The Aims And Objectives Of Engineering Projects Information Technology Essay

The chief purpose of the single concluding twelvemonth undertaking is to give pupils see in transporting out a significant piece of basically autonomous work to a professional criterion. A pupil will be expected to use cognition and accomplishments gained on their class to a peculiar in-depth undertaking in their ain country of involvement. The undertaking activity will prove the pupil ‘s ability to self-motivate, program and put to death the work satisfactorily affecting the accomplishments of analysis, synthesis, rating and communicating.

Engineering screens a broad scope of subjects encompassing amongst others design, technology scientific discipline, engineering and direction. The type of work that can be undertaken in the undertaking will reflect the class that the pupil is analyzing, but may besides bridge across two or more of the subjects mentioned above.

Undertakings are focussed upon the Mechanical and Automotive section, and it will be necessary that the topic of the undertaking enables the pupil to set about activity which is cardinal to the section ‘s instruction. For illustration, a pupil set abouting a mechanical undertaking will be expected to hold a undertaking with well a mechanical content. Advice about whether a undertaking is appropriate for a peculiar class should be sought from your Course Tutor. This advice should ever be sought if you intend making a undertaking from a section that is different from the section that manages your class.

All undertakings need to be managed and the phases that will necessitate to be carried out during the undertaking are stipulating, planning, put to deathing, reexamining and describing. These cover a broad scope of possible practical activities which will change harmonizing to the capable affair of the undertaking, but which will about surely include most if non all of the followers: –

depict the province of the art and discourse other people ‘s work in the country

information assemblage to happen primary and/or secondary informations

analysis of informations, state of affairss or systems, mathematically or otherwise

design, public presentation and analysis of experiments

specification and design of artifacts or systems

public presentation testing of artifacts or systems

designing, composing and proving package.

A good undertaking must include more than one of the activities listed supra, or similar activities, professionally carried out and reported.


Undertakings may be specified by

a member of academic staff

pupils themselves

an external administration, such as a company that a pupil knows through a period of industrial arrangement.

3.1 Project specified by a member of staff

The first class is the most common, and sections will do their ain agreements for roll uping together undertaking rubrics and doing them available to pupils. The list is usually available during the 3rd term of the pupils ‘ 2nd twelvemonth. An updated list is normally available on the first twenty-four hours of the pupils ‘ concluding twelvemonth. Project choice process is detailed with the undertaking list. The undertaking co-ordinator for the MAE section is Dr D. Trepess ( d.trepess @ ) .

3.2 Student ain specified undertaking

It is absolutely acceptable for pupils to stipulate their ain undertaking subject, but they must happen a member of staff willing to move as a supervisor. Students are encouraged to make this every bit rapidly as possible as staff frequently reach a practical figure of project pupils from their ain list of undertakings. It is besides necessary to guarantee that your ain thoughts for a undertaking are acceptable both in the nature of the content and in the range that they give to supply plenty and non excessively much work that is acceptable for an single undertaking.

3.3 Company specified undertaking

Undertakings instigated by a company or some other administration, either straight or indirectly, are welcomed because of their relevancy and practicality. Frequently pupils have been employed on arrangement by the company, and the undertaking is inspired by some facet of the work undertaken. Sometimes they work on the undertaking independently with no farther contact with the house. Alternatively they co-operate with the company during the undertaking, doing site visits to garner informations, perform experiments and sometimes even to work with company staff. While there are no expostulations to any of these activities, the undermentioned points are deserving noting:

as earlier, pupils must happen an internal supervisor to O.K. the undertaking

the university is the chief client for the undertaking, non the house

external undertakings can hold a figure of booby traps.

Expanding on the 2nd point, pupils on occasion get so involved in working with a company that they forget that the undertaking is an academic undertaking where the appropriate cogency must be displayed and non an exercising in expedience in run intoing a specific industrial aim. For illustration, failure to run into aims is non in itself a job from the academic point of view every bit long as the work is carried out and reported professionally. It is the academic content that affairs since the undertaking is being carried out for, and assessed by, the internal supervisor. What the house wants is of subordinate importance, even though there may be a occupation offer in chance.

