Still Separate, Still Unequal Essay Sample

In Jonathan Kozol. “Still Separate. Still Unequal” . he explains to a managerial audience how our school systems today may be more unintegrated than at any clip since 1954. With this segregation comes two different educational life styles. In order for the writer to show the unsatisfactory educational conditions in preponderantly black schools he uses several different manners. The most common manner that he used were pathos. In the really get downing he used the word “disheartening” on page 203 to depict the location of some of these underprivileged schools. I think it opens the readers’ eyes instantly to demo them that the job is spread out and non merely in the most common countries that one would believe. The writer besides uses a batch of testimony from the childs themselves through letters and interviews.

One missive from a kid read. “ we do non hold the things you have. you have Clean things. We do non hold. you have a clean bathroom. We do non hold that. you have Parks and we do non hold Parks. you have all the thing and we do non hold all the thing. Can you assist us? ” ( 206 ) . This truly pulls on the bosom of the reader. thought of ways that they can assist. Kozol goes on to explicate the conditions of one of the schools he visited. “requires. of the limited figure of bathrooms that are working in the school. “only one or two…are unfastened and unbarred for misss to utilize. ” long lines of misss are “waiting to utilize the bathrooms. ” which are by and large “unclean” and “lack basic supplies. ” including lavatory paper” ( 215 ) .

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He uses descriptions like this to do the reader think of how unjust these conditions are to these childs and so anticipate them to travel learn in a schoolroom. The writer uses ethos every bit good. On page 214 he tells the reader that in order to truly understand these conditions and what is provided for them the best thing to make is to really travel pass some clip with the childs. Without straight saying it. he besides uses logos manner by showing statistics. On page 208 he explains the educational value that these pupils were acquiring was about $ 8. 000 compared to $ 12. 000 and $ 18. 000 in predominately white schools. This logically proves that predominately white schools are acquiring a better instruction than the African American schools. On page 216 he besides explains how the white schools offer more categories to assist the pupils grow.

As the reader I felt Kozol did a great occupation in carrying his audience that in fact the schools are still separated today and are really much unequal when it comes to the value of their instruction. I feel if Kozol was composing to instructors he could hold touched more on the instruction methods and given them thoughts on how to learn and do the childs feel as if they are of import in these poorer environments. I think if the writer wrote to the parents he may desire to include what they could be making at place to better their instruction. I think overall the most of import audience would be politicians. Politicians could alter the schools. They could convey in more money. more preparation. and even get down to intermix the schools. If Kozols was composing to the politicians I feel he should lade it with testimonies from the childs. When they hear the jobs coming from the childs that want to larn and desire to do a difference but are held back possibly there would be a alteration.

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