Socio-cultural development in early childhood education Essay

“The Child is father of the Man” . these words of William Wordsworth apply more to the early childhood as it is at this phase that the foundation of life is laid and about 75 % of the adult’s personality is created. In malice of its importance the instruction of this phase was neglected for a long clip. The formal instruction was started around 6 old ages. Till so it was considered to be the responsibility of the household and parents.

In olden yearss the kid was ever with the female parent. He went wherever the female parent went and it was through her that the kid was initiated to the society. Therefore the female parent was called the “first teacher” and the house the “first school” . The instruction was imparted through grandmother’s lovingness actions. narratives. cradlesongs and traditional baby games. The kid alternatively of simply larning 3R’s. larn the ways of the society and imbibed the cultural values through direct contact with the society. The modern universe has resulted modern jobs which need modern solutions. Now there are practical troubles in seting the kid in contact with the society. Hence a new apparatus called “school” is needed to set up the contact between the kid and the society.

Society is a big societal grouping that portions the same geographical district and is subjected to the same political authorization and dominant cultural outlooks. Whereas civilization is defined as the cognition. linguistic communication. values. imposts and material objects that are passed from individual to individual from one coevals to another coevals. In order to map in a harmonious manner. the society needs some regulations and ordinances and the members of the society should hold certain sum of tolerance. To populate in the society it is of import to cognize how other members of the society think and behave. But the human being is non born with this cognition and hence he relies on the civilization which teaches him how to act. how to dress. what to eat. which Gods to idolize or how to do or pass money. He learns civilization through societal engagement. interaction. observation and imitation.

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The current survey involves analyzing the socio-cultural attack in Montessori Schools. In order to quantify the survey it is compared with Kindergarten Schools. Froebel the laminitis of the Kindergarten method compared the kids to tender workss and emphasized the importance of attention by be givening to every demand of the kid. He brought motion into the schoolroom through vocals. dances and activities. He was the first individual to understand the importance of self-activity and developed “Gifts or Occupations” . He was besides the first to recommend acquisition through drama.

About 55 old ages after the decease of Froebel. Montessori started the first Montessori House of Children. Casa dei Bambini and laid a foundation for scientific instruction. She advocated that the kid needs to develop as a human being. as a member of the society and as an person. independent individual. Both Montessori and Kindergarten Methods have their ain positive and negative facets.

This is an interdisciplinary comparative research where the information was collected through instance survey method. observation. interviews and administrating the trials. Two schools from each class Kindergarten and Montessori were selected for the Case Study. 32 kids. 16 male childs and 16 misss were selected through random trying method and were administered with the Multi-dimensional Assessment of Personality ( MAP ) Form P trial and the Rubin Social Problem Solving Test. Each kid was observed in the resort area for his interaction with other kids and the instructor. Their parents and instructors were interviewed.


The information was analyzed utilizing descriptive and illative statistics. The consequences of the MAP trial showed that there is non much difference between the personalities of the two sets of kids. whereas the other two trials revealed considerable difference between the two sets of kids.

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The Montessori kids were more positive in their attack and more pro-social compared to the Kindergarten kids. They were significantly high in their societal accomplishments in geting an object or doing a new friendly relationship. While the instructors in Kindergarten schools met their parents one time in a term. the Montessori instructors met parents every hebdomad. The parent engagement in the school activities and parent-education plan was much more in Montessori compared to Kindergarten. It was found that Montessori school purely avoided the debris nutrient and insisted on administering homemade nutrient while observing the festivals and birthdays. The of import disclosure of this survey is that there are no Kindergarten schools harmonizing to the norms of Froebel or his followings available in Bangalore. which calls for a methodical research