As to the last point, one job is non so much a booby trap as an wrong premise sometimes made by pupils who are working on a undertaking instigated during an industrial arrangement. This is that most of the undertaking work can be done during the arrangement, go forthing merely the clean uping up and describing for the concluding academic twelvemonth. This is non acceptable. About all, if non all, the work should be carried out during the concluding twelvemonth with regular advancement studies to the supervisor. However background survey and research before the start of the concluding twelvemonth are acceptable, so desirable.

Students on occasion take on a undertaking whose successful decision is a cardinal aim in a house ‘s current programs. A struggle of involvement can so originate, as the house tends to see that the undertaking is under their control, and they pressurise the pupil to work to their timetable. The pupil ‘s other surveies so suffers. Another job can happen where the undertaking requires important external input, for illustration the usage of company installations to fabricate or prove an artifact. Delaies in transporting out these activities due to alterations in precedences at the house can do pupils immense jobs due to no mistake of their ain.

The above booby traps are non common, but they have all occurred in the yesteryear. It is hard to generalize on what constitutes a good company-based undertaking. Possibly the best advice is to be cognizant of what can travel incorrect and seek to be after the undertaking to avoid it or understate its effects.


Every undertaking must hold a supervisor. Students can non set about a undertaking without one. In add-on each undertaking must besides hold an helper or 2nd supervisor who assists in the appraisal procedure described subsequently and acts as a secondary beginning of advice. For the undertaking faculty, the chief supervisor must be a member of the appropriate section. The helper supervisor may be a member of another section. This may be peculiarly appropriate if there are facets of the undertaking that crosses into the capable countries of another section.

A important point refering the relationship between pupil and supervisor and the several function of each is that it is the pupil ‘s undertaking, non the supervisor ‘s. The supervisor ‘s undertaking is to move as the client for the pupil ‘s work. They will hold aims at the start, act as a adviser on proficient or commercial affairs, a general beginning of information, and eventually a sounding board for proposals, consequences and decisions. The supervisor besides monitors advancement during the work and assesses the result. The pupil ‘s function is that of the undertaking director who plans the work and evaluates advancement, and of the undertaking applied scientist who carries out the work, geting new cognition and accomplishments as necessary.

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The chief resources available to pupils in transporting out the undertaking are clip, the supervisors, the library, workshop, research lab and computing machine installations and money.

Students ‘ clip is the most of import resource of all. The single undertaking is usually a individual faculty ( 20 credits ) , because there is no formal instruction constituent the undertaking comprises 200 hours of student-centred survey. Faculties are nominally of 30 hebdomad ‘s continuance, but this impression is non really helpful here, as the undertaking study must usually be submitted at the beginning of the summer term. Individual sections may differ in the item of their patterns on entry. The survey clip of 200 hours is merely an indicant nevertheless, and in world a great trade of clip and committedness is required to make good. The undertaking is peculiarly of import because a base on balls is compulsory for consideration for BEng with Honours, and because it can be a cardinal factor in acquiring a occupation.

Supervisors have merely a limited clip allocated for each undertaking, and this must be rationed reasonably. Students besides need to keep regular contact with their chief supervisor in peculiar. These two factors have led to some supervisors runing a strategy where they hold a hebdomadal group meeting with all their undertaking pupils, at least during the first term where jobs are likely to be common to all. Supervisors will maintain a written record of any undertaking advancement meetings that are held. This information will be used, together with other grounds, when the undertaking is being assessed.

Finding relevant published information is an of import facet of undertaking work, and the library is the chief resource for this. Undertaking organizers will usually organize Library workshop Sessionss early in the first term which will cover with library installations and literature searching.

Some undertakings may necessitate constituents to be made or assembled by the Faculty ‘s proficient staff. Support is limited, so it is recommended that programs are submitted early, sooner before the terminal of the first term. Students should confer with their supervisor about the process.

