Sociology – Immigration Essay Sample

Immigration is the motion of non-native people in order to settle in a different topographic point or state. Peoples move out of their state of beginning for many grounds. Whether it is for a better occupation. better instruction. or merely to be with loved 1s. immigrants have come to the United States with dreams of populating a better life. The United States is none other than a brand up of immigrants from diverse states. Immigrants have been coming to the United States since its initiation and have shaped the manner this state is today. Some immigrants prosecute the legal path – acquiring a visa in order to work for the position of a citizen while others illicitly enter the state and hazard being detained and deported. It is estimated there are about 11. 7 million illegal immigrants populating in the United States today ( Preston ) . While some Americans believe that immigrants take away occupations. ache the economic system. and don’t tantrum in. I believe immigrants convey more benefits to our state than what meets the oculus. Immigrants help hike our state economically and culturally.

It may look that immigrants act as menaces. nevertheless it is proven that they better our economic energy. Immigrants can offer a comparative advantage in the United States. Many U. S. concerns outsource abroad and engage foreign workers thereby cut downing their production cost. bettering fight. and enabling them to offer goods and services at a much lower monetary value. This is a positive consequence as it makes goods and services more low-cost. thereby stimulating economic activity. Immigrants act as an advantage to our concerns because engaging immigrants for low-wage occupations help maintain many other occupations in the United States and still allows for consumer points to be inexpensive ( Cowen 2010 ) . Even if we do non recognize it. there are happenings of economic benefits that happen all of the clip because of immigrants. As immigrants stay in the U. S. and come on their lives. it connects us to the remainder of the universe doing making concern abroad easier every bit good.

Some Americans believe. nevertheless. that immigrants are a hurt to the economic system. The chief statement citizens opposed to immigration brand is that they take economic values off from U. S. citizens by displacing U. S. citizens from their occupations. In July 2013. the Center for Immigration researched and stated that the figure of Americans employed decreased by 1. 5 million since the twelvemonth 2000 whereas the figure of immigrants employed has increased by 5. 5 million ( Constable 2013 ) . Even though the occupation rates for immigrants are increasing. it does non intend that Americans would hold those occupations if immigrants were non here.

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Many immigrants fill in spreads in American occupation markets that citizens do non desire to carry through. A clear illustration of this is the fleet foraies we discussed in talk. Meat packing workss in Greely. Colorado hired illegal immigrants for a important sum of production occupations. The authorities intervened and deported all of them. but the unexpected consequence was there were non adequate American citizens willing to take the occupations. and the company shut down ( Lambert Lecture ) . In other words. an immigrant will oftentimes take the occupations that citizens won’t which adds value to the companies and the economic system. Low pay labour is non the lone class of work immigrants fall into when they come to the United States. There are a important figure of knowing. high I. Q. people that flock to U. S. instruction establishments. research entities. and corporations. Immigrants have played a critical function in the promotion of U. S. society. invention. and world-wide leading.

Besides as the U. S. continues to fall behind in STEM instruction. there is an increasing demand by U. S. entities to enroll extremely educated immigrants. Another statement citizens against in-migration brand is that immigrants are a load to our health care system. Americans with that mentality believe that they are the lone 1s paying revenue enhancements and that immigrants absorb an unjust portion of the benefits. In world. about 70 % of undocumented immigrants pay revenue enhancements. but receive small to no benefits ( Lambert Lecture ) . For Example. immigrants are fractional users of Social Security and Medicare. and are less likely than legal citizens to have public assistance ( Lambert Lecture ) . Not merely are immigrants profiting our state economically. but besides they are absorbing good into American civilization. On norm. immigrants are more assimilated now than they of all time were since the 1980s ( Vigdor 2013 ) . Because these immigrants were absorbing now more than of all time. it’s a mark or advancement for our state. There are some. nevertheless. that do non hold with this averment.

