Social Work Practice Essay

THE Summary:

The article of Erlinda A. Cordero. Direct Practice in Social Work: An Overview. discourse the societal work being a dynamic profession and how its pattern should be ready in confronting the paradigm displacement. The writer gave historical background on societal work pattern before 1970 and how these patterns evolve due to varied jobs and state of affairss that arise from clip to clip. Besides. she talks on how a province of the art pattern should be administered in practising societal work where she emphasizes that for an progress direct pattern. such as clinical pattern. one is expected to be a holder of Master of Science in Social Work grade. The writer gave a speedy treatment on the doctrine of direct pattern and how the instrumental values evolved and finally became the rules or guidelines to the pattern of societal work. The length of the author’s treatment involves the function of societal workers in direct pattern and the assisting procedure. Towards the terminal of her article. she discourse the deduction of the functions and the assisting procedure of societal work both in instruction and pattern. At the terminal portion. she tackles the issues and the emerging tendencies in societal work.

THE Chemical reaction:
Reading the article makes me recognize the rapid development of societal work pattern due to the altering events and state of affairss and how the writer wanted the societal work practicians to accommodate in this alteration by contracting the spread between academia and pattern. Although I am non a Bachelor of Social Work degree holder I came to appreciate the importance of both societal work as a profession and the societal workers as the implementing individual. My current work challenges me to understand the implicit in rules. procedures and policies in the field of societal work. I think it is my duty to present quality services to my clients. and to make that. I should fit myself with the cognition pertaining to the pattern of societal work profession.

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I have a full apprehension of the author’s points on her article. and slightly I agree that this paradigm displacement is truly a large thing to the profession for it calls for moving assorted functions at the same clip. in confronting clients with multi-problems. The demand for holding a generalist position is deemed necessary to turn to this alteration. I would wish trade on the last portion of the article that negotiations on the issues and emerging tendencies. First point is on her statement “direct pattern in societal work demands much from both the practicians in the field and the societal work pedagogues fixing the

future professional societal workers. ” which I understand is really of import since a rhythm of interchanging thoughts and experiences foster extra cognition to the pedagogues to give to their pupils who will finally be a societal worker in the field. Direct pattern nevertheless involves the proviso of services to clients ( persons. twosomes. households and groups ) through casework and group work where I think and is non really certain if academe societal workers had truly a opportunity of making this. By this. I think it is of import that a registered societal worker be allowed to make clinical societal work pattern. Second point is on her statement “the diverseness of jobs and state of affairss require non merely the cognition. accomplishments and attitude to get competences for pattern for pattern but every bit the echt motive and committedness to the profession. ” which is really true. for motive and committedness speaks on the passion and the ground on the inquiry. “why are you making this? ” For my instance. I think the committedness and motive is at that place but the cognition. accomplishments and attitude in societal work is something I need to work on. Merely now that I realize that the grounds why I took public disposal and nursing are fundamentally a combination of the ground why I am prosecuting myself in the societal work profession.

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That is to be in a assisting profession. Last. I want to respond on her statement “like most professions in the human service sphere. societal work is undergoing a displacement from the “disease paradigm” to the strength position. ” Due to the demand on levelling with the current alteration and development. societal workers should non be tied on the ground they chose the profession because of its demand but fundamentally because of the ground that they have this “spark” . a flicker that fuels them to be a committed and competent societal worker. For me. I acknowledge the demand for societal workers today. the workers that will assist the sectors of kids. adult females. PWDs. hapless. older individuals. etc. to be socially capable of reconstructing. keeping. bettering and developing their lives but I besides acknowledge that to be the best societal worker. one should
evaluate and understand the ground why they are in the profession and how ready they are to be of service to these clients. I am so honoured to be exposed in this profession and I truly admire societal workers who can assist alter clients’ lives. I know for myself that finally I will be one of the best societal worker. committed and competent to present societal services. This is my end. and someway holding the determination of taking this class is a measure closer to accomplishing this end.