The Abolition of Slavery and the Slave Trade Essay Sample

From The Abolition of Slavery and the Slave Trade I picked two Hagiographas. The two Hagiographas that I chose were “The Negro’s Complaint” and “The Sorrows of Yamba” . I chose these two because they seemed interesting. Both Hagiographas seem to concentrate on slaves desiring to be free. Free from being held confined by another person. In the authorship “Sorrows of Yamba” stanza one it says “In St. Lucie’s distant isle. Still with Africa’s love I burn ; Parted many a 1000 stat mi. ne’er. ne’er to return. ” Here this adult female knows that she is being taken off and she will ne’er come back. She would instead decease than to sit and be treated the manner she is being treated. Stanza 2 she negotiations about being able to acquire remainder. She’s tired of being round and shouting from a broken bosom. She is hankering for peace and freedom. In “The Negro’s Complaint” the author negotiations about work forces being sold into bondage.

In stanza 2 he states “Still in idea every bit free as of all time. He thinks of freedom and wishes that it would come true. He states that he doesn’t see any difference in colour and how they sweet making work for their maestro. Both poems talk about working for their Masterss and the ferociousness that they faced. Poem one was about a adult female depicting her strivings as a slave and the other verse form negotiations about work forces. “In The Sorrows of Yamba” I believe the lady had a kid and the kid died. It seemed as if the female parent didn’t mind her kid death. because she didn’t want her kid bought into bondage. From all the work that this adult female did she became badly every bit good. The work forces in “The Negro’s Complaint” complained and still worked to the point where they would cast blood. Both poems speak on many different things but both focal point on the adversities of being a slave. Everyone wants to be free and non controlled by another person.

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