Sociology as an Individial Pastime Essay Sample

8 Deceptive images of Sociology as depicted in Peter Berger’s article:1. Sociologists are societal workers ; they are seen as professionals assisting out people in the community.

This is an inaccurate image of sociologists as sociological cognition can be utile to people of changing professions and anyone concerned with action in the society.

These actions nevertheless. are non specifically human-centered. They are non related to the character of the information itself.

2. Sociologists are perceived as theoretician for societal work.

In actuality. societal work is more influenced by psychological science so sociology when developing its theory.

There is a major difference between sociology and societal work. Social work is a certain pattern in the society but sociology is the effort to understand it.

Sociological apprehension can be applied non merely to societal workers. but besides to those whose professions involve the use of work forces.

3. Sociology is value-free ; scientific unity is the lone cardinal value.

The sociologist has many values. with his ain set of strong beliefs. emotions and biass. He has to command these as prejudice and extinguish them from his work.

Sociologists have to see what is at that place. seting their hopes and frights aside as to what they might happen.

4. Sociologists are societal reformists. They play the function of supreme authority of all subdivisions of cognition for the public assistance of work forces. They are besides expected to come up with designs for reform on any figure of societal issues.

In the existent universe. sociologists may be engaged to give advice on societal conditions. However. it is non portion of their occupation range to really transport out reforms to alter these societal conditions.

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This deceptive image is similar to that of sociologists who are seen as societal workers.

5. Sociologists are gatherer of statistics about human behaviour.

Sociological research is being mistaken for para-sociological work which trades with acquiring public sentiments and market tendencies.

Sociologists gather statistical informations that are relevant to their theoretical frame of mention and are used in sociological reading.

6. Sociologists are scientists. whose chief concern is to develop scientific methodological analysiss which can so be imposed on human phenomena.

To develop scientific regulations of grounds. sociologists require methodological jobs to consider upon.

Methodology is a necessary and valid portion of the sociological endeavor.

7. Sociologists are perceived as a certain sort of individual ; a detached. sardonic perceiver. and a cold operator of work forces.

It represents an dry victory of their attempts to be accepted as a true scientist.

This image is held by those who are concerned about the abuse of sociology in modern societies. chiefly due to political grounds.

8. Sociologists are seen as historiographers.

When sociologists change their focal point from the present to the yesteryear. their functions are identical from those of the historiographers.

Sociological research may be impoverished if historical information is non included.