Sports build character Essay Sample

I feel it is of import for a individual to do at least one athletics portion of his life. This is because athleticss non merely maintain us healthy physically and mentally but besides help to construct a person’s character. No affair which sport a individual takes up. it helps that individual develop doggedness. forbearance and humbleness. If it is a squad athletics like hockey or hoops. the individual will besides larn to be a squad participant every bit good.

When a individual is new to a athletics. he has to work hard to better his proficiency at it. This takes clip and forbearance as one can non accomplish mileposts overnight. Depending on his ability. he may take hebdomads. or even months merely to hit a ball right or run a certain distance successfully.

To accomplish a certain criterion at a athletics. the individual has to pattern repeatedly over a period of clip. This takes a great sum of doggedness. otherwise he will merely give up seeking. Unconsciously. the individual is constructing up his doggedness degree and he is non likely to discontinue in life when the traveling gets tough.

A individual achieves proficiency at a athletics faster if he consults others who engage in the same athletics. To acknowledge that he is non the best requires humbleness. To be able to inquire for advice requires an even greater sum of humbleness. Hence. as a individual goes through the procedure of bettering himself. he becomes humbler and more likely. a better individual.

If it is a squad athletics in which a individual is take parting. he has to larn to fling any impressions of personal glorification and can non be egoistic. He needs to be a squad participant to play a game like hoops good. In clip. the individual will larn how to be a squad participant in life every bit good. be it at school or at work. Hence. in decision. athleticss do construct character.

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