Sociology in my life Essay

When I look back and seek to analyse my personal sociological point of view. I see myself as a functionalist with organic solidarity throughout of my personal background. However. I besides support struggles theory related to my educational experience in United States.

I grew up in a really diverse metropolis and was raised in a traditional household: female parent. male parent. grandparents. I think my household is the major model for me. I believe that it is indispensable karyon helps me map and be successful in society. I learned that functionalism in sociology supports thought of keeping coherence among different parties in society. Although. we are all so alone in our ain ways of life. we still create harmoniousness for working with each other. My female parent is one of the major wise mans in my life. Her voice ever plays really of import portion in my decision-makings. My household works like an “organism” . We all perform different functions on a day-to-day footing. but still back up overall stableness in our dealingss. My parents taught me the ways how you function within your household relates to your working with other members around us. Strong household foundation gave me an chance to be an active participant of my big community presents.

As we learned in our sociology category. functionalist paradigm/theory harmonizing to E. Durkheim exists in two different signifiers: mechanical and organic solidarities. I can state my grandmother’s coevals came from mechanical solidarity. She lived in a really little urban country. didn’t go to college back so. but was a difficult worker and helped with different accomplishments on a farm. There wasn’t absolute division between man’s and woman’s work. My grandma did different types of labour each twenty-four hours. assisting her parents to keep farmer’s land. It was really good known agricultural country. but really narrow-specialized in reaping. Job market was really limited. All people in my grandmother’s community were really similar in their functions and reinforced Bolshevism. She told me it was different type of life. but still really extremely structured and organized.

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Peoples lived really simple life style. shared the same type of work. involvements. values and believes. Everyone wore the same type of apparels. make-up. haircuts. There were little community nines for people to socialise. My grandmother’s community was really bonded. Peoples back so had different political regimen. In 1960s cipher went to church because authorities proclaimed ateism. and it was a norm during those old ages. I do cognize that in 1960s Ukraine was labor-oriented state. chiefly manual one. There weren’t so many large metropoliss. and bulk worked in urban countries. Rarely anyone could detect something apathetic among those little communities. But. everything was really balanced.

Well. I am the “product” of organic solidarity. My grandma moved to a large Ukrainian metropolis in 1970s. Since so everyone in my household. anticipate me ( I wasn’t born yet ) . had to larn how to work in a different functionalistic signifier. It is difficult for me to see myself working in mechanical solidarity epoch today. My grandma went through really serious mental passage from life in a mechanical solidarity type of functionalism to organic solidarity. This type of functionalism is really different from my grandmother’s one. Ever since my childhood I ne’er felt isolated from outside universe. I have some similarities with my closest friends. but our households have really different backgrounds. We are really near in my household. but we function like a human cell. an being. because every member of my household plays different function in my family. During my childhood and adolescence everyone did really specific undertaking in my household. My dad didn’t allow my ma to make his occupation. and my ma was really territorial about her occupation in a house. But. however different functions. we ever maintained a well-balanced construction in my household.

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I think functionalism can be applied to my educational and professional background every bit good. To successfully work in today’s society people have to be educated. Schools and colleges are indispensable tools of socialisation. I have gone to school like million others in my society. Education reflects societal unity. At school I acquired different norms and values related to my ain civilization. In a really early age I learned what it takes to work in educational environment and was able to see a little version of the wider society in which grownups live and work. At place I ever told that my occupation was to travel to school and maestro my acquisition accomplishments. In fact. it was and still is considered dysfunctional to drop off school.

School helped me to turn as an person and acknowledge my alone qualities needed for overall societal benefit. In college I was equipped with the right accomplishments to make my hereafter occupation. Today. I live in United States and travel to college once more in order to set up my professional ends and be able to give my best makings to my society. I think about positive facets of schools in general. Education helps keep socialisation by conveying different people into values of accomplishment. competition and equality of chance. I can non see myself without instruction because as an establishment in society it creates societal integrity.

When I moved to United States from Ukraine I went through a batch of challenges. That’s when I faced struggle between two educational systems. When you hold degree from different state in United States you. in most instances. it is non recognized by US Department of Education. While I had a nursing grade from Ukraine. I wasn’t recognized in United States. In order to work as a nurse in United States. I had to remake many “baby” stairss to be where I am right now.

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Some members of my household being immigrants face the greatest barrier to professional pattern and acknowledgment of professional experience in America. When I moved here I felt a batch of letdown due to the fact I could non work as nurse in United States. I was required to return to entry-level healthcare place as a CNA to show my competency. Due to inequality of educational systems I had to travel to back to nursing school in United States. A batch of foreign professionals keeping equal certificates in US ne’er work as a physicians. applied scientists. attorneies. instructors in United Stated.

American system serves as a gatekeeper for many immigrants presents. Some chose to get the better of different obstructions to accomplish their ends and go successful.

Functionalism reflects most facets of my life: household construction. school. and faith.