The Breakfast Club Reaction Paper Essay

The Breakfast Club is a 1985 movie based on five pupils from wholly different societal groups forced to pass an eight hr Saturday detainment together for their ain single grounds. The five pupils were all given the same assignment. to compose an essay about “who you think you are” and the Acts of the Apostless they committed to stop up in Saturday detainment. As high school pupils of class they put off the assignment until the last minute and alternatively they passed the hours dancing. contending. smoking marihuana. and acquiring to cognize each other. Finally they found out that they had a batch more than they thought in common sing their household life and that each one of them was insecure in their ain manner.

The five pupils were easy able to associate to each other and they became friends. the lone tenseness left between the group was the necessarily painful inquiry. “Would they all remain friends once the detainment was over? ” It was non until the really terminal of the film that the characters truly opened up and revealed the reply to that inquiry. The characters developed relationships with one another boding their hereafter friendly relationships and with the consensus of the group one assignment was handed in for the five of them. In response to the inquiry “who do you believe you are? ” the group responded. “Dear Mr. Vernon.

We accept the fact that we had to give a whole Saturday in detainment for whatever it was we did incorrect. but we think you’re brainsick to do us compose an essay stating you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us. In the simplest footings and the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a encephalon. and an jock. and a basket instance. a princess. and a condemnable. Does that reply your inquiry? Sincerely yours. the Breakfast Club. “

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The Breakfast Club is a premier illustration of aberrance for every character in the movie is deviant in some manner. Both positive and negative aberrance. every bit good as the strain theory. internal and external societal controls. and anomy are apparent throughout. As the film begins five pupils from different coteries are forced to pass an full school twenty-four hours in a room together and at first it is agonizing for them. for they view each other as being aberrant. Brian is viewed as the swot. Bender as the Rebel. Andrew as the athlete. Claire as the spoilt terror. and Allison as the brainsick miss. but what they do non yet recognize is that they are more likewise than they seem. The societal norms within the school and their changeless demand to conform in order to suit in with their single societal groups makes them castawaies to the 1 another.

For illustration. Brian. the swot. and Claire. the primma donna. expose positive aberrance. Both Brian and Claire over-conform to societal outlooks in order to suit in with their coteries. household. and friends. Brian invariably strives to acquire good classs because he feels as though his encephalons are his cardinal quality. where he fits in society. and if he does non stand out in his faculty members he goes to extremes such as contemplating perpetrating self-destruction. Claire besides displays positive aberrance but through ritualism being that she uses her beauty and wealth to make so. Claire’s compulsion with being perfect to suit in with her household and friends about drives her mad.

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On the contrary. Bender. the Rebel. and Allison. the brainsick biddy. expose a great amount of negative aberrance. Both Bender and Allison behave in ways that under-conform to the accepted norms by manner of rejection. Bender is accepting of how to be successful but uses invention to make so instead than conforming. He finds ways to accomplish his ends illicitly instead than really working towards success. Allison besides rejects conformance but through retreatism. She has dropped out of the race for success and accepts her life as the strange. foreigner without any friends.

Yet the most important of all of the characters in my sentiment is Andrew. the athlete. because he displays both positive and negative aberrance in effort to conform. Andrew is more comfy with being positively aberrant. endeavoring for extremes of perfectionism in the signifier of athleticss for credence from his household and equals. but he is besides willing to expose negative aberrance at times. As a athlete Andrew is expected to be athletic. popular. and intimidating. three traits in which all coincide. Andrew struggles to be intimidating and feels as though he disappoints his household and friends by non being tougher so he on occasion beats and tortures the weaker male childs in the school.

The Breakfast Club is typically approximately five adolescents and their aberrant ways but regardless of their differences they all have one major thing in common. they are fighting to suit in. Neither Andrew. Brian. Bender. Allison. nor Claire are genuinely their ain individual. they are all conforming in some manner to suit in and they all have their failings. They discover that they all have strained relationships with their parents and are afraid of doing the same errors as their parents did. The Breakfast Club finally reveals how each of the teenagers’ positions have changed and most significantly how aberrance was each one of their impermanent safety valves.

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