The Critical Exploration of Action Learning Sets

IntroductionAction larning sets ( ALS ) will be critically explored in relation to my personal acquisition journey, the instance survey and experiences from ALS. In add-on, ALS will be analysed in relation to how it has facilitated the development of new accomplishments and increased assurance, every bit good as the apprehension of professional experiences as a development practician.

I will besides critically reflect on my larning throughout this procedure and how to turn to these issues as a professional practician. Furthermore, the illustrations provided will back up the analysis of larning, such as accomplishment development, strengths and larning demands when presenting good pattern. I will besides reflect on my ideas sing development and acquisition demands and the countries where to better and develop as a professional practician. I will research countries for future pattern, related theory and schemes that may be relevant to cover with ethical quandary and conditions. This will supply an apprehension of ALS, oppressive pattern support, and the critical reflective procedure.

Schon ( 1983 ) discusses ‘reflection and reflection-on ‘ action and contemplation in pattern, which entails contemplation affecting a verbal description of the event. This edifice relationship between contemplation and the action is the pattern which provides the clip and infinite for developing the relationship.Mezirow et Al. ( 1990 ) explore AL and combines personal duty and contemplation on experience within the workplace. Ravens ( 1998 ) provinces AL is about educating practicians and direction. Pedler ( 2008 ) defines AL as an attack, which allows geographic expedition of jobs to make a solution. Furthermore, Pedler et Al. ( 2011 ) explains how important AL is in relation to job resolution. For case, being a practician is to use theory to pattern as a portion of acquisition every bit good as reflect on the experience. Furthermore, Rolfe et Al. ( 2011 ) examines how AL transforms the state of affairs. For illustration, being a practician working with immature people within the workplace I can reflect back on past conditions when carry oning cardinal work Sessionss and this allows me to see how to manage it otherwise in order to clear up the state of affairs more clearly. This has helped me clear up the state of affairs to derive a better apprehension and communicate jobs through continual rhythms of action, contemplation on and in action.

McGill and Brockbank, ( 2004 ) define AL as Iearning and reflecting on action. This procedure is supported by practicians to profit the organisation and by the person. The usage of AL, “ in the workplace ” is about reflecting, sharing thoughts and back uping each other. As portion of the ALS procedure, the ALS group consists of a presenter and a facilitator. The nucleus interpersonal qualities needed for a presenter are self-disclosure, pull offing emotion and having feedback ( McGill and Brockbank, 2008 ) . This has helped me as a practician to derive a better apprehension of quandary yet, see my actions to prove out new larning methods for future intents.

Brookfield ( 1995 ) explains that this signifier of larning engages mundane life. AL is a witting attempt to larn something within the workplace. I use this action and brooding procedures within the workplace of the Supported Housing undertaking Saint Vincent De Paul ( SVP ) Ozanam House, Nottingham, a inn for immature stateless adult females between aged between 16 – 25 old ages old in lodging. The context for the ALS allows participants to utilize existent life managerial issues and besides provides an chance for larning and development. The AL that I experienced was an chance to convey and pull upon from my acquisition ends. I was selected as a usher to follow inquiries from the instance survey ( Appendix 1.0 ) . This has assisted me through the procedure and identified the countries that I have chosen to show to make a formal decision. Thompson ( 1993 ) identified that anti oppressive pattern high spots the rights of an person and hence a denial of citizenship ‘treated below the belt. On contemplation when presenting I used interpersonal accomplishments to implement the theories learnt from my grade faculty, working with communities and immature people services class, which has given me the chance to portion my cognition.

