Social Work Modes of Practice – Community Development Essay Sample

To understand the construct of community development and how it relates to societal work pattern. foremost the ‘community’ itself. should be defined in the context of societal work. Community development is about giving people a just and merely portion of available resources. This manner of pattern high spots an extension of the accomplishments and methods of societal work ‘direct’ pattern. Case work and community development. as separate manners of pattern. are blended to authorise the disadvantaged. In bend. of import consideration of this average nexus is the underpinnings of societal justness in the community. This essay provides an illustration of debatable issues in the community and the options considered by the societal worker in reconstructing the balance of economic and societal authorization of the community ( Briskman. 1999. Pp89-90 ) .

By and large talking. the ‘community’ is made up persons sharing a common individuality with diverse involvements such as category. geographic location. civilization. age or gender. Examples of communities are urban or rural townships. environmental groups. parents and citizens groups and cultural communities such as Aboriginal communities. The community development worker is concerned with dialogue for the control of resources to heighten living criterions of the powerless and disadvantaged in the community. Before schemes can be implemented to entree the resources. the community worker must ab initio measure their attack to issues on behalf of and including the community ( Briskman. 2000. p89. Kenny. 1994. p1 ) .

The community worker. when make up one’s minding an attack to the issues. chiefly uses one of the following four functions. First. working together with the group to assist place common demands of the people in the group and ways of get the better ofing these jobs. Second. moving as a go-between to assist decide struggle within the group and instead. between the group and other administrations. Third. stand foring the group as a back uping advocator in both formal and informal scenes. and 4th. moving on behalf of the group. wholly committed to hold ends and concerned chiefly with damages of grudge. policy alterations and constitution of a service as a specific end. Sometimes these functions are blended to accommodate single jobs necessitating different attacks ( Briskman. 2000. p93 ) .

An illustration of a debatable issue in the community was in The Standard newspaper late. At least 35 occupations will be lost when the Bonlac Foods mill stopping points in the Camperdown Township on June 30th this twelvemonth. An extract of this article states. “The closing proclamation has sent daze moving ridges through the Camperdown community with frights that the loss of lasting occupations and potentially dozens more seasonal places will economically lay waste to the town. It follows the closing of the town’s butchery and a vesture mill during the 1990s” ( The Standard. 2000 ) . This is an illustration of a rural town in Victoria losing ‘another’ of its big mills. The closing of the mill represents important economic and structural concern for the community due to the comparatively little population life in the town proper compared to the environing territory. Populating in a rural town besides highlights the deficiency of employment options available to the 35 workers after being made redundant from a mill the size of Bonlac ( The Standard. 2000. Pp 1-3 ) .

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To relieve the jobs created by the closing of Bonlac in Camperdown. the community worker needs to develop a specialized attack in set abouting an intercession scheme. There is a determination to be made as to the function played by the community worker. For illustration. working with the whole of Camperdown community to relieve the jobs created by the loss of the mill. working specifically with the 35 workers to assist fulfill their demands or a double function uniting both countries of issue. To exemplify the place of a community development worker in the Bonlac closing. the issue of the group of 35 retrenched workers being made redundant will be addressed.

The sensed demands of the group should be established by naming a meeting with the 35 workers. This gives the Bonlac employees the chance to portion similar concerns and discourse jobs. increase societal webs and cut down the feeling of isolation. A meeting with the group besides gives the community worker the opportunity to listen to what the people are stating and detect the existent demands so they can be acted upon. After such a meeting the community worker would measure the necessity for single casework and organize regular contact with outstanding local bourgeoiss. Centrelink staff and employment bureaus before the mill closes to heighten the procedure and minimise break. The accent at this phase is on supplying information to the Bonlac workers to advance self-help ( Briskman. 1999. p98 ; O’Connor. Wilson & A ; Setterlund. 1999. p 118 ) .

