Technological Advancements in Communication Essay

Write a 200- to 300-word response to the following inquiries based on “Superhero in the Cubicle” in the Electronic Reserve Readings:

Q: What technological promotions in communicating were discussed in the article?

The technological communicating promotions discussed in the article. ‘Superhero in the Cubicle’ . were IBM Lotus Connections by Big Blue. Smartsheet from Smartsheet. com. Web 2. 0 Mashup Server package by Kapow Technology. and Near Time. and Confulence signifier Atlassian used by John Hopkins University pupils. Q: Choose two ( 2 ) communicating types and comparison and contrast them. How could these be used in your workplace?

IBM Lotus Connections and Near-Time portion similarities in enabling the users to blog. wiki. and mashup because these collaborative Web engineering tools are equipped with the societal computer science abilities. Both of these advanced technological tools are both easy to put in. without any IT’s aid. and cheap ( economical ) . Near-Time allows the users to screen out the information beginning and develop new informal channels ; in contrast. IBM Lotus Connections does non let users the same information sorting and making maps.

Making usage of these advanced technological tools for wiki. shop and recover information. and blogging seems practical and good at my workplace ; nevertheless. my occupation does non ever necessitate these extremely developed technological devices to carry through the work ends. Q: Make these technological promotions in communicating follow what is traditionally considered concern communicating? Why?

Although the present concern environment adapts to itself to the extremely and quickly altering puting. I do non believe these technological promotions in communicating mentioned in the article follow the traditionally considered concern communicating yet. Harmonizing to the article. it is apparent that these advanced communicating tools are present in the current concern environment ; legion concerns do non look to accept and use all the tools included in the article to run their mundane concern activities. Possibly. many concerns. little and large. still see these advanced tools as the fresh trade goods. In add-on. some companies may still see these collaborative tools as high care merchandises because the employees may necessitate to pass excess clip to go adept with the engineering ; therefore. the companies may happen these tools as a cause for excess disbursals that can non be included in their budget.

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