Technology Blessing or Curse Essay Sample

Different people have different sentiments on whether engineering is a approval or a expletive. As I see it. in the modern history of human civilisation. engineering has played an indispensable function and it has ever been the first driving force of the prosperity of life and society. so I tend to back up the thought that engineering is chiefly a approval to us.

First. engineering has made our lives much easier. a batch more convenient and intriguing than of all time before. For case. with the aid of it. most of us no longer necessitate to worry about nutrient. alternatively we are provided with assorted types of nutrient that non merely fulfill our gustatory sensations but besides are alimentary. Family contraptions. computing machines. modern transit and telecommunication have revolutionized our lives in different facets. What’s more. engineering enables us to take before different options such as diverse ways of diversion and instruction.

Apart from the parts engineering has made to our society. it is besides important to our economic system. As engineering develops. it creates chances. generates a great luck and a big figure of vacancies. What’s more astonishing. it fulfils people’s dreams of going rich overnight. On the other manus. it leads to an ever-increasing degree of productiveness which gives rise to the ever-large measures of goods and services that can spread out ingestion and hike the economic system.

Taking these factors into consideration. the benefits that engineering has brought to us would no uncertainty outweigh the jobs it has brought approximately. so I hold the steadfast sentiment that engineering is chiefly a approval for us human existences.

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