Sony Reels from Multiple Hacker Attacks Essay Sample

The instance that is discussed in this paper is Sony Reels from Multiple Hacker Attacks. The paper will touch different points sing this instance. One of the involvement points refers to the Sony PSN fiasco and the costs of the incident. Another involvement point refers to bet oning and practical services over the Internet. such as WOW. SL. and Sony PSN. The paper besides focuses on catching hackers and condemning them ( whether or non they should be ) . Another point of the paper is to discourse whether or non it is good for companies non to acknowledge when there is a information breach within their system. The last point of treatment refers to a personal illustration of individuality larceny. Sony Reels from Multiple Hacker Attacks

Harmonizing to International Business ( 2011 ) . the last clip that Sony’s Playstation Network has been attacked was in May 2011 because multiple users have reported ailments to the company. There has been more than $ 1. 200 stole from the histories of the users. This may non be a big amount of money. but it is something. Anyway. security experts consider that this company is sill vulnerable to cyber onslaughts from all over the universe. Sony PSN has been hacked several times during its history. There are bet oning and practical services over the Internet like the World of Warcraft. Second Life. and Sony’s PSN. Each of these services are paid and the companies store recognition information online. In order to be protected and to protect the information of their consumers. these companies need to chiefly increase the degree of security of their services by extinguishing all possible exposures that malicious users may work in order to derive entree to the informations.

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Second. these companies need to inform and develop their users for good patterns with their histories and for informations protection. It is sensible to believe that such companies will hold and hold steps to halt the best hackers in the universe because if they do non make such thing. they will most probably lose their clients and face monolithic cases. There are many instances in history when hackers have been caught and so transformed into good cats. Some of them have been sent to imprison due to the badness of their actions. However. when hackers commit cyber-crimes they are seen as the other delinquents as good. They are no different. However. in their command of computing machine. they have skill. and this accomplishment can be used non merely for bad intents. but besides for good intents. So. when appropriate. hackers would stand for a tool in counter-fighting terrorist act and assorted cyber-crimes. They can even be used to catch other hackers as good. Traveling from one to other. most companies do non desire to publically denote informations breaches in their systems. They do this in order to protect their reputes as companies and the degree of assurance that users may hold sing their online environment.