Sociological Autobiography Essay Sample

Before taking this Sociology category. I did non recognize how much my life experiences and life opportunities are greatly influenced by many complex sociological factors. I realize now that utilizing my sociological imaginativeness allows me to link my personal experiences. behaviours. and attitudes to the larger societal construction. Some of the sociological subjects that manifest in my life are how gender function socialisation. resocialization. and societal inequalities have played a function in lending to my sociological autobiography.

Harmonizing to Ferris & A ; Stein ( 2014 ) . gender function socialisation is the procedure in which a individual becomes masculine or feminine. Ramifying from the constructionist positions on gender. what is considered feminine or masculine are socially constructed labels linked to behaviours based on the societal context in which a individual lives embracing their society. its civilization. and clip period. By possessing a sociological imaginativeness. an single can understand that gender differences are non entirely defined by built-in feminine or masculine behaviours or traits. My primary agent of socialisation is my household that played a major portion in my gender function socialisation. Chris Cooley’s looking-glass ego theory suggests that ego construct develops from “how we imagine others perceive us and the feelings of ourselves based on the sensed judgements of others” ( Ferris & A ; Stein. 2014. )

Parents can move as a contemplation to their kids where their assessments can lend to their child’s sense of ego. As a kid. my parents enjoyed dressing me up in fancy frocks with most of my closet comprising of the colour pink. which in American civilization. is a colour normally associated as an appropriate colour for misss. My parent’s positive reactions reinforced in me even as an grownup. that dressing up in certain colourss and manners are favourable and that others will comprehend me as a “pretty miss. ” Interactionist theories argue that gender norms are reinforced through face-to-face interactions. From a really immature age. I learned and internalized gendered behaviours from my parents and siblings through societal acquisition. American society encourages gender-stereotyped behaviours for females and males as recognized norms.

My gender influenced the type of games I grew up playing and the friends I was allowed to hold. All the plaything I received turning up were gender-stereotyped playthings for misss such as Barbie dolls and princess-themed merchandises. As the oldest sibling with two younger brothers. from an early age. I was non allowed to play with male childs outside my household nor were my brothers allowed to play “roughly” with me because I was a miss. I believe because of societal acquisition. I am able to understand why I have come it to happen it hard to watch when my boy gets tackled in football or being unfastened to the thought of my girl take parting in this athletics. declarative mood of how permeant gender is in my household life and American society in general ( Ferris & A ; Stein. 2014. )

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Another of import sociological subject is resocialization. Resocialization is the procedure of transitioning in life with the replacing of new cultural cognition that discourage old societal norms and values. I can associate this subject to such as my experience transitioning to the function and position of a female parent and married woman. The ideal civilization of America suggests that the class of life should follow along the lines of graduating high school. travel to college to obtain a grade. acquire married. and have kids. severally. The ideal civilization of America greatly influenced my parents to transfuse in me to prosecute such a similar timeline of mileposts to gain the achieved position of female parent and married woman. It is besides during these old ages. my equals played a major function as an agent of socialisation because I wanted to suit in and follow the norms and values in order to make these positions and functions. Prior to marriage. I had conformed to my societal in-group by alining my societal calendar with theirs and making similar avocations such as traveling to the dance dark nines. all in order to avoid negative countenances.

Based on a functionalist’s position. conformance is of import for the smooth operation of society to advance societal coherence and solidarity where everyone works together with shared norms and values. However. one time I became someone’s married woman. I had to conform to a whole set of new norms and values which included alining my agenda with my hubbies. puting up joint bank histories. following my husband’s last name. being monogamous with lone my hubby “til decease do us portion. ” and seeking to get down a household. I could non go on following my old in-group’s behaviours and attitudes in order to be the ideal married woman in America’s civilization. Based on a functionalist position. American modern-day society supports that matrimony is the foundation of a household and an of import societal establishment to the smooth operation of society.

In add-on. transitioning to the function and position of a female parent was yet another bed to my ego individuality. Upon happening out I was pregnant. I realized I had to replace even more beliefs and behaviours in order to fix myself and my hubby to be ideal parents of American civilization. My ego development is the entire amount of my single interactions with society and frailty versa. which brings to believe who “I” am. Based on the sociological position of dramatic art. I realized that I am oppugning who “I” truly am. since in a manner. I act as an histrion as my behaviours and idiosyncrasies can change depending on the societal state of affairs to delight the generalised other. I understand that I had to be resocialized and act harmonizing given the societal context as I took on the function and position of female parent and married woman. I besides believe that feeling direction assisted me to accommodate and larn the many facets of our single ego within a society.

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There are many societal inequalities that addresses the stratification within a society impacting who gets what. and how and why they do. Some of the societal factors that are typically linked to societal inequalities are societal category and race. These societal factors have played an influential function in my life. First of all. my societal category has contributed to determining my sociological autobiography. Harmonizing the Ferris & A ; Stein’s ( 2014 ) U. S. Social Class Ladder. I grew up in a household that would be considered “middle category. ” and even later in life. I am still in the in-between category. This supports the postmodernism position on societal reproduction harmonizing to sociologist Pierre Bourdieu ( Ferris & A ; Stein. 2014 ) which explains that societal category typically passes down from one coevals to the nest and remains comparatively stable.

Although. I did profit as an grownup because I added value to my cultural capital gained from my parents by exceling my parents educational accomplishments. I was able to obtain a four twelvemonth college grade and gain a stable low-level direction place at my current employment. This construct makes me inquire if this postmodernist position may assist explicate why some of my coworkers who are at a much lower degree hierarchy at work are unable to see societal category mobility. Furthermore. race is a societal concept proven to non be familial based. but racism still exists. Race differs from ethnicity because harmonizing to Ferris & A ; Stein ( 2014 ) . it is a “socially defined class based on existent or sensed biological differences between groups of people. ” The societal phenomenon of white privilege has made it more advantageous or favourable to being white. which affects everyone.

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Therefore. racial inequality is a prevalent societal construct that offers people different entree to chances and resources. I am a merchandise of crossbreeding. because my race is a mixture of Lebanese. English. and Pakistani lineage. During my childhood old ages. I attended a private all girl Catholic school where more than 90 % of the pupils were white. It wasn’t until a school event in the 3rd class when my parents came to school with me. did I recognize how my parents and my ain “biological” differences affected my corporal individuality. Apparently. my schoolmates had assumed I was white because I had many “white” characteristics such as brown hair. just tegument and light eyes. but they realized that my parents did non look more “white” like me.

My parents had a darker tegument tone. dark hair. and deep brown eyes. Some pupils were ab initio confused and shocked when I told them my race ( after they asked ) . and after that incident. a rumour spread that I was adopted merely because I did non look plenty like my parents. This made me experience out of topographic point and isolated. recognizing that the manner I look wedged how I am perceived by others. This experience fits the symbolic interactionist position. where this attack believes that race is a portion of individuality that is created through interactions on a micro-level. I accidentally experienced racial passing. where my physical visual aspects had made others believe I was “white. ” However. the societal context in which we live is non based entirely on either of these societal factors but instead our life opportunities are one of intersectionality. where multiple and complicated societal factors all affect our lived experiences at one time.

As you can see. there are many sociological subjects including gender function socialisation. resocialization. and societal inequalities that have played a important function in my ain life. I can appreciate that my sociological imaginativeness has allowed me to link my personal experiences. behaviours. and attitudes to the larger societal construction. Although my Sociology category comes to an terminal. I will go on to integrate a sociological imaginativeness to understand how complex societal factors have influenced my life experiences and contribute to determining my sociological autobiography.

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