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Thompson, ( 1994 ) has identified the barriers in associating to ethical pattern, identified how to organize group- based attacks with anti-discriminatory pattern to work together on issues of inequality, favoritism and subjugation. Jarvis ( 1995 ) describes AL as a procedure of reexamining fiddling experiences, which have happened in the past, but have been re-experienced in the head, in the ‘there and then’ instead than the ‘here and now’ . Dalrymple et Al, ( 1995 ) defines anti-oppressive pattern, which is based on a procedure of alteration. This rhythm of acquisition and action built for every set member intends an action acquisition in and from the experience between ALS groups. The place of taking the ALS where the presenter reflects on inquiries the others have experienced is new manner of seeing the state of affairs and leads to a new action. The function of the presenter is to present the job and depict the quandary to the members, which was studied via E-seminar Sessionss ( 2014 ) . I approached the group to detect a blend of qualities and differences that allowed flexibleness of leading within the squad. However, I felt that I was sufficient, but non effectual, as I did non recap on the content and sum-ups at intervals to enable me to concentrate. What I did non understand, from the beginning is that AL high spots strengths and failing to supply a better apprehension of what I can make when I present a job that is outside my expertness.

Egan’s ( 1998 ) skilled helper theoretical account which is a 3 phase theoretical account helps people to work out jobs. This theoretical account encourages the individual on three chief inquiries:

  • ‘What is traveling on? ‘
  • ‘What do I desire alternatively? ‘
  • ‘How might I acquire to what I want? ‘

The key to utilizing this theoretical account helps people develop a response to a state of affairs as portion of mundane conversation ( Egan,1998 ) . I found when reading the different attack of theories of ALS were utile to set this into pattern. McGill and Brockbank ( 2004 ) suggest that it is indispensable to put land regulations in order to construction the ALS to work together, which can be re-examined at any point in order to measure. Hawkynss and Shohet’s ( 2006 ) examine the ALS procedure to revisit land regulations from the session. This helps the practician develop and apprehension of the issue through active hearing accomplishments and researching the inquiries to decide the issue.

One of the advantages of AL when easing a group set is that each individual is allowed to listen and promote to speak and discourse issues freely. AL besides allows the individual adequate clip to reflect on what they have said or what they want to state. Part of the procedure of ALS is seeing things from the other person’s point of position and promoting the individual to be specific with regard, and value their determinations. Valuess are used in mundane linguistic communication to mention to religion, moral, beliefs or attitudes ( Banks, 2001 ) . Harrison et Al ( 2010 ) provinces in young person work it is informed by a set of beliefs and helps immature people to develop their ain set of values. The purpose of utilizing ALS is to hold a working relationship with the squad to develop teamwork. Shared skills come from a assortment of experiences from different countries and backgrounds, which allow working together and organizing a communicating loop-sharing construct to make new thoughts.

The disadvantage of utilizing AL is that it can do confusion when the ALS do non reply inquiries asked by the Presenter or client. When traveling through the ALS procedure it should be remembered that all determinations must non be hard to organize. The ALS must non answer to members, but wait when one or more are late with each other and non to disrupt until the individual has finished. Impose one’s ain values, sentiments, being judgmental or do premises over the state of affairs is similar to your ain (, 2013 ) .

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To enable battle with the group is to alter one’s perceived position and how it relates to AL. The group and I discussed the regulations on how to work together. For illustration, the regulations discussed are respected ; turn off Mobiles to avoid distraction, clip direction, anti-oppressive pattern, professional boundaries and confidentiality monitoring. Davys et Al, ( 2010 ) states that ALS enables interpersonal accomplishments to utilize examining inquiries to prosecute with the ALS members when showing a proposed quandary. However, my observation during each session was that the set did non look to utilize the regulations efficaciously due to hapless clip direction and attendings, which has made other members facilitate the meeting to cover for non attendings, which shows a deficiency of committedness.

I facilitated the group with an ice ledgeman because it was a good manner for the group to loosen up. I felt that my strength as a facilitator was interpersonal accomplishments. I am good at detecting organic structure linguistic communication with a sensitive attack. I monitored the group and reminded them to adhere to the land regulations. I did happen throughout the meeting that some members were utilizing examining inquiries repeatedly and did non allow the presenter clear up the quandary. Therefore, I felt that I had to disrupt the group and measure in to remind them of the regulations in order to go on the meeting.

