The Change Of Dimmesdale In “The Scarlet Letter” Essay Sample

Many characters go through transmutations in The Scarlet Letter. and one of those characters is Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale. Author Nathaniel Hawthorne writes of a puritan society. and it is the Torahs of that society. both written and unwritten. that Dimmesdale interruptions and which causes the alterations to happen. He commits the wickedness of criminal conversation. and by kiping with Hester Prynne. breaks the Torahs that he is supposed to stand for. He can non acknowledge his wickedness because he is a holy adult male. and acknowledging his wickedness would intend losing the religion of his fold. Alternatively he struggles with his wickedness and tortures himself in an attempt to derive forgiveness for what he has done. Dimmesdale is described as the worst of evildoers. yet he is seen as the holiest adult male in his community. Dimmesdale’s patterned advance occurs throughout the narrative. but can be seen in three chief parts. He first denies his wickedness. so he unwillingly accepts it. and eventually he overcomes it. The three scaffold scenes can stand for these three phases.

In the first scaffold scene. the town is out to witness the penalty of Hester Prynne. and some of the adult females are proposing other penalties. The adult females are besides speaking about Hester and Dimmesdale. “‘People say. ’ said another. “that the Reverend Master Dimmesdale. her reverent curate. takes it really grievously to bosom that such a dirt should hold come upon his congregation'” ( 49 ) . The community sees Reverend Dimmesdale as a reverent adult male who does non perpetrate wickedness. In the beginning he feels all right and does non experience any guilt. Dimmesdale is seeking to convert Hester to uncover the adult male who has sinned along with her. so the adult male can be relieved of his guilt. which is dry because he is the adult male who has sinned with her.

What can thy silence do for him. except it tempt him-yea. oblige him. as it were-to add lip service to transgress? Heaven hath granted thee an unfastened shame. that thereby thou mayest work out an unfastened victory over the immorality within thee and the sorrow without. Take attentiveness how thou deniest to him-who. perchance. hath non the bravery to hold on it for himself-the bitter. but wholesome. cup that is now presented to thy lips! ( 65 ) By talking to Hester this manner. he makes certain cipher suspects him of any error. He knows that if the community discovers his wickedness. they will ne’er forgive him. It besides seems that he is seeking to state Hester non to uncover his secret. and she does non. Even though he in secret wants his wickedness to be exposed. he is happy to cognize that Hester won’t be the one to expose it. This is the first scaffold scene and Reverend Dimmesdale is non demoing any marks of guilt yet.

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By the clip Dimmesdale is on the scaffold once more. a few alterations have taken topographic point. He has begun to get down to experience guilty about his wickedness and for non squealing it. He whips himself. has all dark vigils and doesn’t acquire much slumber. He besides clutches his thorax a batch in a manner that reminds Pearl of the “A” on her mother’s thorax. Roger Chillingworth has besides discovered Dimmesdale’s secret and uses it to torture him. Dimmesdale has become really pale and looks about dead. and even seems to be traveling brainsick. Dimmesdale goes and stands on the scaffold to acknowledge his wickedness. but he goes when it is pitch black exterior and everybody in town is at place.

“A good eventide to you. venerable Father Wilson. Come up here. I pray you. and go through a pleasant hr with me! ” Good Celestial spheres! Had Mr. Dimmesdale really talk? For one blink of an eye he believed that these words had passed his lips. But they were uttered merely within his imaginativeness. The venerable Father Wilson continued to step easy forth. looking carefully at the boggy tract before his pess. and ne’er one time turning his caput towards the guilty platform. When the visible radiation of the inkling lantern had faded rather off. the curate discovered. by the faintness which came over him. that the last few minutes had been a crisis of awful anxiousness. although his head had made an nonvoluntary attempt to alleviate itself by a sort of lurid gaiety. ( 147 ) Dimmesdale so invites Hester and her girl Pearl up on the scaffold. Pearl asked if the three of them could stand together he tells her non now but someday.

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“At the great judgement twenty-four hours. ” whispered the curate ; and. queerly plenty. the sense that he was a professional instructor of the truth impelled him to reply the kid so. “Then. and at that place. before the judgment-seat. thy female parent. and 1000. and I must stand together. But the daytime of this universe shall non see our meeting! ” ( 150 ) In this scene Dimmesdale implies that he will non uncover his wickedness until the great judgement twenty-four hours. He goes to the scaffold to squeal his wickedness out loud to the town. but since it is pitch black and cipher is out. he confesses it to himself. This is still a monolithic measure toward redemption. It shows that he is get downing to recognize the effects of his wickedness and what must be done to derive redemption. It besides shows how is get downing to make out for the freedom that Hester has.

Dimmesdale and Hester decide to run into in the wood. They had non been entirely since the wickedness was committed seven old ages ago. They decide that the three of them will run off together where they can populate together feel like a household and non populate in wickedness any longer. They decide to go forth on a ship but it is non go forthing for another four yearss. In this clip a batch of major events will take topographic point. Hester besides tells Dimmesdale that her hubby knew of the two’s wickedness and has been torturing him with it. After the two have talked Dimmesdale is relieved and a small happier.

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“Do I feel joy once more! ” cried he. inquiring at himself. “Methought the source of it was dead in me! Oh. Hester. thou art my better angel! I seem to hold flung myself-sick. sin-stained. and sorrow-blackened-down upon these forest foliages. and to hold risen up all made anew. and with new powers to laud Him that hath been merciful! This is already the better life! Why did we non happen it earlier? ” ( Page 198 ) The following clip the three are together is in the 3rd scaffold scene.

In the concluding scaffold scene. Dimmesdale eventually conquers his wickedness. He escapes the Devil. who was symbolized by Roger Chillingworth. by stating. “Thy power is non what it was! With God’s aid. I shall get away thee now! ” ( 248 ) . Dimmesdale’s confession saves his psyche and frees him from the one secret associating the Devil to him. Next. Dimmesdale tears off the “ministerial set from before his breast” . uncovering a vermilion missive on his thorax ( 250 ) . By publically uncovering his wickedness. he rises above it. forgiving himself and officially inquiring God and the town for forgiveness. However. the forgiveness he seeks most prevarications in Pearl.

“My small Pearl. ” said he. feebly-and there was a sweet and soft smiling over his face. as of a spirit sinking into a deep rest ; nay. now that the load was removed. it seemed about as if he would be sportive with the child-“dear small Pearl. wilt 1000 snog me now? Thou wouldst non. yonder. in the wood! But now thou wilt! ” ( 251 ) As “Pearl kissed his lips”¦a enchantment was broken” and his wickedness was forgiven ( 251 ) . Arthur Dimmesdale eventually dies in a manner which all have forgiven him. including himself. Dimmesdale eventually wins his conflict against immorality. He faces God and dies with an unfastened scruples. knowing of his redemption and freedom from wickedness.