Samuel Huntington. a political scientist. disagrees with the thought that immigrants are absorbing. He thinks that out state is going “two peoples and two cultures” ( Huntington pg. 1 ) . Huntington claims in his article “The Hispanic Threat” that immigrants are non assimilative linguistic communication and do non hold nationalism. He focuses on the bulk immigrant group in the United States. Hispanics. and explains how “in 2000. more than 28 million people in the United States spoke Spanish at place. and of those 28 million. 13. 8 million spoke English worse instead than really well” ( Huntington pg. 5 ) . Huntington. and others who portion his beliefs. believe that as Spanish civilization and linguistic communication additions in the United States. the more committed Hispanics will be to their cultural individuality. non absorbing to the Anglo-Protestant civilization America was built on ( Huntington ) . There is strong grounds that proves that otherwise. nevertheless.

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Edward Telles. a sociology professor at Princeton University. argues that immigrants are absorbing in the United Stated and that old statements about immigrants are non that instance any longer ( Lambert Lecture ) . The informations shown in Telles’s article “Mexican Americans and the American Nation” shows that although Hispanics by and large do maintain their linguistic communication longer. they do non maintain it everlastingly ( Telles ) . By the clip that a household has reached its 4th coevals after immigrating to the U. S. . merely approximately 5 % speak Spanish to their kids supplying grounds for assimilation ( Telles ) . Part of the ground why they don’t keep linguistic communication longer is the increasing tendency of exogamy for Hispanics. Harmonizing to Fox News Latino. interracial matrimonies in the U. S. have increased to 4. 8 million. and 1 out of 12 are Latinos in the tendency. Daniel Lichter. a sociology professor at Cornell University. explains that “the rise in interracial matrimony indicates that race dealingss have improved over the past one-fourth century” ( Fox News Latino ) .

America has come a long manner as assorted kids of these interracial matrimonies help extinguish the colour line. interacting with each other and larning how to understand different backgrounds. Although immigrants are clearly absorbing in America while at the same time bettering our economic system. there are common stereotypes of what an illegal immigrant expressions like. A common stereotype about immigrants is that they are felons in the United States for merely being present here. and that they bring even more offense into our state. This is a misconception because even though the figure of immigrants has doubled since 1994. violent offense has decreased by 34 % and belongings offense has decreased by 26 % in our state ( Maloney ) . Taking a expression about. it is impossible to reason who is an illegal immigrant and who is a citizen because for the most portion. illegal immigrants look and move merely like us. Illegal immigrants are our neighbours. colleagues. friends. and even household. An illustration is Mary. a Canadian born citizen. female parent of three. who has been populating in the United States like a normal citizen for 10 old ages.

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In the documental “Lost in Detention” . we learned that after a bad cheque bounced for merely 230 dollars. a warrant was out for Mary’s apprehension and exile. As mentioned earlier. Mary was merely a adult female seeking to populate a better life in the U. S. for herself and her kids. She was a neighbour. friend. and female parent. How is she supposed to be torn off from her loved 1s and set into a detainment installation with no rights after she’s been populating like a normal citizen for a decennary? There needs to be a better system to protect the 1s who came here willing to lend great things to the United Stated in order to populate a better life. A solution I propose would be for the authorities to work on a better tract towards citizenship. There are so many negative stereotypes about immigrants that the authorities feels pressured to behave whoever and wherever merely so they can state disquieted citizens that they’re taking action. and that is non all right.

I believe in the principals mentioned in the DREAM Act that was introduced in 2001. Immigrants who arrived as bush leagues and graduated from U. S. high schools would be eligible for lasting residence. As for grownups. if they had good moral character. completed service for the military. or lived in the state for 5 old ages with a steady income. I believe they should so be eligible. If an undocumented immigrant with a strong yesteryear of drugs and force is found or if they are presently prosecuting in that activity. they should be deported instantly.

This system would work because the makings would show immigrants have learned the linguistic communication. made an income for themselves. and are willing to absorb to our civilization by traveling through the procedure of acquiring their documents. Anyone who goes through this procedure clearly cares about this state and is loyal towards it. These people who help enrich our civilization and hike our economic system do non merit to make their portion and so be kicked out. A bulk of these undocumented immigrants already behave like normal Americans and after following these guidelines will be to the full assimilated and treated like the citizens they are.