Strength-based Assessment Essay Sample

Strength based appraisal is a tool that focuses on people’s strengths instead than their jobs. with an purpose to travel off from categorizing the individual as the job and to concentrate on their strengths and resiliency by authorising the client to be the job convergent thinker. It is of import for the worker to help in recognizing. organizing and heightening bing strengths and resources. The worker needs to be optimistic about what people can accomplish by concentrating on the capacities of persons to be resourceful in different state of affairss. Dennis Saleebey provinces ( Saleebey. 2002 ) I steadfastly believe that one time committed you will be surprised even amazed. at the array of endowments. accomplishments. cognition. and resources that you discover in your clients–even those whose chances seem bleak.

For illustration. a worker could be faced with a client who is a in-between aged adult male with a household and after old ages of loyal employment with a company. is made redundant. His function as a male parent. spouse and supplier is tied up with work. In this instance the client could be experiencing really helpless. Using a strength based appraisal. we can concentrate on his strengths as a male parent and supplier. instead than concentrating on the individual as holding the job. Therefore. working with the client in this manner will work towards supplying him with self empowerment to pull off the tough route in front. Norm-based Appraisal

Norms are the recognized societal behavior of a society. The societal behavior is governed by regulations and these regulations are the norms of that society. Norm based appraisals let you to compare a client’s degree of operation or other features against other people in their peculiar state of affairs or age group. This will supply you with the information as to where a client sits on a standardized graduated table. It starts with garnering believable informations from a population and placing the norms sing attitude and behavior of concern. For illustration. a young person may be considered scraggy or overweight based on the norms for their tallness and age group. Therefore by utilizing the norm based assessment we can measure the cogency of this theory. A survey was done on equal weight norm misperception as a hazard factor for being over and scraggy among UK secondary pupils. They concluded that “Pervasive misconceptions of equal weight norms may lend to unhealthy weight-related behavior and assist perpetuate student’s corpulence or scraggy status” . ( Perkins. Perkins. & A ; Craig. 2010 ) Competency-based Appraisal

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To measure and construe client demands in some countries. you may necessitate to detect clients or have specializers conduct competence based appraisal. This may affect utilizing a checklist to detect a client as they undertake specific activities. such as self-care undertakings. The checklist helps to measure a client’s skills in a consistent manner and across a figure of countries. leting you or others to pull decisions about their competence in these countries. For illustration. utilizing the Home and Community Care ( HACC ) Assessment model which is a basic place aid plan funded by the Australian Government. It is for older people who are largely. but non wholly able to populate and get by on their ain. and don’t yet necessitate higher degrees of attention at place. To acquire attention at place. a simple and straightforward appraisal of the person’s state of affairs will be completed to work out their best options. The HACC appraisal. harmonizing to Victorian Government Health Information “establishes the outlooks and apprehensions of the individual and their carer and sets up the initial tract through the service system that best run into their demands. ” ( Victorian State Government Department of Health. 2014 )


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