Summary of Chapter One of the book “Half the Sky” Essay

In the Chapter One of the book “Half the Sky. ” published in 2009. the writers Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn chiefly argue about modern sex bondage and other nations’ aid for adult females instruction in hapless states. The exigence of this chapter is the fact that sex bondage has worsened and is declining ; the created capitalist economy. the developed transit and the fright of AIDS make trafficking easier and increase demand for immature misss because clients believe immature misss would non infect with ADIS. The writers use chiefly poignancy and Son to depict sex bondage state of affairs. First. they emotionally appeal to their audiences with Meena Hasina’s hideous experience ; she was kidnapped and trafficked. and so she was forced to prostitute.

If she resisted functioning clients. she was beaten. threatened with decease and even drugged by the proprietor of the whorehouse. As a consequence of harlotry. she gave births one miss and one male child ; nevertheless. her babes are deprived by the proprietor of the whorehouse. Subsequently. she could take her kids back from the procurer by aid of an organisation that helps people suffer from sex bondage in India. but her girl Naina has already drugged and forced to prostitute. Next. the writers besides provide logic informations to convert how serious sex bondage is in the universe. For illustration. there are 2 or 3 million adult females prostitute in India and many of them are trafficked and forced to sell sex. Besides. harmonizing to the authors’ appraisal. there are 3 million adult females and misss are enslaved in the sex trade all over the universe. and they could be killed by their proprietors because they are treated as one of the owner’s belongingss.

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The writers aim everyone in the universe as their audiences because this sex bondage issue is planetary job non merely go oning in a peculiar state. The chief intent of this narrative is impeaching how earnestly and awfully adult females enslaved are treated by their procurers and promoting aid from public and organisations to forestall and halt the sex bondage. The writers besides provide the illustration that Frank Grijalva and his pupils in the Overlake School have helped for Kampuchean girls’ instruction. Their aid makes immature Kampuchean misss stick to the school and have a longing to populate in affluent county like the United States. Furthermore. this voluntary support provides valuable lesson for the Overlake School pupils.