Support Individuals To Access And Use Services Essay Sample

1. 1 Accessing a scope of community services and installations can be good to an individual’s good being and can hold important impact on self-pride. personal individuality and development whilst back uping ends and outcomes the person has identified. These chances allow people to take portion and have involvement in things they antecedently thought where impossible.

1. 2 There are a broad scope of barriers an person may incur that can curtail entree to services and/or installations. Barriers tend to fall into four classs: Environmental: deficiency of inclines. handicapped access/toilets. lifts. high hazard locations. Communication: no transcribers. deficiency of cringle system. hapless communicating accomplishments. deficiency of information or promotion about the service / installations. Psychological: fright or anxiousness. deficiency of assurance. strangeness. Fiscal cost: awaited cost. existent cost

1. 3 & A ; 1. 4 As a support worker I start by garnering every bit much information as possible about the services or installations. so the issues. hazards and jeopardies get assessed before making a program alongside the person to assist get the better of favoritism and barriers. It is of import to dispute information about services that present barriers to engagement and inclusion so that the service is cognizant and is challenged to do alterations and versions when and where needed in order to guarantee their service is accessible & A ; to the full inclusive. A few illustrations are: translators for linguistic communication barrier. disablement entree accommodations. loop systems. support. conveyance. equipment and AIDSs. reassurance/1-1 support.

2. 1 Observation
2. 1 Observation
2. 3 Observation

3. 1 In the instance of Mrs C she had identified she would wish to utilize one of the physio gyms I had identified. We so identified which one of the local gyms to go to and how 1: they have the equipment at that place for her to exercising and is it safe? Yes 2. path planning so she knows where she is traveling? Yes as I have taken her there so she is familiar with the path and printed a ocular map. 3. staff support if needed or non? Yes as she may necessitate the excess support 4: yearss and times of handiness? Mon-sat 8am -5pm. 5: hazard appraisal? Completed. explained. signed and understood by Mrs C so she understands associated hazards and dangers.

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3. 2 Observation

3. 3 By utilizing P. C. P’s as a base for basic demands and wants. meeting with the person. hazard appraisal and reappraisals

4. 1 Observation
4. 2 Observation
4. 3 Observation

4. 4 I started with an observation of Mrs C at the gym so during Mrs C 1-1 activate reappraisal she explained she truly enjoys go toing the gym. she has found going easy. their equipment is good and equal. she gets along with other members of populace who use the gym and has had no issues They do non hold a H2O fountain and that is the one issue she does hold with the gym. Mrs C besides stated that she finds exerting hard. Outside of the H2O issue Mrs C is satisfied with the service and installations and is happy with the support provided from us and the installation.

The alterations that where made where the sum of yearss she attends from 3days to 2 yearss. I suggested she attends 2x a hebdomad alternatively of go toing 3x a hebdomad as she presently is happening hard so this method allows her organic structure more clip to retrieve until her fittingness degrees addition so she can get down to go to more frequently. She tried this and has now agreed to this as she has seen the positive consequence. The other accommodation she has now made is to transport a bottle of H2O with her to the gym. * Have I supported her to measure the service and the support? Yes. * Has the service installation met her demands and penchants? Yes. * Has she been supported to supply feedback?

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