Stereotyping and prejudice in the workplace

The whole universe urbanised twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours because of globalisation. Every individual can travel one province to another merely moreover the ground of work, or survey. While a individual from one different environment or state work together with another people from a different milieus, that clip they both takes their ain societal position, civilization, nature, believes with them, which are unsimilarity between each other ( Google inquiry ) As a consequence, favoritism arises within a people in their on the job topographic point because every people have different attitude towards the individual which may be positive or may be negative. The intent of this assignment is to detect the job arise in male ruling workplace which particularly faced by adult females and besides analyse the issues and construct recommendation for taking action by company every bit good as provide better solution. This briefing paper focuses the instance survey of Ms. Rosina Chamar, employee of Dynamic Power Supply International Pvt. Ltd. The concern of this company connected to non merely in Nepal besides running in European states excessively. After overview the state of affairs of instance, SWOT and PEST analysis has been discussed to work out the job. At last of the paper, outcomes plus prognosiss has been granted for better suggestion.

In this briefing paper, to do clear the troubles on workplace, Hofstede Cultural Theory and SWOT ( Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats ) analysis could back up a batch to get the better of the jobs or to run into the best consequences. Besides external factors PEST ( Political, Economic, Social and Technical ) helps to analyze the Situation and happen suited consequence.

Footings of Mention

There are many people around the universe, who think they are more powerful and superior than other people. This is non consequence of today ‘s status because this happened from the beginning when there were male monarchs and retainer, where the really strong people were respected and worshipped while the weak 1s were became servant ( Lisa Gayagay, 2009:1 ) . The purpose of the assignment is based on the jobs which face by the individual particularly adult females who are working in topographic point in a male ascendant state like Nepal. At first, we all must hold to cognize that stereotypes absorb coevalss sing the typical characteristics of the people. Same as bias is a mode of the people which can be positive or negative that they show without knowing of the fact. In the instance of the sex pigeonholing which occurs when individuals are judged harmonizing to traditional typecast based on gender. Either developed states or undeveloped counties people have to cover with these types of jobs ( Prejudice, chapter: 5 ) .

Who I am:

I am a senior counselor Kritika Gautam. I am working in BK Legal Advice Consultant Pvt. Ltd since 2005. During my on the job period I have got many cognition and experience every twenty-four hours. I have got degree from University of Bedfordshire, England in Law and Human Resource Management. So my grade and my working experience aid me to acquire right determination and work out jobs. As an adviser, my responsibility is to take out her in that state of affairs. It ‘s really indispensable that an adviser have to work out the client ‘s jobs. During my experience, I have got opportunity to larn the different jobs faced by people because of cultural dominating, traditional dominating. And severely have to state that adult females are the chief mark of those sorts of jobs.

Who my client is:

My client is Ms. Rosina Chamar. She is working as a fiscal officer in Dynamic Power Supply International Company in Nepal. She is coming to a transnational company to work from rural community. Because of her endowment and graduation degree educational certification she got an chance to work with a transnational company. In our Hindu civilization, adult females were blessed as ‘Shakti / Devi ‘ or power to accomplish everything. Peoples were worshipped her vision, sympathy power and even her justness. I have serious difference of sentiment with Rosina Chamar ‘s issues. After hearing her words one time, her words struck me. Harmonizing to my client, in our society we weather treated adult females like goddess or retainers. There are so many illustrations which show that adult females have been demoralized, neglected and exploited since the yearss of cave man. In her instance, the first issue is that she has to fight to stand in male dominated civilization where bad linguistic communications and male chauvinist gags which may be norm of adult male and she needs to see those types of things. Following point is that a male self-importance besides makes hard for him to accept a adult female from lower dramatis personae as his senior even she has the right educational background and certificates ( Pushya S, 2009 ) .

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What helps my client wants?

She has come to me for support because she has faced many jobs. My client Ms. Chamar, she wishes to acquire relieve of these jobs. To win a male dominating society, she must hold to settle in her company. That ‘s why after confronting many troubles she still working in that company. Either my client is a good educated adult female and has 3 old ages experience in relevant field but unluckily she has to confront jobs in her work. And in conclusion she has to come to me to acquire thought and advice to work out the jobs.

Overview of the state of affairs

In the present state of affairs of our state Nepal, the civilization and behavior of people of town is wholly different from countryside. Town become a more modernised and practical. Working in an office is more stressed and have to practical cognition to make. Besides people of the town are wholly different from their behavior, linguistic communication, mentality and attitude. They have given more precedence in group assignment but she has a job to work together with work forces. Because she is from low dramatis personae and medium household background, her co-workers have negative thought toward her civilization and believe and chief thing she is adult female. Even town is a topographic point of educated people but the behavior and thought of their still same like an ancient period. So, this is a critical job she has to face. My client foremost should hold to be wake up all these state of affairss before taking determination that she will make go on the occupation or non.