Lab installations and equipment are available for undertaking work. Sometimes specialized artifacts and equipment have been developed for a peculiar country of probe, and these can be used excessively. The supervisor should be consulted as before when doing agreements.

It is problematic whether money should hold been mentioned as a resource point because there is n’t any, at least non as a specific allotment for pupil undertakings. However financess can sometimes be found for little points of outgo. This is up to the supervisor, and they should be consulted as earlier. It is most of import that nil should be purchased without the undertaking supervisor holding secured the permission from the budget holder ; otherwise reimbursement may non be possible.


During the executing of the undertaking there are several progress-reporting mileposts that must be observed, and which are a mandatory portion of the appraisal procedure.

6.1 Specification and moralss

The first is the initial specification of the undertaking and moralss blessing.

The specification is documented on the undertaking objectives signifier. The signifier can be downloaded from the undertaking ( 399MED ) Moodle site. The rubric, chief aims and range of the undertaking must be defined and agreed with the supervisors. An effort must besides be made to place physical jeopardies that might be encountered while transporting out any practical work and to measure the hazards incurred.

The undertaking pupil needs to obtain Ethical motives blessing ; inside informations of the process can be found the undermentioned University web page hypertext transfer protocol: // % 20Degrees/Pages/crb.aspx

Please read the information and discourse the issues with you supervisor ; he/she will assist you through the procedure.

The deadline for passing in the nonsubjective signifier and completed moralss blessing signifier is about a four hebdomads from the start of term. For the existent inside informations of how and when to subject the signifiers see Appendix 1 Project Timetable Guide.

Students will besides be expected to make a Gantt Chart to assist be after the undertaking activities, so that they come to a successful decision. This chart should be updated as necessary during the continuance of the undertaking and should be filed within the undertaking logbook.

6.2 Interim study

The following advancement milepost is the interim written drumhead submitted by the terminal of the first hebdomad of the 2nd term. There is no precise bound on length, but it should be concise and should summarize advancement, programs and timescales as earlier. It should besides put the undertaking in the context of other work and the current ‘state of the art ‘ , and should include a concise but comprehensive literature study. Your supervisor will measure this, and the grade given will lend up to 10 % of the concluding undertaking grade. You should take really earnestly the grade awarded, as it will give a really good indicant of how good the undertaking is continuing, indicting possibly whether you are fliping the work and attempt at excessively low a degree in which instance take the feedback which this appraisal gives should motivate some positive action on your behalf.

6.3 Logbook

Students are required to maintain a comprehensive record of all activities, events, computations, meetings, etc, which relate to their undertaking in a hardbound logbook. This should besides demo hebdomadal entries which summarise the hebdomad ‘s activities and besides inside informations that it is intended to accomplish in the undermentioned hebdomad. This will be submitted to the supervisor for appraisal, and will specifically inform the ‘Performance and Achievement ‘ grade, inside informations of which appear below.

6.4 Presentation and Viva Voce

The completion of the undertaking executing stage is marked by the entry of the undertaking study for a specific day of the month shortly after the start of the 3rd term. Shortly afterwards it will be followed by a 10-minute unwritten presentation by the pupil followed by a 15-minute oral, or inquiry and reply session. This will be attended by an assessment panel consisting the supervisors and perchance other staff who have had an engagement with the work. The times quoted are nominal and can be varied in audience with the supervisors.

6.5 External Examiners ‘ Visits

The external tester to the classs will see the module to speak with some undertaking pupils, separately, about their undertaking. The external tester will be interested in the nature of the undertaking, your apprehension of what you are making and have achieved, and your positions on the supervising and support you have received. The day of the months of the visits will be announced when they have been arranged. You should non be concerned if your undertaking is selected for the external tester. His involvement is to estimate how good the undertaking faculty is running. You are merely one beginning of information.


