The “Narrative life of Frederick Douglass” Essay

The “Narrative life of Frederick Douglass” was more than an autobiography. It summarized historically. politically and lawfully what it was like to be a slave dorsum in the 1840’s and on. but through he’s experience & A ; journey besides provided a much broader image and elaborate penetration of what really takes a slave to derive freedom and how each person must liberate themselves from bondage instead than believing that is merely something that its given. In he’s autobiography ; Douglass writes all of the adversities he encountered since he was born until the twenty-four hours that he becomes a free adult male. His words transmit such emotion and feeling that its about intolerable to read and believe all the horrors that took topographic point that for many. many old ages slaves had to digest. With doggedness Frederick Douglass escaped bondage. he made himself free mentally & A ; physically and he explains merely how fortunately he was to accomplish that.

Merely like the bulk of slaves. Frederick Washington Bailey learned really immature that he as a human being had no value or regard in a “white adult males world” . He estimated his birthday. he didn’t know he’s white father’s whereabouts and was separated from his household immature plenty to hardly retrieve. Throughout his life. under the ownership of assorted Masters. Douglass experienced many life-changing conflicts. While Douglass lived in the wye plantation. he witnessed the inhuman treatment of bondage first manus. Beatings. famishment. inhuman treatment like that off his aunt Hester ( that was whipped to decease ) . the slaying of Demby. and he’s married woman cousins ( a immature miss. baby-sitter ) that was besides viciously beaten by Mrs. Hicks. Death and tannings left and right and no punishments were given.

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Under Mr. Covey’s the slave – Breaker bid. Douglass mentions no 1 had of all time worked him so hard to the point where he though of perpetrating self-destruction because he was so dog-tired. Until so. Fredrick describes its readers how a “ adult male was made a slave” stripped from his full God given rights and privilege’s. Continuously after what happens with Mr. covey. for the remainder of the narrative. Douglass fights back and regains strength that he had lost for a really long clip at obtaining his freedom and transforming the slave he had become back into the adult male he was supposed to be.

In August 1833. the most of import turning point in Douglass’s life takes topographic point. One afternoon when Covey tries to bind him down and flog him. Douglass decides to contend back and grabs Mr. Covey by the cervix. For a period of two hours the two of them go at it and Douglass makes it clear that he will no longer be treated as an carnal nor a beast. In he’s autobiography he states. “This conflict with Mr. Covey was the turning-point in my calling as a slave. It rekindled the few run outing coals of freedom. and revived within me a sense of my ain manhood. It recalled the bygone assurance. and inspired me once more with a finding to be free. The satisfaction afforded by the victory was a full compensation for whatever else might follow. even decease itself” ( 43 ) . After the battle. Covey shows that the most of import thing to him is his repute as a slave-breaker. He lets Douglass acquire off with it instead than state anyone. and for the staying clip there he was ne’er whipped once more.

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Even though I believe this is the biggest turning point that made recognize Douglass he shouldn’t base for it much longer physically. I believe mentally he was privileged and had a better advantage at going a better adult male from the minute Mrs. Auld thought him the alphabet. He besides becomes enlighten when he overhears Mr. Auld confess the scheme white work forces use to enslave the inkinesss. Mr. Auld states. ” if you give a nigger an inch. he will take an ell. a nigga should cognize nil but to obey his masters- to make as he is told to make. if you teach that nigga ( speech production of myself ) how to read. there would be no demand in maintaining him” ( 20 ) . This opens Douglass’s eyes into detecting what he needed to make in Oder to be free. he says. “ I understood the tract from bondage to freedom” ( 20 ) . It was from this minute on I believe Fredrick Douglass had the advantage to stand up for himself. After that. the narrative explains further his effort escapes until he eventually succeeds and is able to make so. With the aid and bravery of other slaves. he’s married woman. books and readings such as the “Columbian Orator” . white antislavery abolishers ; Fredrick Washington Bailey became Fredrick Douglass.

His finding and non-stop combat is what finally gave Douglass freedom. After Douglass escaped to the North. he eventually had achieved what he most coveted freedom. He supported many abolitionists’ motions and decided to back up and promote others to make the same. Fredrick Douglass worked for everything he accomplished and along making so reviled the many horrors that occurred during a clip where black were considered nil but merely belongings. That’s what makes this Narrative unlike any other. He’s elaborate description of events and bosom warming narratives serves more than a simple historical memoir. His autobiography will go on to expose and educate people of the atrociousnesss that existed in the clip of bondage.

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