Sports in India Essay Sample

As Indians. the word ‘sports. ’ brings to mind the game of cricket–and hockey to some extent. No other athletics can compare to the popularity of cricket in India. But why is this so? Why does a state with one sixth of the world’s population Ob about merely one athletics? The replies lie in facts. in our history.


About 3000 old ages ago. India was every bit active as the ancient Greeks. in footings of both physical and mental athleticss – chariot racing. Polo. archery and wrestle to chess and cards. Much later. merely a few centuries ago. the British brought hockey and cricket to India. Indians discovered new athleticss and their built-in endowment at them. Cricket took over as the most popular athletics after we gained independency. chiefly due to the low demands. All one demands is a chiropteran and a ball–unlike hockey. where everyone needs to hold a hockey stick.

Though we won 8 Olympic gold decorations in our national athletics – hockey – the first in 1928! The first hockey gold as an independent state was in the 1948 Olympics in London. England. where India round England 4-0 in the finals. The Indian squad went on to win more Olympic hockey gold decorations in the 1952. 1956. 1964 and 1980 Olympics. After that. the decorations dried up – India merely managed lone bronze decorations in tennis. weightlifting and shot in the last 3 Olympics!

In contrast. the popularity of cricket grew – particularly after the 1983 Prudential World Cup win by Kapil Dev and squad. India needed athleticss heroes. and cricket seemed the lone reply.

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What is the job?

Many claim that it is our diet that is to fault. The fact is medical sentiments ever seem to belie. Some medical experts blame the physical lack on the fact that the bulk of Indians are vegetarians. But. Equus caballuss are vegetarians excessively. and most jocks would kill to acquire the staying power and strength of a Equus caballus! So it can’t be our diet!

It is a known fact that India lacks featuring substructure. The lone bowls we have are used for cricket. while the bulk of hockey. football and athletic sporting events are held on sub-standard Fieldss – chiefly unfastened air clay spots. But so why do states that are much smaller. with a batch less substructure than us win more Olympic decorations?

Another cause for concern is the fight of athletics today. It’s non fun any longer. it’s a full clip occupation! Most athleticss professionals across the Earth spend 8 hours a twenty-four hours preparation. Their occupation is to stand out at athleticss and maintain themselves fit. The authoritiess supply them the necessary money and preparation. and advertizers throw in even more for their fancy autos and houses. In India. unless you’re a cricketer. you merely acquire a rap on the dorsum. a authorities occupation and a few months leave to fix for major events. This merely isn’t plenty!

Last. but by no agencies least of the jobs is our society and its outlook. People all over India roast our blue public presentation in the Olympics. but how many of us will promote our kids / siblings / friends to take up athleticss as a calling? We place perfectly no importance on athleticss. chiefly because unless you’re a ‘Sachin Tendulkar’ . there’s no hereafter. You may win the countries’ exclusive Olympic bronze. but are forgotten every bit shortly as the following Cricket event takes topographic point. At the terminal of the journey. you still have to travel back to your occupation and attempt and supply for your household. and your Olympic decoration becomes nil more than a affectionate memory. an impressive add-on to your sketch and another decoration for your show cabinet.

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What can be done to repair these jobs?

There’s a simple list of things that are needed. Easier said than done. but necessary nonetheless:

1. Promote all athleticss. non merely cricket

2. More authorities support for sportswomans and adult females

3. More advertisement coverage for athleticss other than cricket

4. More International managers and trainers

5. Participate in more international tourneies in all athleticss

6. More preparation cantonments for pre-teens that show assure in any athletics

7. Compulsory college and school scholarships based on featuring accomplishments

The money needed to better athleticss can merely come from advertisement. Advertisers look for the popularity of a athletics. The athletics isn’t popular because it lacks quality jocks. The quality of jocks is bad due to miss of preparation. There is no preparation because there is no money for professional trainers. There is no money because there are no advertizers.

A barbarous circle!

Merely if we change our ain perceptual experiences can things get down to alter. We need to back up local ‘non-cricket’ tourneies. non merely by donating money. but by demoing up at the locales and back uping the jocks. Once advertizers see the support. the financess will get down dribbling in. Once the financess come in. the quality will better. A concatenation reaction!

A barbarous circle. or a concatenation reaction. the pick is ours!