In most rural towns. traditional values such as the community drawing together in times of adversity are still common today. The community worker can utilize these values to advantage by developing accomplishments with the workers to assist each other aid themselves. In bend. because of the smaller comparative size of the rural community. the stable nature of population and the already bing community ties. the group would be given to work better than a group in an urban environment. However. the societal worker in a rural community has to utilize a Renaissance man attack uniting both direct pattern casework to assist people derive their self-denial. with the community development manner of assisting people as a group to be self-sufficing. The job non merely lies with the at hand redundancy of the workers at the mill. but besides the follow-on consequence embracing the households. their life conditions and future employment of the workers. Hence. the double community development. direct pattern function. The demands of the affected community are complex and associate to each person worker holding different fortunes ( Briskman. 1999. p99 ) .

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The accent is on the community worker to be after schemes to assist the workers cope with most fortunes that may originate. In be aftering these schemes. the community worker must understand that culturally. Camperdown is chiefly in the lower socioeconomic group. This was created largely from the restructuring. denationalization of council labor. and the closing of the butchery. A important portion of the population besides has close household roots in Camperdown and due to the restructuring of industry in this town. topographic points critical economic restraints on retrenched workers that would forestall or restrict the opportunity of resettlement. Another of import factor is that these mills have a inclination towards using adult females and in a batch of instances are married with kids. The deductions of a preponderantly female work force in a lower socio-economic environment being made redundant is that the male spouse in the relationship dominates the determination devising. doing resettlement struggle and farther isolation. However. some of the workers may be forced to relocate their households ( through adversity ) to other towns to happen work. others may be near to retirement or might necessitate retraining to run into new employment demands supplying another illustration of the double function of the community worker.

Regular contact with the group to work through issues associating to Centrelink and acquiring a just portion of the available resources is of import. The Bonlac workers need representation to organize just redundancy entitlements and to discourse the issues of retraining to break their opportunities of entry back into the work force. This representation could be advocated by brotherhood intercession or by the community worker. Another illustration of moral issue is of the Bonlac company and their acknowledgment of the trouble in happening employment for the 35 workers in the territory. raising the inquiry of just compensation. In contrast. there must besides be acknowledgment that each person in the affected community will hold varied scenarios and need different methods of covering with their ain jobs ( O’Connor. Wilson & A ; Setterlund. 1999. p112-113 ) .

The group will travel through several phases of passage. Initially they were confronted with an proclamation that the mill is to shut on June 30th this twelvemonth. The phases that follow include identifying future ends. pass oning as a group to get the better of issues on a collaborative footing with the societal worker. accessing resources such as Centrelink and local concern individualities input and recommending for just compensation from the Bonlac company on expiration from the company. Further phases nearing the mill closing day of the month require sensitiveness to forestall struggle. decrease the impact of emphasis in losing or altering their occupations and to advance self-pride in the persons that have non found employment.

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The community worker must place with the involvements of the group to be able to understand how to pass on information to and from the group and the bureaus supplying resources in the transitional phases. Merely collaborative attempts from within the group can the community worker aid accomplish the coveted consequences. It is of import to observe that of equal importance are the features of the employees made redundant at the Bonlac mill. The brand up of this group is constructed of different gender. age. household constructions. populating agreements and different life experience. all of which require just and merely intervention to keep self regard and ego control in their lives. The societal justness underpinnings of the group features are merely every bit of import as happening new occupations. for without sing one. struggle arises in the other ( Kenny. 1994. p7 ) .

Social justness signifies the values of equity and equity to all in a community. Consequently. when analyzing a community development worker’s pattern there is a demand for an active procedure to authorise the ordinary people in get the better ofing their isolation and disadvantage. Community work. as illustrated in above illustrations. can complement direct pattern societal work as a blending of both manners of pattern and instead. the community worker working from within the community listens to what the people are stating and attempts to head off the necessity for instance work. The cardinal property seems to be that the societal worker demands to associate to the people as human existences and see what we might make if meeting the same troubles in our ain lives. The community worker helps people as a group to derive self-denial and finally to assist themselves separately. and in bend. congratulating the direct pattern. The challenges that face community societal workers are non merely to run into the demands of the group but to heighten the societal workers sense of ‘neighbourhood’ consciousness and to understate break to the community as a whole ( Briskman. 1999. p90-91 ) .

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