South’s secession from the Union and the reasons for the Civil War Essay Sample

Between 1848 and 1861 there were many issues the northern and southern provinces of America were differing on. These dissensions finally led to the Civil War. The common myth of the Civil war is that it was a war fought over the issue of bondage. So if bondage was non the ground for the war. what was? The war was fought to continue the brotherhood. to maintain the United States as one. Understanding the grounds for the south’s sezession and the war requires the scrutiny of the opposing positions of the North and the South. the Dred Scott Decision. the Fugitive State Law. and the election of Abraham Lincoln.

The South depended on bondage for economic grounds and the loss of them would be lay waste toing to the hard currency flow they were having from their slave-worked plantations. Northerners said that bondage revoked the human right of being a free individual. But the south justified their usage of slaves for free labour by reasoning that slave-owners provided shelter. nutrient. attention. and ordinance for a race unable to vie in the modern universe without proper preparation. When new districts became available in the West. the South wanted to spread out and utilize bondage in the freshly acquired districts. However. the North opposed to this and wanted to halt the extension of bondage into new districts. The North wanted to restrict the figure of slave provinces in the Union. However. many Southerners felt that a authorities dominated by free provinces could jeopardize bing slaveries. But the north and South did non merely differ on bondage ; they besides had really different positions on the fundamental law. The North favored a loose reading of the United States Constitution. They wanted to allow the federal authorities increased powers. The South wanted to reserve all vague powers to the single provinces. The issues were addressed and battled over in events happening before the Civil War even began.

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The Fugitive State Law empowered every individual to move as a slave backstop. prohibit everyone from assisting an alleged slave. and break one’s back proprietors merely had to province ownership of a slave for him to be released into their detention. While originally a political move to lenify the South. the consequence was a widening rift. The South was angered by the refusal of Northerners to put to death the jurisprudence. The North was angered because they were being forced to travel against their rules and send fleeting slaves. or even freeborn inkinesss. back to the South. The Northerners were forced to take between staying by the jurisprudence. and making what they believed was right. It polarized the two parts. The Fugitive Slave jurisprudence was the most important factor in lending to the rift between the North and the South.

Dred Scott was a black slave on free district who sued for his freedom. The Supreme Court ruled that he was non a citizen. but besides included the more comprehensive judgement that slaves could be taken into any district and held in bondage. Northern abolitionists feared that bondage would now distribute into more districts. The Dred Scott Decision divided Northerners. who favored popular sovereignty. and southern Democrats. who favored bondage. farther. This instance caused a division between the Democratic Party. endangering its ability to maintain the northern and southern wings together.

It is possibly the election of Abraham Lincoln though that was the “straw that broke the camels back” . Southerners thought he was an emancipationist. although he did prefer pecuniary compensation and a Union. As a consequence of southern frights over Lincoln. he was non allowed on the ballot in 10 southern provinces. and many provinces threatened sezession if he was elected. He was elected. and the South non merely felt their supports were being threatened through the possible loss of their slaves. but besides had a sense of disenfranchisement at the polls. because the minority campaigner won. Many blame Lincoln for the war but it was a war that was brewing for rather some clip. Lincoln’s election gave the South an alibi to make what they would hold done finally anyhow.

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By looking at the south sezession from the Union. the different beliefs of the North and South. the Dred Scott determination. the Fugitive State Law. and the election of Abraham Lincoln. its easy to see that a war was brewing for rather some clip. The Civil War was a war fought to maintain America united and non a war over slavery as it is normally believed to be. The events between 1848 and 1861 clearly demo merely how huge the gulf between the North and South was before the war took topographic point.