I presented the instance survey to the ALS members with a house tone voice utilizing oculus contact. I felt a sense of defeat about my instance survey, because the quandary was still presently running within the workplace. It was a good manner to portion it with the group so I had to fix inquiries. When I realized the group was helpful my voice became unagitated and I became relaxed. The results had made things clear for me to turn to the issues to my supervisor otherwise. The interpersonal accomplishments that I used are by inquiring unfastened and closed inquiries. This has helped for me to clear up the state of affairs and holding a opportunity to present otherwise. Jeffs et Al ( 2010 ) explains the rule of being a professional practician is being valued. This has made me experience valued as a practician and be cognizant of anti-oppressive patterns and professional boundaries are being monitored.

Working with set members has created new kineticss, and the control issue became clearer. Dilworth et Al ( 2003 ) defines AL as being a womb-to-tomb learning tool of self-awareness and self-empowerment. However, although there were nerve-racking minutes speaking it through, I felt a weight had been taken off my shoulders when the job was answered. De Hann ( 2004 ) , suggests AL indicates a deficiency of focal point to simplify members in relation to their ain work. At the same clip, Rogers ( 2007 ) illustrates that there are several countries that would impact on the ALS the quandary being different that members may non understand the benefits of the set. Personally, when go toing the E-seminar ( 2014 ) this has identified that each quandary had different attacks as some had action and others small action to reflect.

Communication accomplishments incorporate active hearing to recap on colloquial content and this allows through the challenge to offer independency to take a way. This has given me outlooks of the procedure that I will prosecute in and adapt from my old life accomplishments experiences and to the set. I have learned more about myself to open up and hold the ability to accommodate to state of affairss. This challenged for me to better the gained the accomplishments of critical penetration and contemplation. I have learnt that interaction among persons within the set has become the chief guidepost of the AL experience. The communicating barriers have opened up complex countries for treatment and enabled me to concentrate on the possible to summarize. I have contributed successfully within the ALS and the E-seminar ( 2014 ) has boosted up my self-esteem and experience, for me to larn from others in every state of affairs. It was besides interesting to see different people work together with squad struggles in their alone ways, and this has taught me how to reflect on how to act and how others can comprehend me when in the ALS. I am confident about working with the squad ‘s kineticss and diverse personalities and experiences to supply a balance to show a quandary otherwise.

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Dilworth et Al ( 2003 ) identifies the demands that can be faced. For illustration, when traveling through AL with my instance survey, I can see the state of affairss faced in the hereafter to place the premises that I had reflection-in-action theory experience, which may non hold been influenced by learning.This has helped me prosecute in contemplation upon the impact every bit good as what I have learned. The other members had replicated the attack when it was their bend. After each bend I have learned how to understand the procedure by utilizing interpersonal accomplishments such as listening and organic structure linguistic communication which I find was my chief strength.

It was non until ALS that I realized how far I had come, and to be able to reflect with others on how ALS has given me insight into the undertakings undertaken and made me recognize how much I have grown personally, and the clip spent on contemplation. The AL acquisition tool has shown me how to be cognizant of the issues when working with immature people and in the workplace, and inquiry myself on how I conduct myself with immature people and staff within my administration. Professionally, I found AL is utile to utilize with immature people when making a cardinal session because it helps the immature individual to raise a voice. However, this attack must be controlled, because it can force them off within a group than one to one support. Working with staff has helped me to experience confident to discourse issues with my supervising through supervising.


The development of ALS has helped to portray existent experiences, and that it takes attempt and committedness to do that go on. The ALS has helped to sketch my instance survey ( Appendix 1 0 ) in order for the procedure to better the apprehension of AL. This can be a powerful force for a professional practician and plays a cardinal function in cognition direction.

It is can be hard to come off from a reappraisal of the remarks made by those who have experienced AL. This is without believing that something profound to go on. There are many remarks about the find of ego, enhanced assurance and grasp for others, to happen the values of larning from and with each other in ALS. I have learnt by listening to the remarks that there there is besides a sense that underlying contemplation had taken topographic point. Finally, it is clear that when showing this has validated the AL procedure. This comes from experience that I feel unsure of any quandary taking topographic point and inquiries answered. AL is a successful tool which works good, and clearly addresses the jobs and demands to be met.