The Benefits of Science and Technology Essay Sample

Science and engineering are likely the most debated subjects in society. Scientific and technological developments have been debated as to whether they affect people’s life manners and cause fuss. On the contrary. scientific discipline and engineering has improved our manner of life for the better of world. Medical promotions. computing machines and simple innovations such as the visible radiation bulb are all illustrations of how scientific discipline and engineering is good. In each of these instances. there are no unwanted alterations to people’s life manners. If it were non for many. if non all. of these alterations in our history. we as an economic system and state would hold fallen apart. Looking into the past. we can see all of the good promotions we have made and how far we have come. Scientific and technological developments such as medical research to happen a remedy for AIDS. modern wellness attention and computing machines are good in the function of bettering people’s lives and do non come at the cost of unwanted alterations to them.

Today with new engineering. medical research is being done everyday to assist happen remedies or vaccinums for lay waste toing diseases such as Cancer. AIDS. Alzheimer’s and Leukemia. Bing diagnosed with one of these diseases is difficult. but turning up with them is even harder. “AIDS was foremost identified in the USA in 1981. The epidemic has now spread to every portion of the USA and to all sectors of society” ( Baronial ) . Turning up. I had two siblings who were diagnosed with AIDS. My older sister Katie was unluckily taken by the disease at the age of 5.

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At the clip there was non any engineering or medical specialty strong plenty to salvage her. My youngest brother though was really fortunate. After being diagnosed with AIDS in late 1993. there was adequate engineering to assist decelerate the procedure of the disease. Traveling into the twenty-first century he is now like any other 13 twelvemonth old male child with the exclusion merely that he takes a batch of medical specialty that helps maintain him alive. AIDS was non caused by scientific discipline or engineering. but we are utilizing scientific discipline and engineering to contend it. Due to the benefits of scientific discipline and engineering refering AIDS. my brothers’ life was saved.

After the innovation of the computing machine in 1936. computing machines are normally used about mundane for legion grounds. At first. when the computing machine was foremost introduced. people were cautious as it was new. Slowly over the old ages. people started to accept it and it has had singular results for the user. Computers were originally designed for the usage of fiscal things and to maintain files in order in a booklet on the computing machine instead than in file cabinets. Gradually over clip society has accepted this singular innovation and its many utilizations ; composing studies. researching. accounting. legion web pages. electronic mail. and last but non least amusement grounds.

Through the old ages. people have started to populate longer and their wellness is singular. Modern wellness attention takes recognition for this type of engineering. Mixing medical research with engineering has created great consequences for the life anticipation of people. Peoples in society want to populate longer and look good and they can profit from this by following the instructions of their physicians. counsellors. etc. to populate a better life manner.

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In the terminal. one can reason that scientific discipline and engineering do non do unwanted alterations to life manners but simply upgrading life and thing related to it. Science and engineering will merely go on to profit society because there will ever be new jobs starting up over clip that will necessitate something bigger. better or a new remedy for.