We all have for long taken for given ways of penalizing which have relieved us the load of believing deeply about penalties, as a consequences we narrowly formulate thoughts and channels of set uping this procedure which finally later we fail our mark of disincentive and reform for which penal systems are meant to accomplish.

I want us to turn to the punitory procedure and peculiarly its intent for which it is meant to accomplish and still in a peculiar manner observe test and judicial procedure which as consequence penal systems are based upon.

For decennaries the destiny of wrongdoers have been ever falling in the custodies of the province. The province has a developed judicial system which justness is entrusted to function. Upon apprehensiveness of an wrongdoer bulk suspects of offense are remanded to expect test for strong belief or acquittal to that consequence if the suspect does non afford or run into hard currency bond restraints.


Perceptibly Africans familial prisons from their colonial Masterss, structurally and penal models which every bit good has a basically European beginning. Our fables for African releases being our great grandparent, grandparents, and our aged life were victim of the first African prisons. The best definition for anguish can be best defined by the ugly chances of European prisons our work forces faced during the battle for freedom.

My large inquiry is ; after our release from the Whites, did we by any opportunity inherit the same the current prison system was subsumed as other administrative and political sphere took African control retaining European face.

If Maumau motion for illustration would be re-established, the mark would be leaders of our ain who unluckily have served and continues to function with cloaked European chances where their coloring material have concealed their ridiculed wickednesss.

We must at all cost make certain our political systems serve humanity without any pinpoint of lip service, have leaders who keeps the involvement of all people at bosom. I know it is much to inquire from the new millenary epoch ‘digital era’ but anyhow failure to follow will in all yearss raise unfavorable judgment and we who have seen a shred of hope will be activist for this cardinal reforms.

Today my concern aim our prisons extensively after realisation of cardinal rights which have been for a long clip undermined despite international convections which we are signatory to and our freshly promulgated fundamental law 2010 which warrant rights to individuals put in detention, detained or expecting test.

More significantly since pan Africanism and African release there are no noticeable developments within our penal system or prison constructions despite the fact that they have been adopted from our colonial Masterss. We at all times celebrate our national freedom without the realisation of the being of our ain ego colonialism which we suffer from by encompassing neocolonialism and easing European colonial ‘landmarks’ . Our prisons are the living grounds. Without adverting Hague proceedings which have ambushed our lone leaders and in add-on and what appear more upseting the ugly anguish of our ain release fables by our ain leaders at Nyayo Chamberss. I understand some unfairness is us Africans to fault but besides Europeans have ever with their cloaked schemes manipulated our African ideals by all agencies.


To get down with ; our penal system and prison system being a cardinal topic in placing African decency and free will in self Governance should be reformed and presume new structural development and new penal system which are effectual to our African heritage for practicableness and humane and self-respect accounting as guaranteed by our fundamental law 2010 article 28.

It is of critical importance to turn to the destiny of a remandee whose single autonomies and human life characteristics are deprived. Bing a remandee/prisoner makes one eligible to be treated as a homogenous group in a lone parturiencies worthless of the society. It is irrevokable that this is the least position that a human being can get.

Prisons are establishments which to their capacity limit most of the cardinal rights [ 1 ] which include locking up wrongdoers for a drawn-out period of clip against their will during pendency of their condemnable proceedings. A broad scope of restraint are placed on their freedoms on what they can and can non make.

There are a few inquiries which we need to research refering single rights of people faced with condemnable charges. It is non in difference that wrongdoers have got their rights which are warranted by our fundamental law and other international human-centered organisation which we are signers.

Justice to be served to the accused the given of artlessness until proved guilty is a prerequisite step therefore every captive who awaits test in a lone parturiency with his cardinal rights deprived has his rights infringed. Fundamental law of Kenya 2010 Article 49-51 3 ( B [ 2 ] ) seek humane interventions of individuals detained, held in detention, or imprisoned. This include a good dietary, shelter, and vesture and contributing favourable environment for that intent. This haven’t been met by our penal system despite our Kenyan fundamental law basically expressly vouching its practicableness in our constitutional reforms. This is a constitutional bleach and dispute of its commissariats which need to be observed to the latter. All these rights are forsaken at the first sight in our legal judicial procedure, to my cognition our Kenyan prison constructions are the least tolerable one every bit far as hygiene, wellness decency and sanitations are concerned.

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In add-on international convections on civil and political rights as adopted by general assembly in international criterions and regulations’ under article 10 stated that all individuals deprived off their autonomies shall be treated with humanity and with regard for the built-in self-respect of the human individual.

Stale prison developments ;

There have been legion developments in all kingdoms of lives in our globalized economic system ; political relations, societal and scientific revolutions which have taken legion impetuss in all continents which have made the whole universe a planetary small town. Unfortunately prisons have been held dormant in their structural and operational model since its origin, despite the fact that they are functioning worlds in a globalized scenes.

