Technology – Good Or Bad? Essay Sample

After the Industrial Revolution. human existences came to a new epoch. which has brought about a drastic alteration to the whole universe in all facets of life. perceptibly in the technological field. whose advancement has been by springs and bounds. and made what once believed impossible go a possible. It is obvious that there is a haste toward modern engineering for learning every bit good as larning presents. Learners. particularly pupils have been really speedy at encompassing engineering as the agencies to make the most up-dated information in order to open themselves to the universe every bit good as to see how the universe touches them. Consequently. with the aid of modern engineering. pupils can larn more information and larn it more rapidly.

The first easy entree to information that most pupils can acquire is the wireless. Since its being. together with newspaper. wireless has helped convey a considerable beginning of information to mankind. With a wireless. size of a manus. a pupil can set it in his or her pocket. and melodies in any station to his wishing such as a “Songs of Request” programme. and gets to cognize the latest intelligence of his favorite dad vocalist star. Whereas. without it. he or she may hold to wait for yearss to see the intelligence to look in the newspaper. Besides intelligence. amusement. there are besides educational programmes on the wireless covering with the most recent scientific or societal issues. which pupil can tune in when he or she is on holiday. but miss the ambiance of the schoolroom. and to update his/her cognition every bit good.

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Similarly. with its broader influence. telecasting provides pupils with a broad pick of assorted enlightening programmes every bit good as educational 1s. for illustration. a unrecorded address by the President at a National University ; a dearth in a Third World state stealing 1000s of lives ; or a scientific experiment being carried out in a ballistic capsule in outer-space. Taking a restful position in his or her armchair. a pupil non merely can larn but besides sees images of the events. which are taking topographic point at the same clip stat mis off. This is wholly an impossible thing in those yearss when the bringing of intelligence had to depend on Equus caballuss. Isn’t it magic that telecasting has been conveying to the universe? Easily. by this manner. pupils can rapidly larn information in clip so as to talk out their sentiments or to propose equal solutions to world’s issues so that they can afterwards infer lessons or experiences for themselves.

It’ll be a complete loss if non reference computing machine as the most modern engineering. which has become outstanding in presenting information. It is no uncertainty that computing machine with internet’s entree is a huge reservoir of information. which has become an indispensable tool for pupil to research the universe in a blink of an eye. Merely by a mouse chink. pupils can hold a enormous sum of information downloaded and transferred onto their computing machines every spot of clip. With a mouse chink. all that occurrences in the universe will instantly look on their computers’ screens. What they have to make is merely screen out information in order of their involvement. The computer’s ability of analysis and synthesis of information at high velocity helps pupils rapidly happen and larn the information they search for. Furthermore. computing machine is a important agency. which provides pupils the opportunities to update their cognition each second from the unbelievable beginning of information available on the cyberspace.

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The benefits of modern engineering in assisting pupils larn more information and larn it rapidly is undeniable. However. drawbacks of modern engineering are concerned by oppositions at the same clip. That is pupils have become lazy and less active due to pass excessively much clip in forepart of those modern devices. particularly computing machine. and missing of athleticss activities. In add-on. attaching excessively long to telecasting or computing machine can hold bad consequence on students’ wellness. The most likely jobs are to develop are bad seeing and fleshiness. Besides that. some beginnings of information on the cyberspace are undependable. Students may come across delusory or perverting sites. which may hold bad impact on their behavior and perceptual experience. However. all these affairs can be avoided by puting up a proper timetable in researching the universe of information and participating in out-of-door activities. The pick of dependable web sites every bit good as Television channels should be paid great attending so that pupils can happily larn and maintain gait with the universe of information.

Modern engineering has become so cosmopolitan that about all facets of life are within its range. In the inclination of planetary integrating. it is an indispensable demand for pupils to be informed with the latest intelligence of world’s advancement. Apparently. with the aid of modern engineering. pupils are larning more information and larn it more rapidly.