make a new package markets and selling the hardware in those markets.


There is ferocious competition among the Personal computer industry.

Loss of market portion.

Price competition.

Increase in supply ‘s costs.

Market Cleavage

The market cleavage includes:

Demographical bases.

Geographic bases.

Behavior bases.

Psychographic bases.

2.1 Demographical bases ( age, household size, life rhythm, business )

Looking into Apple, the Demographical market section is successful because they are developing merchandises on the age, life rhythm, business of the people. They are administering their merchandises into assorted topographic points and the Personal computers are categorized on age, household size, for illustration they would hold more games and amusement in the Personal computers for the childs and a professional Personal computer with all the latest package ‘s.

2.2 Geographic bases ( provinces, parts, states )

Looking into the geographical bases of Apple they have established their concern all over the universe like U.S. , South America, Europe, Japan, and Australia.

Recently Apple chose to implement a perpendicular growing scheme and began spread outing their ain retail shops. The company besides sells its merchandise via third-parties traders, or via cyberspace through their ain web site or through the iTunes online music shops.

2.3 Behavior bases ( merchandise cognition, use, attitudes, and responses )

In this market section Apple supplying good merchandise cognition to the clients by advertising on hunt engines, T.V. as they have a really good trade name image. Using this trade name image they are continuously coming up with new thoughts and merchandises and pulling the clients. Apple has got a really good response rate as many of the clients are looking for new designs and advanced merchandises which Apple is successfully presenting.

2.4 Psychographic bases ( lifestyle, values, personality )

Looking into Apple the psychographic market section is successful because they are developing merchandises on the life style of the people such as Mac book for the younger coevals. Apple holding a really good trade name image has really good value for its merchandises as they are different and advanced. Looking into the personality ( manner ) sector Apple is supplying their merchandises with different colourss for the people who like fancy colourss.

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Selling Mix

Marketing mix is the combination of the merchandise, the monetary value, topographic point and publicity. These are popularly known as Four Ps. When the selling status like political, societal, economic, and technological factors change even the selling mix has to be changed.

The four Ps are listed as below:

3.1 Merchandise:

Apple is committed to sell original, good looking merchandises that have an easy-to-use interface. The company offers a scope of personal computer science merchandises, related devices and assorted 3rd party hardware-products. In add-on, the company offers package merchandises ( Mac OS X ) , server package and related solution ; professional application package ; and consumer, instruction and concern oriented application package. Apple has been really advanced by happening new uses for its Mac computing machine, such as desktop publication and strong graphics/animation capablenesss. The Mac functionality for pull offing multimedia files from cameras, DV recording equipment and MP3 devices has been really popular and successful.

3.2 Monetary value:

Apple monetary value is known to be above norm in the industry. The company is utilizing a distinction scheme and focuses more on invention, and quality. This scheme is warranting their premium monetary values. Recently, nevertheless, their new engineering and their high hard currency flow allowed them to take down their monetary value and to offer more price reduction to certain markets such as the instruction market. This new pricing scheme may assist Apple to vie better with the non-Mac user market but might do some issue with the trade name image/recognition.

3.3 Topographic point:

Apple ‘s operating sections are comprised of:


South America




Recently Apple chose to implement a perpendicular growing scheme and began spread outing their ain retail shops. The company besides sells its merchandise via third-parties traders, or via cyberspace through their ain web site or through the iTunes online music shops.

3.4 Promotions:

The best in the Apple Mac is that vocals can be played merely from iTunes and hence Apple In 2003, formed a strategic confederation with PepsiCo. The Pepsi iTunes music publicity calls for people to utilize the winning codification found under the Pepsi ‘s bottle caps merchandises to deliver vocals from Apple ‘s iTunes music Shop. This publicity has already been successful for both companies and increased the consciousness of the iTunes presence in the market.

In 2003, Apple besides announced marketing partnerships With America Online that are aimed at driving iTunes use profoundly into the mainstream. Apple computing machines could play a vocal merely from the iTunes. Apple and America Online have agreed to set iTunes “ purchase this vocal ” buttons next to every vocal that ‘s listed in AOL ‘s music service, which its 25 million endorsers can entree. Snaping the button will automatically establish the iTunes music nickelodeon and get down downloading the vocal ; charge will be handled through the client ‘s bing agreement with AOL.

Apple has a joint venture with Hewlett Packard. Apple has produced an iPod for Personal computer users and the success of this merchandise was a good manner for the company to capture non-MAC users.

The company ‘ besides drew on indorsements from music stars. In 2005, Apple Computer has initiated a partnership with Wal-Mart that saw the iPod shuffling featured at Wal-Mart price reduction locations around the state.