7.1 Assessment Criteria

Marks for the undertaking are broken down as follows:

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Objective specification and moralss blessing completion

5 %

Initial advancement:

10 %

Project Report ( as a proficient communicating, which may include a drawing bundle, circuit drawings and computing machine programmes as appropriate ) :

40 %

Oral presentation:

10 %

Performance & A ; Achievement ( evidenced by the meetings record, log book and oral, which may include a bench presentation ) :

35 %

7.2 Advancement

The advancement grade will be based on the interim written study, but will besides clearly be influenced by other meetings held during the first term and your general advancement. You must hence be working systematically and showing features such as inaugural and self-motivation.

7.3 Report

The study is really of import, and its weighting reflects that. This is because the study is the lone lasting physical record of the complete undertaking, besides the supportive stuff mentioned above, and because it is the chief agencies of communicating to interested parties.

Because of the assortment of capable stuff, it is hard to specify the contents of a universal or benchmark study. One property that is genuinely cosmopolitan though is quality and lucidity of presentation. Its importance can non be over-emphasised. Tax assessors frequently concentrate on certain subdivisions of the study that they feel are peculiarly of import. These include the followers:

debut and definition of aims

literature study and relationship to other work

rating of consequences in relation to aims

decisions and farther work.

7.4 Oral Presentation

The unwritten presentation is assessed on manner, content and relevancy. It attracts 10 % of the entire undertaking Markss. Ocular AIDSs are by and large used, usually PowerPoint slides utilizing the pupil ‘s memory stick in the computing machine nowadays in the room used for the oral or the pupil ‘s ain laptop. Some pupils incorporate pictures or computing machine lifes into their presentation and it is so by and large advisable to utilize their ain laptop to avoid package compatibility jobs. As an option to computing machine slides, pupils can utilize transparences on overhead projectors or A4 sheets on visualizers, if available in the room. Whatever the type of ocular AIDSs used nevertheless, cipher will be rewarded for an overly long and elaborate presentation. You should ever see the audience and their cognition and apprehension of the undertaking stuff. You may be required to do your ain agreements for this presentation, and you should take the locale into history when be aftering the presentation. Occasionally it may be appropriate for the presentation to be held in a research lab where the presentation of a rig or a circuit can take topographic point.

7.5 Viva Voce

The oral is an chance for the panel to examine the pupil ‘s cognition of the capable country, and to clear up and spread out on stuff presented in the talk or study. It contributes to the ‘Performance and Achievement ‘ grade, alongside other grounds, and so is comparatively of import. Depth of cognition and apprehension and the ability to associate to wider issues are peculiar properties that the assessors are looking for.

7.6 Aggregate Marks

The aggregative grade for the undertaking reflects the general honours degree categorizations. Typical qualities of undertakings falling within each of these are shown below:

foremost category ( 70 % + ) :

An exceeding degree of ability ; no failings ; a more mature public presentation than usually expected ; elaborate critical analysis.

2-1 ( 60 % -69 % ) :

A high degree of ability ; no major failings ; clear apprehension of capable affair ; professional criterion.

2-2 ( 50 % -59 % ) :

A good degree of ability overall ; failings in some countries offset by strengths in other facets.

3rd ( 40 % -49 % ) :

A minimal criterion of accomplishment ; competency in some facets, below criterion in others.

fail ( & lt ; 40 % ) :

Most facets below criterion ; serious defects in coverage, content and attack.

The study

8.1 Introduction

The study is really of import because of its permanency as stated above. Sadly spelling and grammatical mistakes, hapless layout and by and large careless presentation are merely every bit lasting as the proficient or commercial treasures expounded in the study. Equally unhappily an single starting to read a study by person they do non cognize personally starts to organize an feeling of them from virtually the first word. When faced with hapless English in peculiar, many readers argue that if writers can non show themselves accurately in their ain linguistic communication what credibleness do their proficient sentiments have?

The study should be written at a degree to accommodate person with a degree degree background in technology but no specializer cognition in the country of the undertaking. There is no demand to explicate basic technology rules, but it must be assumed that the reader has no anterior familiarity with the work. Students should retrieve that they are non composing for their supervisor.

