Strange New Land Essay

Strange New Land. offers a apparently huge position of the presence of African Americans in present twenty-four hours North America. Mr. Wood describes the harsh and frequently barbarous destiny of African Americans during the colonisation of America.

Researching Chapter 1. allowed me to see the manner different civilizations took advantage of non lone African Americans. but Native Americans every bit good. Native Americans were invaded by Spanish colonists. taken into bondage and forced to populate with rough life conditions. Settlers exposed them to a huge figure of diseases. and tricked other Native Americans into understandings. in which they were starved. made to populate in the cold. and which finally led to the decease of many of them. Native Americans were immune to being overtaken and fought back to protect their people and their land.

Spanish colonists needed more labourers to cultivate new land. and explore extra parts for colony. Spanish Conquerors like Lucas Vasquez de Ayllon sent out to happen labourers in Western Europe. During his hunt. he found that Europeans that practiced Christianity did non believe in working its people. In return. the Catholic Church. did nevertheless. non mind the feat of non-Christians to Spanish Settlers. As groups resisted ferociously. they looked to other options in which they could derive entree to the slave trade.

African Americans to my surprise came as a 3rd resort. Spanish colonists wanted to derive entree to the dreams of gold and Ag told to be lying within the American dirt. However African Americans would turn out to be more valuable than merely for labour. Spanish Talking Africans such as Gomez and Esteban were great adventurers and go-between people when asked to settle what is now the province of New Mexico. Bing mediators between the Native Americans and Spanish colonists. they showed the resourcefulness that Africans held during the colonisation of America.

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As I continue to detect how Africans came about to be in America. I was intrigued to larn that the footing of bondage were non limited to race at all. Religion played the most of import function in colonisation of America. every bit good as people going enslaved. If you were non of Christian belief system. so you were capable to being enslaved. From Mr. Woods accounts. he told of how even John Smith was enslaved for a period of clip. And that the bases of bondage were defined upon much greater tools. Heredity was important in the bondage system. because kids of former slaves are said to hold been born into bondage. The lone thing I can account the Spanish colonists for. was that they didn’t enslave their people for life. every bit good as the Dutch. Many of their slaves lives the lives of colonists. they merely were required to be labourers. because of their faith. At any clip it shows within his text that they could hold been released from bondage with the entry of their faith.

The earliest definitions of bondage presented a great sum of jobs. which the slave-owners did non hold excessively. Rhode Island defined slavery as a period of 10 old ages. and non a lifetime committedness. Christian spiritual groups would let other slaves to go converted to their faith to one time once more regain their freedom. The readily figure of slaves were get downing to worsen. so now new guidelines would be put in topographic point to guarantee that the slave-owners would maintain labourers all the clip. This portion of the seventeenth century would tag the beginning of when race became the grave factor of how Africans would go and stay enslaved. This is the displacement in African history that everyone would experience and go a portion of.

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Africans held two surprisingly different destinies. Those that were released to Latin America had better conditions than those located in North America. But life in North America for Africans would see a dramatic displacement as the Torahs and regulations progressed. Slave codifications were Torahs that fundamentally took away all rights of Africans populating in North America. This would function as a lasting disability for Africans for about two centuries. Then the settler took a dramatic atrocious measure used in the provinces every bit good as the settlements. Dehumanizing. This would be the greatest subscriber of racism in the United States. This Law passed in Virginia in 1705. would let English Colonist to handle Africans as belongings. ignore their feelings or wellbeing. and deny them of basic human rights. And these patterns would transport over good into the twentieth century.