After understanding her all jobs, the chief jobs she faced mundane in her workplace are like the given below and she has to be prepare to acquire rid from these problem.

Attitude: – The job of attitude of work forces about her is really negative because she is in-between category adult females and she ever like to be modesty. That ‘s why may be her workmates thought that she is unfriendly and holier-than-thou.

Wagess spread: – In every endeavor, adult females still gaining less than their male colleagues. Not merely my client, many adult females around the universe had really few rights and besides could be sacked from occupation merely because of their household and societal job like: adult females had to play a function of female parent, homemaker. So they have to job to be a full professional. That ‘s why even they work difficult and active still they get less salary than other equal work forces. Ms. Chamar besides faced same job of less salary.

Cultural trouble: – When a adult female comes in different society to make something for her hereafter she has to confront many jobs and the cultural trouble is one of them. In small town most of the households are non leting to adult females to work outside the ain society, but while coming in town she has to work with different types of work forces where they have unfastened thought, civilization and environment.

Male dominate: – For better organisational hereafter, company must hold to utilize many type of technique to work. And male and female both are portion of good determination devising. So my client has to come to work in male dominated society where the male consider as a superior as comparison to the female. So it is really difficult for adult male to work with the gifted and active female staff. She has a good work experience and cognition but the adult male who has top place in the society so they have relatively difficult to follow behind the female.

Social and household connexion: – In our Nepali society adult females has many societal barriers and restricted. She must hold to follow societal regulation and ethical motives. But in metropolis life all have freedom to make anything. And she has job to accept all of a sudden this status in her life because it takes few more clip to understand.

Harassment: – The last and serious job she faced is harassment either sexual or linguistic communications. About the instances of sexual torment ( Farler, 1978 ) , it mentions illustrations of many groups of working adult females: young/old, professional/labour, and rich/poor. It is endemic but really critical issue to workplace. In the instance of my client her colleagues and senior directors wanted to take sexual relation with her and they ever try to act severely and mislead. So she is ever afraid from that state of affairs and tried to maintain safe ego from them.

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Geert Hofstede Cultural Dimension:

This bias job is non single job because the whole society and universe faced these types of jobs. Not merely had adult females from Nepali society, all adult females around the universe straight or indirectly beard this job. Geert Hofstede recommends a theory to understand the cultural differences between peoples, genders and states ( Prentice Hall-Financial tine, 2002 ) . There are five facets which help to unclutter the differences between male and female favoritism in workplace and society.

1. Power Distance Index ( PDI )

2. Individuality ( IDV )

3. Masculinity ( MAS )

4. Uncertainty Avoidance Index ( UAI )

5. Long Term Orientation ( LTO )

To exemplify above stages of cultural differences the graph of Asiatic and European states show these briefly:

Five dimension theories of Professor Geert Hofstede

Power Distance Index:

PDI demonstrate the unbalanced allotment of power between the people. This is a degree towards which the less powerful members of organisation have to accept and seniors of company distributed this unevenly. In this graph, Asiatic states have highest PDI with a ranking of 70 % comparison to European states average of 40 % .The power distance between Asia and Europe indicate the high of inequality of power and wealth between genders within the society and civilization and even in organisations.


IDV depends on ego self-importance. In above graph, Asiatic states have 55 % individuality where as European states have 80 % . These immense difference figures indicate that European people were free minded and self dependent than others. Asiatic people and European people both have different civilization, believes, cultural and behavior. Womans have societal boundaries in Asiatic states.


MAS represents the infinite between the men`s value and women`s value. In above graph Asiatic states have MAS as the lower Hofstede dimension of civilization with a ranking of 60 % and European norm merely somewhat higher at 70 % . It surprisingly shows that non merely Asiatic states have more work forces ‘s value because adult females of European states besides faced this state of affairs. There is non a immense unsimilarity between Asia and Europe.

Uncertainty turning away Index:

UAI trades with a people and society towards forbearance for uncertainness and uncertainty. It represents that a traditional plan its associates to believe both comfy and uncomfortable in unfastened conditions. Where uncertainness is get awaying in people of those states has full of power. In above graph, the uncertainness in Asiatic states is 50 % and in European states, it is in 40 % .

Long Term Orientation:

A higher LTO could be declarative of a civilization that is economical and perseverant on the other manus the short term orientations are respect for believes, honoring societal committednesss. The LTO mark of Asiatic states is 60 % and European is 30 % . That ‘s shows the consequence is Asiatic are short orientated and European are long term orientated.