The manner of authorship should be formal and precise with no more words than are needed to do the significance clear. Every statement must be justified, and nil that is written should be obscure. Tables and diagrams should be used wherever appropriate. A specific point that must be made is that the study should be written in the 3rd individual. For illustration, ‘this was carried out ‘ should be used instead than ‘I did this ‘ . This is the traditional method of look used in scientific and proficient authorship.

To sum up, the importance of the quality and lucidity of the study ‘s presentation can non be over-emphasised. Students are referred to “ Centre for Academic Writing ” ( CAW ) , hypertext transfer protocol: // which is based in the Frederick Lanchester Annexe. CAW offers pupils single advice on authorship essays, studies, thesiss, theses, tests and other assignments.

Students are besides referred to library subdivision 808.066 for counsel. Several hundred books on English grammar, proficient authorship and presentation accomplishments are shelved at that place. Many others can be found in the local bookstores and libraries. Modern illustrations are the books by Bowden ( 2008 ) , Reardon ( 2006 ) , Cutts ( 1995 ) , Eastwood ( 1994 ) , Jay ( 1995 ) , Jay and Jay ( 1996 ) , and Parker ( 1994 ) . The book by Parker is worth a peculiar reference because it covers a broad scope of relevant subjects and is concise. There are besides publications covering with the undertaking as a whole from the planning phase to the concluding study. The book by Luck ( 1999 ) is a peculiarly compendious and clear illustration. Detailss of these texts are given in Section 9.

8.2 Other people ‘s work and Plagiarism

Human cognition has expanded so rapidly because people build on the accomplishments and thoughts of others. Undertakings are no exclusion, and by definition a good illustration must show a acute consciousness of bing cognition and the ability to utilize it. However all beginning stuff must be decently acknowledged. Failing to make so, even without specifically claiming the stuff as 1 ‘s ain, can be regarded as plagiarism.

The University respects plagiarism as cheating, and a statement on this is included in the Course Handbooks published by the Faculty of Engineering and calculating An infusion is reproduced below:

‘Cheating and plagiarism constitute a breach of University Regulations and will be dealt with consequently. Plagiarism in appraisals can be defined as the deliberate and significant interpolation in a campaigner ‘s work of stuff derived from the work, published or unpublished, of another, but which is unacknowledged by the campaigner. ‘

Students are required to include at the forepart of their undertaking study a declaration to the consequence that they have non been guilty of plagiarism. Detailed information on this is given below.

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8.3 Contentss

It is hard to generalize about the contents of a undertaking study because of the diverse scope of activities that can be undertaken. However, its intent is clear plenty, viz. to inform the reader of the work that was undertaken and the decisions that were reached in as effectual and efficient a manner as possible. Because of these considerations the construction can non be defined so stiffly as for illustration a laboratory study.

A checklist for the contents of the study is:

does the study have clearly stated purposes and aims?

have they been achieved?

is the reader rapidly told what the study is about?

is the stuff clear, accurate and good presented?

hold appropriate chances to do recommendations been taken?

is the study worth reading?

The overall layout of a typical study should follow the form below:

rubric page


abstract or executive sum-up




old work

what was done


decisions and recommendations




The format of the rubric page and declaration are compulsory and are detailed in subdivision 8.4. The abstract or executive sum-up is a one-page sum-up of what was done and what was achieved. It is non a short debut. It should include cardinal decisions from the work. Recognitions and contents are straightforward and necessitate no farther remark.

The debut introduces the subject, describes the subject country, shows how the undertaking is relevant to that country and sets out the purposes and aims, at least in wide footings. A common job is how much background to include. The simple reply is every bit small as necessary. The majority of it should be consigned to a few cardinal mentions for the reader to follow up on their ain, with merely the most of import facets discussed at any length in the study. The same applies to company descriptions when the work is industrially based. It is merely non necessary or even desirable to include big piece of lands of stuff on company background. A one or two page sum-up will make, taking on to a more elaborate description of facets pertinent to the undertaking.

