Sun Hydraulics Essay Sample

After reading the narrative “Sun Hydraulics” . I am inquiring whether this is a existent narrative. or merely a literary work that the content is non needfully based on fact. So my below analysis is based on the premise that this is a existent narrative. The 10 old ages successful operation of Sun Hydraulics Corporation was rather particular. which most of the concern leaders can non hold with this attack. but Bob Koski made it and achieved the concern success by this particular attack. The success was because:

1 ) Bob understood the hierarchy organisation and its disadvantages. This helped him to plan a more effectual organisation construction to carry on the concern. 2 ) An effectual clime that motivates the people to bask the work and allows employees to concentrate on their occupation involvements. 3 ) Family groups made people worked really closely and efficaciously. 4 ) This “horizontal” construction created the civilization that everyone is the proprietor of the concern. which made employee more responsible. In another word. employees felt that they were non merely working for the company. but besides for themselves.

Though Bob and his Sun squad achieved tonss of successes in the first 10 old ages. nevertheless I do see a batch of challenges on the manner. Let me audaciously predict what will go on in the hereafter. Sun will go on standing as an industry leader for possibly 10 more old ages. But after 1995. when most of Sun’s rivals moved their mills to the cheap-labor states. those rivals became really competitory particularly from merchandise monetary value position. On the other manus. rivals significantly improved their merchandises quality and bringing lead-time after globalisation. Sun wanted to “be global” every bit good. but it needs to work out below challenges:

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1 ) Horizontal construction might work for 170 employees. However. with speedy concern enlargement. this construction will do the organisation more and more uneffective. 2 ) No clear occupation functions and duties are defined. Peoples
can make whatever they want. they can be their ain foreman. This creates tonss of confusion to the employees. 3 ) Current effectual communicating theoretical account ( merely physically speak to the people at any clip when necessary ) will non be effectual any more. since people will non be physically locate in the same metropolis any more.