The Choice We Make And The Actions We Take Result In Consequences Essay Sample

The pick we make and the actions we take consequence in effects we have to populate with for the remainder of our lives.

The determinations we make in the present will make up one’s mind what the hereafter holds for us. Today immature grownups are pushed to do better classs and excel in extracurricular activities so as to acquire into a good college. The slogan “the more high quality education the better the future” has been taken as Gospel for today’s young person. This frequently makes me inquire whether our ends are contorted and out of range for many that are working so difficult to accomplish in today’s society. All kids at a immature age are told you all can travel to college if you are willing. That is a down right blatant lye! The entire college attending Numberss for the twelvemonth 2000 don’t even run into one fifth of graduating seniors in this state. Is over accomplishing relay worth the letdown? The societal latter is built like a pyramid. holding a larger base and coming to a little point at the top.

Today’s young person are taught to endeavor for that top point in high society by working difficult. doing good classs. and acquiring in to a good college. If everyone is at the top of the pyramid. who will keep up it’s construction at the underside to back up all the smart over winners? Society ever needs its refuse work forces. truck drivers. janitors. and bringing work forces. I personally take my hat off to the bluish collar worker. those who work the 50 hr hebdomad at minimal cuneus in order to back up the top of the pyramid. Without these baronial work forces and adult females our pampered society would non be. We as a society return for granted the handiness of nutrient. vesture. gas. and comfort points which all make up a big portion of our economic system. and without these bluish neckband workers would discontinue to be.

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Due to this strong accent on over accomplishment in today’s schools the underside of the societal latter is left missing. This nothingness is left unfastened to anyone who opts to make full it. Because no pampered Americans will take the lower occupations any longer many foreign immigrants have begun to take make full them. The Mexican now works in the Fieldss. food market shops. and for public sanitation. If no 1 is willing to take these BASICs but immensely of import occupations. we will free our state to the immigrant who is willing to work. Without the underside of the societal latter the top can non be. Many normally think the top of the pyramid controls the lower subdivisions. However. it is merely the opposite. Without the bottom subdivisions our economic system and society as we know it would non work. If we let non Americans take over the lower staple businesss. we will free our state. non in some great war. but in a gradual steady diminution in the state as we know it today/ .