The old work, or literature reappraisal subdivision is an indispensable portion of the study ( and so the undertaking ) . Person, someplace must hold carried out and published work relevant to the undertaking, and that work must be described and its relationship with the undertaking discussed. In some instances it may be necessary to polish the initial purposes and aims in visible radiation of the findings put frontward.

The description of the work done normally covers several chapters whose contents are impossible to standardize. There are some general points that can be made nevertheless. The most of import is that rejected options, bootless thoughts and negative results should be included. This is partially to show the professional mode in which the work was undertaken and partially to forestall others doing the same errors. Another point is that where experimental work is involved, there should be adequate information to let person else to reiterate it.

The treatment analyses the consequences of the work in a scientific and critical mode. This is besides the subdivision where, if appropriate, the findings of the undertaking should be related back to those of others referred to in the literature reappraisal.

The decisions province what the undertaking achieved, and must be related explicitly to the purposes and aims. Any recommendations made must be reasonable and practical. These may include countries for farther survey.

Mentions are used to stipulate the beginning of other work straight referred to in the study. You should use the. “ Coventry University Harvard Reference Style ” , hypertext transfer protocol: //

A bibliography is a list of beginning stuff used in the work but non referred to straight in the text. Individual entries in a bibliography are cited in the same manner as mentions.

Appendixs should incorporate stuff whose elaborate examination is non indispensable to the apprehension of the study contents. They normally contain sets of informations, such as trial consequences, market research or sentiment polls together with package listings, mathematical cogent evidence and expression, etc.

8.4 Layout

A typical study length is usually no more than 10,000 words, plus diagrams, tabular arraies, appendices, contents page, etc. Page Numberss should be inserted at the top Centre of each sheet. Reports should be submitted, typed on A4 paper, spaced 1 with borders as follows:

top 40mm

underside 20mm

left 40mm

right 20mm

The agreement and enumeration of study chapters and subdivisions should follow criterion pattern. Parker ( 1994 ) once more provides some counsel. A expression at the layout of a few modern text editions will uncover a surprising sum of fluctuation, nevertheless. Possibly the best advice is to maintain it simple, retrieving that the purpose is to pass on non confound. Very frequently your supervisor will be able to loan you a study from a former pupil which will give you an illustration of good pattern.

The first few pages of the study must follow a standard format. The first 1 is the rubric page, and it must be arranged as shown below.


FINAL Year Undertaking









The 2nd page is a declaration, which must be signed and dated. A standard illustration is shown below. Students are free to change the diction, but the significance must be clear, unambiguous and indistinguishable to that of the illustration.


The work described in this study is the consequence of my ain probes. All subdivisions of the text and consequences that have been obtained from other work are to the full referenced. I understand that cheating and plagiarism constitute a breach of University Regulations and will be dealt with consequently.

Signed: Date:

The following page contains a drumhead or abstract of the work described in the study. The sum-up should be limited to a individual page. Any recognitions follow the sum-up. They are followed in bend by the contents list.

8.5 Submission ( PROJECT HAND-IN )

Two transcripts of the study and your logbook must be handed in by midday of the entry day of the month ( see Appendix 1 ) , or at any clip during the hebdomad taking up to it if desired. The inside informations of where the two studies and logbook are to be submitted are besides given in Appendix 1. You are responsible for adhering your studies. Students will necessitate to provide a separate billfold for drawings or computing machine discs, for illustration. The rubric, day of the month and writer must be typed on the forepart screen or instead on a self-adhesive label which can be attached to the screen.

8.6 Advice

Information technology IS UP TO YOU TO SAFEGUARD YOUR PROJECT MATERIALS. Your Supervisor will be unable to measure work that has been lost or stolen. Please note that computing machine engineering can be undependable. You should work professionally, maintaining at least two memory sticks as back-up to the difficult disc. When you overwrite back-up files beware of corruptnesss within the new version. If you are non good organised you can destruct many hours of typing attempt in a few seconds!