Structure of Internal Summative Assessment Test Essay Sample


1. An account of the subject chosen ( e. g. Global Warming is… )

2. The significance of the research ( e. g. I want to look into Global Warming because I think it is of import to cognize and understand how it will impact our day-to-day life in the hereafter and… )

3. Motivation for taking the research rubric and subject ( e. g. I have chosen this rubric and subject because last twelvemonth in category I did a undertaking. which I liked really much and… )

1. Show apprehension of the research job and context
( e. g. The job of making research on this job is the contradictory sentiments of some scientists because… ) 2. Use at least 5 different beginnings and alternate positions ( e. g. 1 harmonizing to some scientists Global Warming is produced by worlds. non by nature. e. g. 2 harmonizing to some scientists Global Warming is produced by nature. non by worlds. 3. Information presented in the signifier of converting statements. good summarized. critically analysed and synthesized ( e. g. of converting statements: some scientists have provided grounds of how the impact of Global Warming can be seen in the coral reef of Australia. They have showed images of the manner it was 20 old ages ago and today. 80 % of the coral has already died. )

1. The goal/objective of the research paper explained in the signifier of inquiries ( e. g. 1 How Global Warming is impacting biodiversity in tropical woods? ) ( e. g. 2 How Global Warming is impacting in agribusiness? )

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