Our penal systems seldom embrace other penal processs efficaciously, this explains why our prisons are overcrowded beyond control. It have been a failure made by our penologists persistently made so organizing the current dysfunctional characterized modern prisons. [ 3 ] Lawrence rock in turn toing the jobs of penalties today characterize twentieth- century prisons as ‘vestigial establishments which are less utile for system care than an appendix in an individual’ [ 4 ] 20th century prisons being ; ‘ they have merely survived because they have taken on a quasi-independent life of its ain, which enables them to last the overpowering grounds of their societal dysfuntional’ [ 5 ] in add-on he re-establish this debatable prisons as the modern-day intuition that ‘nothing works’ extends with the somewhat less force to probation, mulcts and community corrections [ 6 ] .

We consider how best to run prisons, form probation or enforce mulcts, instead than inquiry why these steps are used in the first topographic point. There haven’t been any active research workers to flatly work on the effectual consequences of our punitory systems, whether the research methods and informations collected illuminate truth isn’t my concern today since the being of these research plans are questionable in the first topographic point, all we have to observe is that our system dainty wrongdoers like foreigners, castaway, deviants also-rans etc. this impressions and perceptual experiences existed in early 15Thursday– & A ; gt ; centuries. We still keep some of the arbitrary draconian and orthodoxy extreme steps of offense control [ 7 ] . Our systems preponderantly have ever been concentrating on the offense and non the wrongdoer. The reforms which were basically adopted during the neoclassical epoch, Holmes describe wrongdoers as morally diseased and wicked and as a general cause of offense who deserve segregated parturiency. We still keep this sentiments of our early penologist to function a different offense construction. This are simply the doomed schemes of offense control.

Other different writers have taken notice excessively that the new epoch prisons has most of the go oning crisis and break in their penal systems which has no longer been taken earnestly the rehabilitative values and political orientations upon which it was originally based upon.


There have been legion proposals for promotion for new penal policies in the yesteryear which seek to reform prison model and penal policies of condemning ; the humane containment, construct of imprisonment, probation and community service. These all policies have different intent for which they are meant to accomplish which include ; moral reform, preparation, interventions, rectification, rehabilitation, disincentive and incapacitation among others. This makes it clear that a prison provide an chance for reform and therefore should be nice and severe. [ 8 ] It have been apparent that our current system makes our punitory system the most distant procedure to accomplish disincentive. It is of much uncertainty that any of practical punitory processs that we embrace now is meant to accomplish any of the above intent.

The whole system have failed to see the chief aim for which any penal policies are meant to accomplish which makes the whole procedure dysfunctional. It is dysfunctional to hold two primary aims which are non compatible due to hapless functional and structural set up. It is non possible to keep a balance between the object of disincentive which implies a punitory coercive environment with that of rehabilitation which need non inauspicious countenances but instead a simple re-correction expression. In fact as consequence of this coercive punitory steps ; it makes the wrongdoer tolerant to this intolerable environment which build opposition to alter. Tallack defines wrongdoers as morally responsible persons worthy of a opportunity to reform and therefore there is demand for them to be treated with regard and humanity. [ 9 ]

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It is besides of import to understand the differentiation of the two consequences ( disincentive and reform ) and the other irrelevant consequences which seem morally right but irrational among them being requital for retribution which solve a condemnable act with another as a wage back. Finally as a consequence the result which is being aimed at is incorrect in the first topographic point, so bettering the procedure will merely intend that one achieves the incorrect result more efficaciously. When the wrongdoer serves and completes his gaol term, the friendly welcoming environment at that place after upon release will hold no significance to his societal life alteration, furthermore the wrongdoer will handle every person with resentment for retribution due to inauspicious irrational punitive processs. Detention and complete segregation entirely serve no intent except physically raising chances of perpetuating Acts of the Apostless of offense which ultimate consequences does non run into the intent for which this punitory step are meant to accomplish.

The establishment of penalties handily provide us with narrowly construed replies to inquiries which offense in our society would otherwise evoke with hastiness. At this occasion this systems fails to turn to any long-run major job that may originate in work outing a subsequent child job. Our establishments are shallow, they tell us what criminalism is and how should be sanctioned, how much penalty is appropriate and what emotions can be expressed, who is entitled to penalize and where in lays the authorization to make so. The major jobs however are ignored or magisterially settled or overshadowed. Our penal system in its really existence as a consequence terminal up assisting us to bury that other answer exist to these jobs and their colonies are possible and coherent to our overpowering developments programs and schemes for alteration.

And good prison establishment is one which protect the ideal, personality and regard for human self-respect and witting and every bit good chief good order in prisons, Provide captives with chances to develop their personalities endowments and accomplishments in a positive mode, encourage captives to confront up to the effects of their actions in a mode which recognizes the injury which they have committed and which makes it less likely that they will move in a similar manner in future and to that consequence the system must besides fix captives for integrating in to society upon release. Better prison constructions which protect rights to privacy therefore non meeting inmates in a warehouse groupings which promote inhuman treatment within prisons unlike secured cells which promote common trust and sense for regard and self-respect. This does in anyhow change the punitory chances of the prisons since privacy and parturiencies every bit good as inexpensive labour is every bit punitory.

