Takamatsu Case Analysis Essay

Executive Summary

Takamatsu Sports Enterprise is a featuring company that has late experienced a well big loss in net net income. Mr. Takamatsu has begun to look into the job of the company and believes that Ms. Ota is the job in the loss of gross revenues. Although Mr. Takamatsu thinks that Ms. Ota is the job. it truly is Mr. Fujita. He has inefficient preparation and gross revenues.

If Mr. Takamatsu gets Mr. Fujita the appropriate preparation. he can increase his gross revenues. and that would associate to increasing the net income in Takamatsu’s Sports Enterprise.

Key Issue

Who is the most profitable gross revenues representative? The rental? Are Mr Takamatsu’s concerns about Ms. Ota’s public presentation valid? The cardinal issue in this instance is the new net income loss of Takamatsu’s Sports Enterprise. The company had a net net income loss of $ 90. 871. Looking at Exhibit A. Ms. Yoko Ota is the most profitable gross revenues representative with the part of $ 26. 525 to the net income. Mr. Fujita generated the lowest net income part of $ 15. 096.

Therefore. Mr. Takamatsu’s concerns about Ms. Ota’s public presentation are invalid. He merely based his premises on the figure of gross revenues calls made and Ms. Ota excelled at those as good. She merely made 35 gross revenues calls. Out of those 35 gross revenues calls 30. 87 % placed an order. where Chimura had 66 % and Fujita merely 50 % . Ms. Ota besides sold the highest figure of Matsui. the most of import merchandise. Last. compared to Chimura and Fujita. she had the most efficient runing disbursal ratio at 84 % .

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A immense advantage for Ms. Ota is the fact that she sells the highest figure of Matsui. This is the most expensive racket and she did a sum of $ 288. 970. in gross revenues. Mr Fujita once more had the least sum of gross revenues in the Matsui with $ 207. 900. This is $ 81. 070 less.


Based on your analysis. what recommendation ( s ) can you give to Mr. Takamatsu to return his company to profitableness? Based on the analysis. the recommendations our group would give to Mr. Takamatsu to return his company to profitableness would be to actuate his gross revenues representatives. The ground our squad chose to actuate is because this will further better their public presentations.

My holding the best gross revenues representatives be acknowledged. in this instance Ms Ota. it can hike morale and self-esteem. While there has been an issue of gender stereotyping. that males are better at gross revenues. this clearly isn’t true. But. by doing Ms. Ota’s figure available and known to all gross revenues representatives. this could endanger them and ache their self-esteem. All in all. actuating the gross revenues reps can ensue in them seeking harder to acquire publicly acknowledged.


If Mr. Fujita is trained in efficaciously. his shutting rate can increase to 65 % . increasing his monthly gross revenues from 20 to 26. While Mr. Fujita is having better preparation. he can larn how to sell the Matsui and increase the gross revenues of the company. Ms. Ota should acquire some acknowledgment for her great gross revenues. and this should actuate other employees.

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