Analysis of the state of affairs

SWOT Analysis

After the overview of the state of affairs, it is better to analysis the instance through strength, failing, chance and menaces status of my client. Get downing from analysis of internal factors:

Strength ( S ) :

– Positive sense on accomplishments and attitude

– Work hard in any state of affairs and strong accent on determination

– Power to take ain calling way

– Experience on work and optimistic

Failings ( W ) :

– Lack of patient

– Weak communicating and fearful head

-Too trusty and ever shy

-Soft hearted and ne’er say ‘no ‘ to others

Other external factors:

Opportunity ( O ) :

-Power of prima staffs and company

-Promotion in really high place

-International working

-Possibility of being illustration of successful adult females in society

Menace ( T ) :

-Dissimilarities between genders

-Traditional head of people and societal cultural barriers

-Criticism and bias in work

-Issues of dramatis personae and fright of ego individuality

All above reference points clear that she has a good chance to take defense mechanism on bias but her failings stopped her to face challenges. Lack of power and support affect her. That ‘s why after analysis her internal and external weak points and possibilities, she has more positive points which help to back up in her hereafter success and base for defense mechanism of instability status of workplace.

Plague Analysis

It is normally used to construct the schemes to seek external environment. It helps to measure the jobs created by external environing issues. PEST identifies Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors of macro environment.

Political country has a immense influence upon the ordinance of concern, society and states every bit good. Government has many policies sing the instance like more information and consciousness about torment, gender spread, rewards installations in workplace. Government reinforce and upgrade the systems for supervising equality in employment ( Eurofound, 2009 ) .So, my client has to unclutter cognition about authorities policies and regulations.

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Economic Factor ( E ) :

In present, adult females are a big portion of the employment. They are affecting in every sort of work same as work forces. Either they both work same sort of work or besides adult females do better than work forces but adult females get less benefit and rewards than work forces. But today many human rights- national and international bureaus and authorities policies came cognizant of that state of affairs. They made rights against favoritism and besides granted other minorities protection in the workplace. Therefore, she has to speak with her managers about her job.

Social Factor ( S ) :

In our Nepali society, adult females has treated like 2nd category citizens in work and most those people who are from lower caste. Many people either educated or nonreader have same thought that the community of ‘Dalit ‘ ( Lower caste ) which is non considered portion of human society. That ‘s why these community members by and large perform the most humble and degrading occupations. My client Ms. Chamar, she is besides from Dalit community. Pigeonholing about this dramatis personae is they must manage dead animate beings and besides consume their flesh. So this is really critical for her to confront bad thought of people about her and her caste. Under the Nepalese fundamental law act ( 1990 ) , caste favoritisms were made a condemnable offense and there are many regulations about pigeonholing and favoritism.

Technological Factor ( T ) :

In worldwide, adult females tend to hold less entree to instruction, developing chances so prejudice and pigeonholing still placed in our society. In the instance of Ms. Chamar, she has to develop her communicating accomplishments more and seek to interact with other societal literate individuals besides developed consumers relation. Because of scientific discipline and engineering covers the full universe so she must has to acquire more information about cosmopolitan accomplishment in scientific discipline, political relations, economic system and society.

Solution and Recommendation

After analysis all state of affairs, it could be said that this is non a really large job to work out. Her internal failings and outside issues, cultural differences in society every bit good as differences between Asiatic and European civilization, after discoursing all these countries I would wish to propose to my client to travel towards these recommendation. As an adviser, I came to the solution of her instance like these ways:

Improve interpersonal accomplishments and power to face challenges.

It is better to do a brotherhood of colleagues for equality rights at workplace.

Planing before taking every action sing safety and power.

Try to avoid behavior of tolerance everything.

Interact with diverse professional contacts which help to larning about different civilization in company.

Try to cognize about office policies to find how to manage torment.

Ensure that the country which create around you help to maintain safe in workplace.

Never tackle the harasser. If they threaten and you fear for safety, travel straight to direction and managers.

Expand your sensitiveness and maintain an unfastened head to diversenesss.

Make it your end and exercising committedness and forbearance to take stereotyping and type casting in workplace.

Apply attempt to dispute to larn from things that hard to understand.

Forecast and Outcomes

Pigeonholing and Prejudice is a norm of every people in our civilization. It takes still more clip to travel bad believing about religions, castes, civilizations, and believes of peoples. It would non be alteration from attempt of one individual whole society and state has to make full exercising to maintain safe ego from pigeonholing and prejudice instance.

Here in the instance of Ms. Rosina Chamar, she is either good skilled and wide minded but after confronting these jobs she become more weak, frustrate and incapacitated. These all happened non by her errors because these all came from society, authorities ‘s weak policies every bit good as people ‘s ancient thought. There is besides mistake of Management of Dynamic Power Supply Co. because if they take her jobs earnestly, she would non be in problem now. If she will seek to be bold and actuate ego to avoid her challenges, these jobs will be no more. Her menaces will diminish automatically. There are so many chances she has, so she has to develop her strengths more. And it is better for her if Dynamic gets her job earnestly and take action sing her jobs. If she will acquire positive support from direction no uncertainty that she will evidently make better work for company.