There is a deepness of untapped potency in our prisons which could be realized for the benefit of our communities and for reform intents those guaranting offense control is effectual at its good bounds which include prosecuting captives in meaningful work ; – Teesside university 2003 ; 4…..researchers reported after a undertaking to measure the work carried out by three prisons in north- E of England to assist Middlebrough council restituting a big Victorian park in the center of the town that prisoners work best where they serve the community among them being the household of the captives which as a consequence buys trust and sense of pride and accomplishments. The pride does non merely originate from the quality of work merely but besides because of who the beneficially of such undertakings would be, e.g. orphans, the hapless, household and the full society. [ 10 ]

Justice at interest

In our Kenyan felon tests, it is apparent that condemnable proceedings takes at least 2rys to commence. Entreaties state of affairs is ugly ; entreaties takes at least 5yrs. At these level the graduated table of justness joust at all material clip is contested but in the long tally it’s the jury whose custodies are tied by jurisprudence deliver ‘justice’ based on informants, grounds and material facts presented before honest tribunal.

Witness citing by the prosecution in condemnable instances have been the baseline for the ultimate hold of condemnable proceedings, office of the D.P.P have been blamed for this hiccough which on the other manus the wrongdoer is the 1 who feel the pinch. Finally these becomes a long-run investings to the judicial staffs and advocators who are the donee of this hold.

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In add-on to all above wretchednesss our tribunals layouts are limited, improperly furnished with their structural scenes squeezed to the border. The wrongdoer at all material times are crowded and squeezed together ; ‘the doomed ones’ to vie for their last breathe of freedom until the beginning of their test. At this degree we all agree that justness can suit a better definition and therefore it is our inaugural to re-evaluate prisoners’ societal position.

It is irrevokable that the prison warden excessively who spend more clip within the prison walls with captives ; significantly for a longer period of clip than the bulk of the captives therefore are more efficaciously encroached within the same hapless prison structural and environmental scenes. This environments based on the hapless sanitations are risky to both prison staff and inmates every bit good, this answer the inquiry why it’s the profession that attract the least public involvement. The profession certificates are manner excessively low to function the least knowing crew. This is as a consequence of inhumane and unbearable working environment which most alumnuss are non willing to bear. Our conservationist seldom overstretch their responsibilities to function prisons which is an inaugural NEMA should take to better prison hygiene and sanitations which Markss as one of the most precious humane characteristics.

Revolution for alteration

There have been human-centered reform motions which connect with classical criminology and some of the foundations of eugenic political orientation as farther classified by William Tallack and Thomas Holmes who were at different clip secretaries to these motions. [ 11 ] Tallack acknowledged poorness as a important contributory factor to offense and underlines the demand for a thoughtful and spoting usage ofpenal subject.[ 12 ]

Aboard other motions, Church of England moderation society had a singular interest in debut of probations in United Kingdom as an alternate punitory step for minor offenses.

John Augustus is referred to as the first probation officer whose enterprise for probation origin can non be watered-down. Our penal system has a rather broad scope of penal processs which on application would give a radiance face to our justness system and our offense control units. Therefore there would be no justifications of our overstretched prison population for that affair. Prison reforms and condemning schemes need to be revived to encompass other penal steps and alleviate imprisonment which have been wholly dominant for decennaries.

It is possible for us to alter this intolerable prison system to accomplish the same intent but in a favourable humane manner. Most wrongdoers are persons with bearers ; formal accomplishments which can be utilized in a prison apparatus. I do understand it have been in pattern for a good piece but it have non been effected to its exhaustion. Our prisons do non supply a broad scope of assortments of practical accomplishments in gaol. most captives every bit forced to abandon their formal accomplishments to larn and follow others which are outdated and least reliable accomplishments despite the fact that there are captives who have endearing accomplishments which are non recognized at this degree.

A good prison construction is that that accommodates persons of all degrees with humanity, handle them with regard and self-respect, honour their sentiments spiritual believes, political associations, their rational judgements and warrant their cardinal right. Their freedom bounds should be exercised with asceticism. The system should assist captives To utilize their expertness to function the state as a payback for their actions ; – Teachers, applied scientists, drivers, designer, medical practicians and other formal or informal accomplishments to be utilized to the axiom ; it is the best manner penal system can accomplish its chief intent of reform and disincentive more efficaciously. This will do all remandees/prisoners a resourceful plus and non a liability to our economic system and a more rational and socially fitting and reliable being.

I may non hold addressed every penal procedure and explored its moneymaking consequences but basically it is of import to observe that, even though imprisonment is a punitory step of last is necessary we embrace other punitory and reform methods and honour right of persons in detention because it’s a prerequisite tool to administrate justness within and outside prisons. Suppose our establishments are run intoing normal outlooks and overall waies or basic legitimacy are undisputed so there wouldn’t be such failures in our penal systems and if there would be any, no great effects would be high.