The Benefits of Slavery to the American Economy Essay Sample

I am Samuel Adams. a slave holder. and a big plantation proprietor. I feel that I can talk for all the plantation proprietors in the South and say that we feel that there is nil incorrect with bondage. Bing a slave proprietor for all 45 old ages of my life I have seen my plantation grow and the United States economic system get more and more dependent on cotton from my plantation. Over the past 40 old ages the ability for me to purchase slaves at auctions has made me capable of duplicating by plantation size. Now I own 100 slaves. all either working the cotton gin or picking cotton in the Fieldss. These slaves have made me and many other plantation proprietors in the South rich.

They have besides promoted westbound enlargement for many of my brothers. My friend James Swanson merely bought a plantation out in the West easy twice the size of his plantation here in Georgia. He was able to make this because of the big sum of slaves that he has. Here in the South we provide slaves with nutrient. vesture. and shelter ; something that is non provided to the inkinesss in the North. Slaves are better off in the South because they have a topographic point to populate. and they have nutrient to eat. Abolitionists have been seeking to liberate our slaves but they have no right to make this. Owning slaves is a God given right and the Bible justifies it. It has been around for 1000s of old ages. Slaves are non merely of import to the South they are needed to maintain the American economic system strong.

The American economic system is based on the labour of the slaves ; the abolishing of bondage would be lay waste toing to the American economic system. and would extinguish westbound enlargement. Three of the nation’s largest harvests. cotton. baccy. and rice. are profitable merely because of slave labour. Such a big sum of workers are needed. that bondage is one of our lone options that would non be more than the money they we make from our hard currency harvests themselves. Slavery is cheaper because the slaves work systematically. as opposed to labourers of the North who are in changeless competition of each other. The slaves produce big sum of cotton which keeps the American economic system running. In 1800. about 18 million lbs of cotton was exported for a net income of 5 million dollars. which was about 7 % of the country’s exports. In 1860. about 300 million lbs of cotton was sold for an tremendous amount of 190 million dollars. which was close to 57 % of the nation’s exports. This was able to be done because of monolithic sums of slave labour.

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The slave population increased dramatically in these old ages. In 1790 there were 600. 000 slaves in the South. but by in 1860 there were 3. 9 million slaves. It is shown here that the addition in slave labour was the major ground for the dramatic addition in cotton production. Large-scale cotton cultivation and bondage grew together as the slave population in the south about doubled from 1810 to 1830. If bondage were to be outlawed. these harvests would finally neglect. doing an economic convulsion. non merely in the South but in the full state. As Henry Dodson said. “By the 1830s. ‘cotton was king’ so in the South. It was besides king in the United States. which was viing for economic leading in the planetary political economic system. ” Slaves benefit the full state. Without slaves. net incomes for the South made from exports would plump.

Not merely would this ache the South but the North would besides be greatly affected because the lone manner many of the industrial workers in the North could afford vesture was to have on those made of the inexpensive cotton imported from the South. The slave labour made the South and the remainder of the state comfortable ; by 1860 the South consisted of the 12 wealthiest counties in the state. All this wealth promoted westbound enlargement. Increasingly. big plantation proprietors started traveling due west. purchasing land and turning the country from Vicksburg to Nanchez into vastly big plantations. Small slave proprietors gathered net incomes for sold land and ended up purchasing more slaves. The inexpensive slave labour is one of the chief grounds my brothers moved to the West. They felt that the lone modification factor was the sum of land. The labour supply is limitless.

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Having slaves work for a maestro is a God given right and it shall be exercised. The Bible provinces in Colossians 3:22 “Slaves. obey your earthly Masterss in everything ; and make it. non merely when their oculus is on you and to win their favour. but with earnestness of bosom and fear for the Lord. ” Slaves are to obey their proprietors every bit good as do their work exhaustively. Slaves are a portion of Christianity. without slavery the Christian faith could non be decently exercised. Slavery is justified by the Bible therefore it is right.

That Bible besides states in Colossians 4:1. “Masters. supply your slaves with what is right and just. because you know that you besides have a Maestro in Eden. ” This is precisely what we have done. Many proprietors. like me. supply instruction to the black kids. I know a friend of mine. Joseph Davis. lets his slaves use his personal library. One of the slave male child named. Benjamin Montgomery. has now become a skilled machinist. If these inkinesss were freed they would non hold these types of resources to entree. Many inkinesss in the North do non hold adequate money to purchase themselves apparels. nutrient. and shelter. Down here in the South we provide them with all of these necessities. The relationship between slaves and proprietors is merely like the ideal one stated in the Bible.

Many emancipationists say that we treat slaves with no regard and we beat them overly. They say that we overwork them. ill dress them. maintain them housed inadequately. and penalize them cruelly. They say that the slave households seldom stay together. In most instances all this is non true. Of class there are some stray instances of whippings. But slaves are seldom overworked. Marriages are rarely broken by sale. and most slaves are able to keep stable household lives. Worlds are non perfect and there are errors made. But the of import portion is that we Southerners take attention of our errors in a gentleman like manner. If slaves are productive. like they are supposed to be. so I provide them with little garden secret plans and allow them to sell their green goods. Some of my friends distribute gifts of nutrient or money at the terminal of the twelvemonth.

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The slaves are given occupation chances. “Some slaves progress. going blacksmiths. carpenters. or gin operators. and others serve as cooks. pantrymans and dining room attenders. ” We do all this for our slaves and Abolitionists exaggerate the few stray incidents that occur. The South is better off for the inkinesss instead than the North. Many African Americans in the South benefit from chances denied by the North. Working conditions for the slaves off the plantation by and large stay at a tolerable degree compared to that of a mill. Abolitionists want freedom for the slaves in the South. By acquiring freedom the inkinesss will merely be worse off. They would hold to labour hard in awful mill conditions in which there life would be in danger. By working in the plantations they have the chance to populate a much safer life. Abolitionists do non recognize the impact have on the American Economy.

Bondage in the South keeps the American economic system running. Without the heavy exports of cotton the American economic system would be nil. Bondage is the hereafter of the state. The North will stop up understanding that bondage is necessary for the state to run with great success.