Socio economic aspects of health & social care Essay

There are different definitions of wellness and it can be viewed in a figure of ways.

Negative definitions of wellness

This is when people decide if they are sick or non by the things that may act upon them to believe so. Negative definitions of wellness are fundamentally when you use a negative tone to state what side of wellness you consider yourself in this instance a negative wellness. illustration ‘I have a difficult clip take a breathing hence I am really ill’ Positive definitions of wellness

This would be the antonym of a negative definition of wellness therefore we would utilize positive footings to bespeak whether or non we are ill. for illustration ‘I am take a breathing mulct so I am well’

World wellness organisation

There definition of wellness is that being good is non jus the absence of disease or frailty but holding a good province of mental. physical and societal well being. This means that being wellness agencies to hold a physical degree for you age and weight and you are socially all right and non stressed.

Holistic definition of wellness

The holistic definition of wellness is that being healthy is much more than being in a good province of physical wellness but besides being able to love. create. embracing and have a religious head. They involve 6 types of dimensions which are ; emotional. occupational. religious. societal. physical and rational.

Functional definition of wellness

This is when you think you can make what usually are able to make so you think your healthy but if you all of a sudden cant do something Us can normally so you consider yourself unhealthy. Besides some people may non mention to the physician for some thing they may experience is merely a small thing but the rich would travel the physicians on a regular basis. A ground for this may be because the working category have keep working and feel they have no clip to see a physician are they don’t need to.

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The bio medical theoretical account ( Doctors. scientists etc ) looks at wellness in a really simple and basic manner. It says that being healthy agencies you have no disease. They say that if you do hold a disease so this means you are unhealthy. This would so intend that other factors of unwellness would be ignored for illustration the holistic attack religious. emotional or rational.

Marxists believe that those with more wealth and power have a better wellness as they have the money. They can utilize a private physician which would be at at that place service every bit shortly as they needed it instead so holding to wait for an assignment when you are ill. Besides people with more money and live in a higher category society would hold better lodging and installations instead than the on the job category or hapless category who may non hold such good life installations for illustration rats or moistnesss which leads to asthma or diseases. The richer besides have a emphasis free life life in luxury while working category have to work for a life and have to cover with nerve-racking things which could take to depression but tilt afford aid. The environment would be different as the rich would populate in classy clean countries but others may populate in contaminated city’s or work in bad conditions. Besides the higher category may take pride in their wellness and so take good attention of themselves but others may experience it is unneeded as they have know clip or money for good quality wellness attention merchandises.

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Feminist’s believe that work forces have better wellness as they are given better intervention and are taken more earnestly. Most adult females work in this twenty-four hours and age compared to the old ages of 1800 where adult females were non aloud to work and had no right. But even though both work forces and adult females work. adult females are still expected to be portion clip house married woman and to cook and clean. In this instance adult females go through more emphasis and so are more emotionally effected every bit work forces as they have periods and acquire pregnant but the physicians would non take this every bit serious as they still feel nil is incorrect with them biologically.

Besides adult females are controlled with the contraceptive method pill and are dominated to take it even though there is a male contraceptive method pill. Besides the rubber doesn’t cause wellness related hazard unlike the contraceptive method pill. Besides work forces are taken more earnestly by the physicians and this was explored by the New England research undertaking in the USA. They fundamentally got 200 adult females and work forces to travel and act of holding bosom onslaught symptoms to their local physicians. Most of the work forces were referred to scrutinies and specializers whereas the adult females were told they could be enduring from emotional emphasis or psychological jobs possibly to make with the climacteric. This resulted to demo that non ever are all women’s wellness looked at every bit every bit as work forces as physicians may experience that men’s physiological jobs can’t be every bit worse as women’s.

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