The Cultural Diversity Training Program Essay Sample

This instance study involved a human resource instructor by the name of Dr. Jennifer Barnes and her University’s Cultural Diversity Training. While looking frontward to go toing an on-going educational category on diverseness preparation. she was really defeated with her University merely giving cognition on cultural group of people. Dr. Barnes was gratified with the hapless instruction being taught on Cultural Diversity Training. Cultural Diversity should be taken really serious ; it can go war if handled lightly. In order to hold a successful and positive organisation of people. the people must esteem each other ideas and sentiments. Diversity preparation has to be practiced and preached every bit good as supervised under all fortunes.

Employees need to be educated on understanding the growing of diverseness preparation. This can do employees to shy away from themselves and others because they can non be themselves around others. “Increasing civilization sensitiveness is one measure toward bettering cultural diverseness. It obtains better cognition and empathetic of infinite racial-ethnic groups. to develop ethnically relevant guidance strategies” ( Sue. 2001 ) . After measuring the preparation plan used by the university to promote cultural diverseness consciousness.

My suggestions for betterment: Harmonizing to Lai and Kleiner ( 2001 ) . an organisation should carry on the undermentioned stairss to construct a strategic cultural diversity-training plan: I do non see anything incorrect with concentrating on a country that seeks a issue. Harmonizing to the scenario. 60 % of the community is black. but merely 15 % of pupils and 4 % of module is black ( Nkomo. Fottler. and McAfee. 2011 ) . While this seems to be their chief focal point the university needs to emphasize. the different stages of diverseness such as gender. faith. age. sexual orientation. and more. I would urge the plan to be more forceful towards being synergistic ; such as group treatments leading preparation. role-play. little group treatment. brainstorming. and interrogative ( Lai & A ; Kleiner. 2011 ) .

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The possible incommodiousnesss of ignoring it as an issue could do “discrimination and torment lawsuits” ( Mathis et Al. . 2014 ) . Harmonizing to Lai and Kleiner ( 2001 ) : By using these stairss. diverseness preparation can inform employees with ways to increase single. work group. and organisational efficiency through a better grasp and apprehension of the value added by diverseness and difference.


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